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40 CATHERINE J KENNEDY, a shocking story of elder abuse by a Grey Power employee.


“manipulate, obfuscate, smear, and stigmatize.”

Immediately Catherine Kennedy, the Grey Power Wanganui Newsletter Editor, learned (to her horror) that her recently deceased elder brother Bert van der Lubbe had made a new Will that took away her control of his Estate she wrote to a number of her siblings urging them to write abusive and insulting letters to me, Jacobus van der Lubbe, the new Executor and Trustee (controller) of Bert’s Estate. Kennedy wrote the letters to her siblings urging them to try to bully me into abandoning the appointments my brother had bestowed upon me and to get me tipped out of being executor.

She also requested that her siblings photo copy their abusive and supposedly private letters to me and send the copies to her. Thoroughly manipulated, they all did as she had asked.

The moment she got all of the letter copies together she took them to the Wanganui Police and submitted them as “evidence” that I was, or might be, planning to physically attack her or her property. She made sure I knew what she had done by instructing her lawyer David Robertson of Armstrong Barton to inform me that she had denounced me to the Police. What an evil bitch!

Just as in the first attempt to use my siblings to try to coerce me into submission, she continued her pattern of elder abuse with the intent that I would be intimidated from carrying out my duties as Executor and Trustee of my brother’s Estate by a police investigation of her malicious and unwarranted allegations, she tried to use the NZ Police to prevent me from going about my lawful business. But the cops aren’t that dumb and told her there was no evidence of any malicious intent on my part. Seems like right wing nut jobs resort to this sort of criminal behaviour to get their way on a regular basis.

Kennedy’s evil scheme to use her trusting elder brother Bert to secure her late mother’s house for her own enrichment backfired and her actions against me prove once again what a sinister article she actually is.

“Look beneath what is happening here. I ask the question who has the most to win here. Follow the money.” Catherine Kennedy, Whaleoil blog, September 18 2014.

I’m not at all surprised at Catherine Kennedy’s disgusting behaviour as she is clearly besotted with the feral master manipulator Cameron Slater. Judging by the above behaviour, she has taken his “When attacked give back double.” strategy to “seriously weird” dimensions.

Breaking News: This is still a multi award-winning blog

Catherine Kennedy 9 months ago on Whaleoil.

Warm congrats Cam and team. Richly deserved. Suck that up all the haters.


Catherine Kennedy 9 months ago on Whaleoil.

I was with a group of about 8 yesterday. I asked them if anyone had accessed Whaleoil. One had. When I said I did regularly, I was told I was not the person this particular person thought I was. I defended my position. On the way out one said to me “what was that website again. I hope it is not too long before you can “Cam out” the left Cam because the MSM is working its dirty tricks on at least the older generation.

Well Kennedy certainly knows all about working dirty tricks on the older generation.


Catherine Kennedy a year ago on Whaleoil.

Thank goodness. I have worked hard in Whanganui to get our hard-working Chester Burrows back in, which we achieved. I predicted National to be able to rule alone so am absolutely over the moon over the result. Go team Key

And what does the Grey Power charter say?

  1. To be non-aligned with any political party, and to present a strong united lobby to all Parliament and statutory Bodies on matters affecting New Zealanders.

Kennedy no longer posts her right-wing nut job opinions on Whaleoil or anywhere else.


Here are some very enlightening emails…………..if this is how she uses and abuses her siblings imagine how she would treat strangers if given the opportunity.


email 2_0001

email 3


letter hans.jpg



What a fucking wanker.










October 11 2016

A family got screwy over their late brother’s Meccano sets.A family spat over a man’s estate ended up in the High Court after siblings couldn’t agree on how to handle their brother’s Meccano sets and shares in a rundown property. Whanganui man Bert van der Lubbe died in February last year, aged 66. The main asset he left behind was a part-share in a Whanganui property.His sister Catherine Kennedy and her partner Douglas Simpson owned the remaining shares. “Bert was a diagnosed schizophrenic. His living conditions were thought to be poor,” Justice Karen Clark of the High Court wrote in a newly released judgement.Despite his opposition, Bert’s siblings helped him live in a “sanitary” state and Catherine Kennedy conducted repairs on the property. Instead of building bridges, the coveted Meccano sets sparked an irreconcilable family fight.Instead of building bridges, the coveted Meccano sets sparked an irreconcilable family fight. Mary Hooker, another sister but not a beneficiary, also helped with upkeep.The court heard Bert resented these actions, regarding them as intrusive.Last year, Mary arranged the funeral, which all siblings except Louisa van der Lubbe and Jacobus van der Lubbe attended. Later, disputes over the will arose, with one will signed in 2002 but Jacobus presenting another one signed in 2013.Jacobus became the defendant when the dispute went to court. “Predictably, the defendant’s non-attendance at the funeral and the production of a will some weeks after steps had been taken in accordance with the 2002 will gave rise to further deep-seated grievance on both sides,” Justice Clark wrote. Family conflict continued, and little was achieved. Apart from the property, Bert’s Meccano sets formed the nuts and bolts of another dispute. His 2013 will said the sets should be sold, with proceeds split equally among the six beneficiaries. But Catherine and Mary, beneficiaries in the 2002 will, were left out of the later will.Catherine had the Meccano sets, and refused to deliver them to Jacobus. “Catherine is suspicious and mistrustful of the defendant and how he will deal with the Meccano sets,” the judge wrote. She said family hostility was intense, and detrimental to the management of Bert’s estate.

Margaret Vlaar, another beneficiary, said Jacobus had to be removed as executor. She pledged to work constructively with Catherine Kennedy to wind up the estate.

Vlaar also said the Whanganui property was rundown, and all beneficiaries except for Jacobus agreed repairs were needed before it was sold. Jacobus said the other family faction acted like a “lynch mob”. He admitted refurbishments were needed, but said he and Kennedy previously stated it could be sold in an “as is where is” condition. Jacobus said he was constantly being thwarted and had behaved honourably but was “unjustifiably denounced” (To the cops) and the target of “non-stop attack”.

Vlaar also sought orders vesting the estate’s interests in her as owner.

Other estate beneficiaries were Louisa van der Lubbe, another sister named Elizabeth Hillman, and Hans van der Lubbe. Those three consented to the court action but Jacobus did not. Catherine was not a beneficiary but another judge said she should be regarded as a defendant, like Jacobus. Justice Clark said there was “no transparency” in how Jacobus handled funds from Bert’s estate. She said Jacobus could no longer be trustee and executor and there were some “irreconcilable differences” within the family.

Justice Clark said it wasn’t so clear who should replace Jacobus. But she refused to let Vlaar take over. (And there you have it, the judge didn’t trust Vlaar or Kennedy)

She appointed the Public Trust as executor and trustee. (At my written request.)


Kennedy’s lawyer demanded that I personally pay all the costs but no, the judge, who had finally seen the light, made Bert’s estate pay the costs.

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