Bent Cops

38 Home Kill operator ANTHONY HANNA vents his rage. Constable M,

immune to the evidence

Immune to the facts.

Blind to my rights.


The end (that my credibility must not be proven) always justifies the means and they’ve shown time and time again that there is literally no limit to how low they are prepared to sink in asserting their lofty moral superiority. No lie is too great, no slur too egregious and if not for double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.



 Just as when Stephen Poynter knowingly and willingly shot my cat on the evening of 26/09/2010, I regard the deliberate stabbing of my car tire by home kill operator Anthony Hanna in the Aramoho Shopping Centre car park on the morning of 10/09/2015 as a symbolic attack upon my person and another act of revenge, intimidation and perverse discrimination against my family by the Stephen Poynter/NZ Police criminal conspiracy.

On the morning of 10/9/2015 Constable aJs (not his real initials) of the NZ Police agreed with me that all of the requirements for a prosecution against Anthony Hanna for the stabbing of my ute tire, i.e. motive, means and opportunity, were established. (49.52 of my recording.)  And then, totally ignoring my claim that I saw Hanna walking past my vehicle as I exited the Lotto shop, (opposite) Constable Matchless said that a CCTV video of Hanna passing by my ute would be the clincher. “We only have to have a shot of him coming out and going in, that’s all it has to show.” (56.10 of my recording.) Well now that Hanna has admitted in his signed police statement dated 11/09/2015 that he “may have walked past” the ute at the relevant time (to got to the Four Square) there is more than enough evidence to provide a realistic prospect of conviction.

Also, my dash cam video of 6/5/2015, that police have viewed, proves that Hanna knowingly lied in his statement to police where he stated, “I did not know that was his ute until he got into it.” (Lines 5, 6 and 7 of page 3 of his signed statement.) and “I do not have any issues with VAN DER LUBBE at all.” (Lines 14 and 15 of page 3 of the same signed statement.) The fact that Hanna provably lied several times in his statement to police removes any doubts about his credibility and any perceived or concocted impediments to him being charged with intentional damage, unlawful possession of a knife in a public place, intimidation and knowingly making a false statement (written) to police.

Did NZ Police officer Constable aJs attempt to pervert the course of justice by claiming that there was “no evidence” implicating Anthony Hanna in the above crime against me? Did he also attempt to obstruct justice by refusing to tell me who his commanding officers in the above matter are?

Obviously Hanna did not want to be observed committing his crime so he avoided the left side of my car because the Chemist shop’s CCTV, staff and customers were on that side. He avoided stabbing the right front tire closest to his shop because there was an elderly gentleman sitting in the front passenger seat of the adjacent car reading a paper.(white Mitsy DLA 627)  So the only hidden from view wheel (he thought) was the right rear and that is the one he attacked with his knife. His mock look of surprise and bewilderment at my appearance in his office seconds after I discovered his crime was enough to convince me who had done the dastardly deed. He usually gives me the evils, as the below intimidation photos prove. Add to that the fact that I saw him retreating from my vehicle as I left the Lotto shop and the fact that he lied to police in his statement there is no ‘reasonable doubt’ that Anthony Hanna is the offender. He was by himself and not on the phone when I entered his shop to check on his whereabouts after I discovered the damaged tire. It’s 15 or so steps from his shop door to my rear tire, one stab and 15 quick steps back to his shop, no witnesses, (he thought) the perfect crime.

Me to him in his office, “A bit of quick work with a knife eh! Don’t look…don’t look innocent or anything…or ignorant. I know what you’ve done, it’s obvious.”

I go back to car, sit down and lock the doors.

23 seconds later Hanna approaches my car, tries to open the driver’s door and when that fails he leans on it heavily.

I say, “Don’t touch the fucking car.

“ Hanna, still playing the innocent says, “What have I done?”

I try to open the car door and say, “Get out of the fucking way” and when he finally moves I open the door, point at the rear tire and say, “There, knife, cut, you done it.”

Intentional damage.

Unlawful possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.


False statement to Police………“I’ve never attempted to intimidate them.” “I don’t have any issues with him.” “Apart from yesterday, I’d only met him once before.” “I’m still cutting up Poynter’s meat.”     “I didn’t know it was his ute until he got into it.” All guilt deflecting lies!




That he, Anthony Hanna, lost Stephen Poynter’s home-killing and processing jobs because of my proven allegation to the Whanganui District Health Board that Stephen Poynter was illegally serving the residents of his Lady Joy Rest Home uninspected home kill beef and pork. I made the claim to the DHB only because the Police would not stop Stephen Poynter’s and Home Kill operator Anthony Hanna’s recurring high-powered gunfire very near to my home. I wrote anonymous letters to the DHB and the Chronicle because I did not want the police to become involved and risk Poynter being tipped off, and damning evidence (frozen beef and pork) being relocated from the Rest Home freezers to his home freezers, and the very disturbing gunfire continuing.

