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Three phone calls to Wanganui Noise Control permanently stopped Stephen Poynter’s ridiculously loud stereo provocations.

Untold phone calls followed up by untold letters to the Police about Stephen Poynter’s high-powered firearms misuse and other criminal offences and provocations fell on deaf ears and blind eyes. The conclusion must be that the NZ Police are knowingly and willingly aiding and abetting Stephen Poynter’s ongoing criminal offending.

One letter to the District Health Board about the Poynters’ illegally serving homekill beef and pork products to the residents of the Lady Joy Rest Home and the high-powered homekill gunshots are permanently stopped. Who would call the corrupt cops for anything? Not me that’s for certain!

Rest home warned over homekill beef


By Melissa Wishart

Jun 30, 2015

Lady Joy Rest Home in Aramoho has received an official warning for illegally serving homekilled meat to its residents.

Director Stephen Poynter told investigators he did not realise it was illegal, and his family had eaten the same meat.

Ministry of Primary Industries investigators visited the rest home on March 24 and found 78kg of bagged and frozen beef in a freezer, meat from a cattle beast that had been born and raised on the director’s property, then slaughtered and processed by a registered homekill operator.

The visit was sparked after an anonymous member of the public sent out a letter to the Whanganui District Health Board and the Wanganui Chronicle claiming the directors of the rest home were routinely serving homekill beef and pork products to their residents.

The letter writer pointed to parts of the Animal Products Act 1999 saying homekill product could not be provided as food to customers or paying guests.

Mr Poynter said the processing of the animals had now changed.

“The prime Hereford was owned by the residents at birth, born and raised at the rest home’s surrounding 30 acres and formed part of the recreational programme,” Mr Poynter told the Chronicle.

“The residents are able to continue to enjoy their own prime Hereford, processing is simply changed from the professional licensed homekilling company to Affco.”

A statement from the ministry said home-kill meat was not allowed to be served to residents as it was not inspected by a vet for disease, and consumers had no guarantee it had been processed hygienically.

“Although providing homekill meat to the rest home residents was illegal, the meat was processed correctly as homekill and then frozen prior to cooking, which considerably lessened the risk to those eating it,” the statement said.

“MPI issued an official warning to the rest home and the director involved and is undertaking a programme of unannounced food safety inspections …” ”

Wanganui Chronicle


It’s not the warning but it’ll do.

“Director Stephen Poynter told investigators he did not realize it was illegal” He stored the meat away from the Lady Joy because he didn’t know what he was doing was illegal. Pull the other one.










If it wasn’t for the obvious paternal resemblance I’d have to conclude that the child endangering, brainless drongo was sired by someone other than the decent, long-suffering and thoroughly mortified former Wanganui Mayor Chas Poynter.

Farm worker fined for dangerous quad bike use


A Marlborough farm worker has been fined $15,000 for not wearing a helmet while riding a quad bike at work and carrying a helmetless child as a passenger.
It is believed to be the first time someone has been convicted for carrying a passenger on a work quad bike.
Herd manager Rangi Holmes was sentenced today at the Nelson District Court on two charges under the Health and Safety in Employment Act, for failing to take all practicable steps to ensure his own safety and that of his passenger.
Workplace safety regulator WorkSafe New Zealand took the prosecution after inspectors saw Holmes repeatedly riding a quad bike in the Rai Valley while carrying children, without a helmet.
Over the 20 months from February 2012 five such incidents were observed.
In August last year Holmes’ employer was issued a notice prohibiting the carrying of passengers on quad bikes and requiring the use of helmets.
Holmes was supplied with a copy of that notice, but in October he was again seen carrying a child on a quad bike. Neither he nor the child had on a helmet.
WorkSafe NZ’s general manager of health and safety operations, Ona de Rooy, said Holmes put his own life, and the lives of the children he carried as passengers, needlessly at risk.
“Quad bikes are inherently dangerous,” she said.
“On average five people are killed in quad bike accidents and another 850 are injured [each year]. They are not toys and need to be ridden with care.
“There was simply no excuse for Mr Holmes not wearing a helmet. Helmets were supplied at his workplace but he chose not to wear one. A helmet can be the difference between walking away from an accident and suffering a permanent, life-changing brain injury.”
De Rooy said quad bikes designed for one person should also not be used to carry passengers – particularly children in a work environment.
“Mr Holmes repeatedly showed reckless disregard for safety,” she said.
“He is lucky that WorkSafe NZ inspectors intervened before there was any accident.
“This case sends a clear message to quad bike riders – use your head, and wear a helmet.”