One letter to the District Health Board about the Poynters’ illegally serving home kill meat products to the residents of the Lady Joy Rest Home and Stephen Poynter’s 8 year campaign of high-powered gunfire and other dangerous intimidations, which included the deliberate shooting of my cat, are permanently stopped. My one regret is that I didn’t think of it sooner.

But when I make a complaint, any complaint, to the NZ Police about anything, I always get the Mansell Memo treatment or worse. See near bottom.


Rest home warned over homekill beef

By Melissa Wishart

Jun 30, 2015

Lady Joy Rest Home in Aramoho has received an official warning for illegally serving homekilled meat to its residents.

Director Stephen Poynter told investigators he did not realise it was illegal, (Yeah Right!) and his family had eaten the same meat.

Ministry of Primary Industries investigators visited the rest home on March 24 and found 78kg of bagged and frozen beef in a freezer, meat from a cattle beast that had been born and raised on the director’s property, then slaughtered and processed by a registered homekill operator.

The visit was sparked after an anonymous member of the public sent out a letter to the Whanganui District Health Board and the Wanganui Chronicle claiming the directors of the rest home were routinely serving homekill beef and pork products to their residents.

The letter writer pointed to parts of the Animal Products Act 1999 saying homekill product could not be provided as food to customers or paying guests.

Mr Poynter said the processing of the animals had now changed.

“The prime Hereford was owned by the residents at birth, born and raised at the rest home’s surrounding 30 acres and formed part of the recreational programme,” Mr Poynter told the Chronicle.

“The residents are able to continue to enjoy their own prime Hereford, processing is simply changed from the professional licensed homekilling company to Affco.”

A statement from the ministry said home-kill meat was not allowed to be served to residents as it was not inspected by a vet for disease, and consumers had no guarantee it had been processed hygienically.

“Although providing homekill meat to the rest home residents was illegal, the meat was processed correctly as homekill and then frozen prior to cooking, which considerably lessened the risk to those eating it,” the statement said.

“MPI issued an official warning to the rest home and the director involved and is undertaking a programme of unannounced food safety inspections …”

Wanganui Chronicle.


Anthony Hanna has butchery knives on his person most of the time while at work and routinely carries them in the Aramoho Shopping Centre car park as the below 11/9/15 photo proves. This was the day after he stabbed the tire. Either knife in Hanna’s pouch ‘could have been used’ to destroy the tire. This photo was taken 17 minutes after Hanna had finished giving his Statement to Constable M. Constable aJs didn’t seek out Hanna immediately after I nominated him as the culprit nor did he bother to seize Hanna’s knives as evidence for forensic testing during Hanna’s interview the next day. All evidence of a pre-determined “nil result” inquiry?



I was waiting to speak to Ray Anderson the chemist about his CCTV cameras when this photo was taken. Ray was away at lunch.


On the morning of 10/09/2015 my car was parked in the P5 parking spot right outside Hanna’s place of business and he watched me go into the bookshop opposite to buy a Lotto ticket.

He was sitting in his office not 20 meters from my car when I investigated his whereabouts after I discovered the damaged tire. Hanna has admitted to police that he “could have” walked past my vehicle to get to and from the dairy opposite at the time of the attack as “he goes to the dairy several times a day.” Another unconvincing attempt at covering himself in case he had been observed “coming and going” at the time my car was attacked.


Photos by Constable aJs

That’s all the requirements for a police prosecution taken care of.





Anthony Hanna attempting to intimidate my wife and I shortly after he lost the job to home kill and process Stephen Poynter’s cattle beasts and pigs.

My wife and I were parked in the P5 spot outside his place of business on 6/5/2015 while my wife visited the chemist shop. Hanna denied to police (Constable aJs) that he had ever tried to intimidate us and stated in writing that he doesn’t have any issues with me. But the dash cam video from which I screen- grabbed the above pics proves that he does indeed have issues with me and that he lied to Police about it. He also stated that he didn’t know it was my vehicle until he saw me get into it on 10/9/15 but it is patently obvious from the dash cam footage that he recognizes me and the wife as soon as we pulled up in the ute. Only people with something to hide lie to Police, right? (1.30 and 4.00 on the dashcam videos.)

According to Constable aJs, 10/10/15, Hanna wasn’t trying to intimidate us, “he was just looking round the car park eating an iceblock.” I don’t see an iceblock in Hanna’s hands in either photo and he is looking directly at us in both photos. Shortly after the first photo he went into his office but came back out when my wife returned from the chemist shop to “pose” for the second shot. The video proves that Hanna is a liar and that Constable aJs is covering-up for him. Constable aJs perverted the course of justice to preserve the police lie that my credibility cannot be relied upon..