On 13 March 2006, and without consulting or getting permission from any of his neighbours, STEPHEN POYNTER, a part owner of the LADY JOY REST HOME, began to exterminate the wild goats that lived on and about our neighbouring farmlets using a high-powered 243 rifle.  He fired his rifle onto and over properties that he did not own and also onto the steep bush land that belongs to another neighbour, Kevin Carr, but my wife and I legally occupy. When I confronted him about his outrageous behaviour he said, “Get used to it.”
X marks the spot from where Poynter shot at least 5 goats and the arrow points to my residence at the time.
Note the built up area in the background. I have since built a new house just to the right of the Lombardy poplar. (Bottom left)
These last two were shot about 20 meters below the Kevin Carr house. “The shots were awfully loud.”, Mrs Carr later told my brother in law who lives next door to her on upper Roberts Ave.
Poynter didn’t check if the goats he’d shot were in fact dead and not suffering a slow, painful death nor did he dispose of the carcases as is required. And he let any baby goats starve to death. He has since denied under oath shooting the above goats saying that he only shoots on his own land. All the pictured dead goats were on Carr land.
I let Poynter know at the time, and in no uncertain terms, that I was not at all pleased with his behaviour, the incredibly loud gunshots and the screaming of the wounded shot goats.
Had Poynter said, sorry, my bad, instead of “Get used to it,” I would not have reported the matter to the Police but as he was unrepentant and returned (with his kids) for another bomb-up the next evening, I contacted the cops. A Constable J Geurtjens of the Whanganui Police spoke to Poynter and warned him not to fire his 243 in a built up area again. Geurtjens Police notes read, “Poynter warned of offence + his actions, warning was accepted.”
Poynter much later stated under oath,
THE COURT (Judge David Cameron after Poynter refused to answer my cross-examination question.)
Q   So back to Mr Poynter, well do you recall any incident of shooting or do you recall when you first shot goats on or around or near your property Mr Poynter?
A.   Um, I’ve shot goats on my property yes.
Q.   But Mr Van Der Lubbe is trying to have you recall the first time you shot goats there. Do you recall that or not?
A.   Not really, no, no.  (He’d just finished telling the Crown Prosecutor all about it)
Q.   And just for completeness, did you see the necessity at any time to seek anyone’s else’s permission to shoot?
And then he contradicted his above claim of memory fade by telling the Judge the following.
A.   Um, no I was only, other than on my own land, um, ah, but I was contacted by the people above us, which is Catherine Carr and they said please, you know, shoot on our property as well if you wish to, um, and that was some time ago but didn’t, ah, I haven’t done so.
Q,   You have not done so?
A.   No, I haven’t done so, I’ve only shot on my own property.
Then on 2 Feb 2007 Poynter fired his “cannon” again. Just one shot this time, a deliberate provocation, and I bailed him up about 5 minutes later as he was exiting the area. This is how the conversation went.
Jack…….Hey! Are you some sort of bloody moron or what? The cops have warned you about not firing that in a built up area. Why do you persist in doing it?
Poynter….Have you got a problem Jack?
J…………Yeah I have, with people firing f****n cannons in a built up area, that’s what I’ve got. (Arrogant assholes, firing off “cannons” near me, make me angry.)
P…………You know as well as I do that I’m well within my law.
J………….No you’re not, you’re disturbing me, it’s against the law. I’m gonna see to it that you lose your gun licence this time. You’ve been warned already, twice, by the police and you’re still doing it. You just don’t give a **** do ya, about other people?
P…………You want a lot of trouble for yourself don’t ya!
J………….What, you’re gonna cause me trouble are ya?
P………….Why do you persist?
J…………..Because I don’t want you firing that f****n cannon here. I had trouble with that s**t up there, (Kevin Carr) and now you come here and 5 minutes after you arrive you’re doing it. I don’t want you doing it.
P…………..Well I don’t want you building that house there. (Our new house right in his view is what he hates the most, so he thought he’d get rid of us with his guns, threats, pigs, roosters, rubbish heap etc etc.)
J…………..Well that’s just bloody tough.
J……………That’s not against the law.
P……………Firing this is not against the law.
J…………….It is against the law, you wanna check your arms code.
P…………….I’ve spoken to the police.
J…………….Yeah, and they warned you.
P……………I’m well within the law.
J……………And they warned you not to do it.
P……………Rubbish. (The first of Poynter’s many provable lies)
J…………….I’ll private prosecute you if I have to, that you will not do it.
P……………You are unbelievable Jack.
J…………….Why don’t you use a .22? I wouldn’t have any problem with a .22. No you’ve got to use that ****** big thing.
P…………….So you want me to maim animals do you?
J…………….No I don’t, you don’t have to maim animals.…….Hurt and maim animals. (Like he gives a damn about animal cruelty, and why the need to kill animals that are doing him no harm, is he a psychopath?)
J…………….You’re doing a red herring there.
P…………….I purchased a weapon to do a specific job.
J……………..Look, just look up your arms code and it says there that you don’t disturb other people, you look it up.
P…………….Was I firing it at 5.30 in the morning?
J…………….You’ve disturbed me again, look, I’m f****n angry.
P……………Yeah, I know you are. (I was just as angry the first time he did it and he knew that when he did it twice more.)
J……………..I’m disturbed. Don’t do it, this is your last warning. I don’t give a s**t about the cops, I’m giving you your last warning, do not do it again. Simple as that.
P…………….Are you threatening me Jack?
J……………..Yeah, I’m gonna take you to court.
P…………….Are you threatening me?
J……………..I’m taking you to court.
P…………….If you’re f****n threatening me go on then. I will, I will retaliate to you. Don’t ever f**k about with me.
J…………….I’m threatening to take you to court.
P……………You don’t know who you’re toying with.
J……………..I do, I know exactly what you are.
P…………….You have no f****n idea who you’re dealing with boy. (I’m 16 years his senior and he calls me ‘boy’.)
J……………..Yes I do.
P……………..I’ve tried really hard to be a nice neighbour to you.
J………………No you haven’t, you fired that cannon.
P……………..You c**t. I’ll f****n get ya, you f****n wait. You say anything about me firing a weapon on my land, in rural land, well within my law and boundary. If you say anything or do anything against me, I will do things against you.
J……………..Like what?
P…………….You’ve been told. You’ve got no f****n idea.
J……………..I know all about you Mr arsonist!
P ……………You’ve got no f****n idea.
J……………..Will you get your matches out again, will ya? (He loves burning stuff.)
Pretty tough talk for someone who burst into a flood of tears when the cops caught him hard at work in his cannabis oil cookery.
Note the above threatening outburst, clearly signaled what he is and what he had planned in that malicious little mind of his.
Naturally I reported this latest and way more sinister offending by Poynter to the Police and then the circus began.
A Sergeant Kevin Smith contacted Poynter and asked him to come into the local nick for a chat. Poynter did so and was again told of his responsibilities in relation to the Arms Act. “In one ear and out the other” is how Smith described it to me on the phone.