Anthony Hanna didn’t believe that I was sufficiently intimidated by the above behaviour as I wasn’t dissuaded from shopping at the Aramoho shopping centre by his tough guy displays, so he talked himself into committing a direct physical attack. He was well aware that attacking my person at that location and time of day would probably be independently witnessed so he took the enhanced intimidation route of ‘secretly’ attacking my motor vehicle with a knife. Typical sneaky coward behaviour! Just as cowardly as when Stephen Poynter shot my cat.

And speaking of the shot cat matter, all the ingredients necessary for a prosecution were present in that case as well. Poynter had the motive, the means and the opportunity to commit the offence plus he tried to mislead the police with his proven to be false, “I was out of Wanganui at the time,” alibi attempt. But to protect their man Stephen Poynter from prosecution, and without any evidence to support their claim, the Police (Sergeant Colin Wright) falsely stated that my cat had not been shot but had sustained his injuries by climbing a fence. The xrays proved that the police claims were a pack of lies as usual. (Xrayed bullet fragments in the cat removed any doubt that my cat had been shot.)

The police perverted the course of justice to maintain their criminal stance that my complaints must not be given any credibility in that matter as well. Another example of the clear pattern of malfeasance by the NZ Police against my family and me.



308 again

THIS ONE ljhgktvlyhgb


Photos of just after three of the many instances of outrageous gunfire close to my home. In the first pic, a bloody handed Hanna employee is about to shoulder the unsuppressed 308 rifle that was used to kill the two beasts of that and most other days.

In the second pic Hanna is carrying a suppressed 223 rifle, a much quieter weapon, but it was not used that day because its moderated report would not annoy or shock us. Hanna had the quiet rifle to show me that he could have done the job quietly but chose not to.

And another time with the 308 fired right by our boundary fence.

Hanna or his employees continued to fire unsuppressed high-powered firearms within 100 meters of our home even though my wife and I had pleaded with Hanna and the police to stop the practice. Hanna said to me on two occasions that he didn’t “give a rat’s arse” if his outrageous gunfire shocked or upset us. So much for his stated, “I don’t know the person at all, only from that one other encounter.” He was referring to our first amiable meeting in 2006. I asked him if he’d let me know if anyone brought in deer carcases from the Paterson Street/Roberts Ave area. When I saw him again a week or so later, he was not quite so cordial as he had spoken to and been poisoned against us by Stephen Poynter. Actually he was quite abusive and he used the term “I don’t give a rat’s arse…” to me for the first time.

And then there was the occasion (17/6/2014) when he was skinning a cattle beast on Poynter’s driveway and he stopped his work and gave me a smug grin as I drove past in the silver D Max ute. “I didn’t know it was his vehicle until I saw him get into it.” (11/9/2015) is what he told Constable aJs but that was another lie.


A bit more than a smug grin this time; here he is backing his truck into the rear unloading/uploading area of the Wanganui Pack n Save supermarket. (An action that later cost him his Home Kill business altogether.)

I have a 2010 police Comms document that shows that the police had a Policy of encouraging Poynter, Hanna and his employees to shock and annoy my wife and I with unsuppressed high-powered gunfire.

In a letter dated 15/10/2014 I asked the Wanganui Police Area Commander Stephen Mastrovich to explain “why do the police flatly refuse to pass on Poynter’s “imminent gunfire’ warnings to them on to me?” After initially promising to inquire into my question and give me an answer (20/10/2014) I heard nothing more from him. He obviously couldn’t come up with a plausible excuse for the oppressive Police policy so he appears to have chosen to biff my letter in the bin hoping that I’d forget all about it.

Constable aJs and myself conversing at the scene of the crime on the morning of 10/09/2015; All recorded.

Constable aJs  “At the moment we don’t have a lot, yes you’ve seen him near your vehicle, and he is your number one suspect, So”

Me   “What do you need?”

Cop   “Other people to have seen him as well, would be great, Um, He’s got the motive like you said.”

Me   “All the ingredients are there.” (Motive, means, opportunity and his previous aggressive behavior.)

Cop   “They are all there.”   “Be in touch when we know more ok? I know you’re not telling me porkies or anything but, we need a bit more to pin him down.”

Me   “I don’t know what your problem is because there’s enough there.”

Cop   “I recon that camera in there might, (The chemist shop’s CCTV camera.) it will actually show somethingIt just has to show him coming out and going back in again, that’s all it has to show.”

 Hanna later admitted in his police statement that he could have “come and gone” past my car at the relevant time, so CCTV proof is no longer necessary for appropriate charges to be laid.

Me “It looks like witnesses (me) are useless these days.”

No, it’s the Mansell Memo (below) in action as usual. Not securing evidence, the knife or the tire for stab comparison tests, misquoting me in his official notebook so that I could be accused of telling him “porkies” later, failing to alert Victims Support, pooh poohing damning evidence such as the intimidation video, trying to bullshit me about Hanna’s not having lost Poynter’s home kill work, (see below) making indefensible excuses on Hanna’s behalf (just like they did when Poynter shot my cat) and refusing to tell me who his supervising officer in this matter is all add up to bias, a pre-determined “nil result” police enquiry and another deliberate perversion of the course of justice by the NZ Police.

In a phone call to me on the evening of 13/9/15 Constable aJs attempted to nullify Hanna’s motive by asking me if Hanna knew it was me that dobbed Poynter in to the DHB as the letter to the DHB was anonymous. The 6/5/15 dash cam photos of Hanna trying to intimidate us shows that Hanna was acutely aware of who dobbed Poynter in to the DHB and who had thereby caused him to lose Poynter’s business.

Constable aJs further stated that Hanna had not lost the Poynter home kill contract and was still killing his “cattle, sheep and pigs” and therefore he had no motive to stab my tire.

After further discussion Constable aJs admitted that he was wrong and conceded that Hanna was no longer home killing Poynter’s stock but only “cutting it up.” The question here is, was Constable M attempting to pervert the course of justice with his attempt at nullifying Hanna’s motive for stabbing my tire?

From the Chronicle story; “The residents are able to continue to enjoy their own prime Hereford, processing is simply changed from the professional licensed homekilling company to Affco.”

 In that same phone call Constable aJs also said this,

Cop   “He’s [Hanna] stated that he walks back and forwards from the dairy,”

Me   “Oh, from the dairy, so he admitted he walked across there.”

Cop   “No, he didn’t admit it he just said that he could have, cause he walks across there quite a bit during the day.”   (Snap!)

Me   “Ah yeah, ok, so that’s as good as an admission that he walked across there.” (At around the time my vehicle was attacked with a knife.)

Cop   No reply.

Cop “He has an excuse to carry knives in a public place.”

That’s justice-perverting bullshit too; Anthony Hanna doesn’t need to carry knives to push a trolley out to a customer’s car. All his knife work is done inside or out the back of his premises. There is no need or excuse for him to carry knives in the Aramoho Shopping Centre car parking area. Especially now that he is using them to try to intimidate me further by slashing one of my tires and parading the weapon he used to do the cowardly deed in front of me.

Me again,   “If you go and get that knife, (The long one on Hanna’s hip in the photo above) it’ll match the tire stab exactly.”

Cop   “Yeah that side of it um, yeah forensics might be able to do that but it’s a very expensive process to have them match that.”

Me   “No, you grab that long knife and you can stab it in yourself and you can see it’s the same one. I’ve got the tire here don’t worry about that, but you’ve got to get hold of that knife.”

Cop “No, I’m not too sure if police are going to go down that sort of……..

Me   “Why not?”

Cop   “Not too sure at this time, I’ll have to ask prosecutions about that side of it.”

Constable aJs didn’t want the evidence to mount up any more than it already had, hence his lack of enthusiasm to match Hanna’s knife with the stab cut in my tire. “We don’t have the evidence we need to prosecute.” 4.55, 13/9/15. (‘And I’m buggered if I’m going to try and find any more either’.)

 It’s no surprise Constable aJs is searching for ways to get Hanna out of his self-inflicted fix; the last thing the cops want to do is give me credibility. If I’m a credible witness in this matter then perhaps they’ll have to admit that I’m not an unreliable witness and they might be judged as being wrong and liable in all the other bona fide cases they dismissed with their demonstrably wrong and oppressive propaganda. “He’s been convicted of a false complaint.”   “He’s not a credible witness.”   “He’s a convicted liar.”

There has been at least 22 years of provable Police prejudice and corruption against my family because of the below erroneous and oppressive instruction to police staff.


And yes, the Police have admitted that their claim that I have a conviction for making a false complaint is untrue but, contrary to what they told the PCA, the unlawful Police instruction was never withdrawn, has been broadened to apply to anyone who offends against me and, as is quite clear from the above account, is still scrupulously obeyed by all Police  staff.


Area Commander

Stephen Mastrovich

Police Station

Bell Street,


Dear Sir,

I wish to know what your intentions are regarding the attached two matters?

A prompt reply please.

Yours faithfully,

And this is the reply I received


Well what do you make of that then?

Mastrovich is a year late with his, “I have directed that you be to be advised by telephone if we receive advise that Mr Poynter is going to discharge firearms on his property.” Still, better late than never I suppose.

And we’ll see about the other promise.



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