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.

At that time or shortly thereafter Poynter was told, by the Police, that I do not have a firearms licence and that little “gem” of information set Poynter’s criminal mastermind intellect into hatching a cunning plan to “f****n get” me into deep trouble with the law. Sergeant Kevin J Smith later refused to confirm or deny to me that it was him that had told Poynter that I don’t have a firearms licence. (And we all know what a refusal to confirm or deny means don’t we?)  The latest (4 November 2009) is that Smith “cannot remember” if he told Poynter that or not, a statement that reveals that he has no scruples about revealing such information to the criminal element.
Poynter then went home and cooked up a letter/statement calculated to shift Police focus off himself and onto me. The letter, dated 28/2/07 and addressed to Sergeant Kevin Smith, was so full of provable lies, one of them being that he did not threaten me in any way on the morning of 2/2/07, that only a “slimy blowhard” (Smith’s description of Poynter) compulsive liar, who is accustomed to getting his own way, would expect anyone to believe it. Of course the cops lapped it up.
The second to last paragraph of Poynter’s letter to Sergeant Smith went like this, “I have observed Mr Van Der Lubbe walking his property with a rifle over his shoulder and so has Tristan Robertson, of 41 Paterson Street Wanganui on separate occasions. If Mr Van Der Lubbe does not have a Firearms Licence this gives my family and I great concern.”
Form Of Attestation As A Member Of The Police Of New Zealand (Section 37 of the Police Act 1958) Oath,
I Sergeant Andrew James Bruce McDonald do swear that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady the Queen in the Police, without favour or affection, malice or ill-will (my emphasis) until I am legally discharged: that I will see and cause, Her Majesty’s peace to be kept and preserved: that I will prevent to the best of my power all offences against the peace; and that while I will continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law. So help me God……….Yeah right!
ENTER SERGEANT ANDREW McDONALD whose brief,  from day one, was to protect Stephen Poynter from prosecution and more importantly to deny me the protection of the law.
Sergeant McDonald grasped Poynter’s litany of lies letter to Sergeant Smith with both hands and without checking out its bona fides acted on it as though it was the gospel truth. Shortly after this time I phoned McDonald to see how his investigation into my complaint was progressing and he told me “triumphantly” that he had found an independent witness and was about to speak to him. I said, “That sounds interesting.” McDonald’s “independent” witness turned out to be none other than Poynter’s casual labourer Tristan Robertson. I said “That sounds interesting” because, as you have seen above, I had absolute proof that any denials that Poynter had threatened me would be lies.
You know, if Poynter had any brains at all he would have planted a rifle somewhere round my home and then made his false accusation that he had seen me taking a rifle for a walk, that way McDonald would have had something to find when he carried out his search.
I later asked Sergeant McDonald (that’s him on the far right) for all the documents that he had generated thus far relating to my complaint of 5/2/07 and he sent me copies of Poynter’s letter to Sergeant Smith and a proper, signed statement made by Tristan Robertson both of which had portions blacked out. I asked McDonald if the blacked out portions were about me and he said “No”  A few weeks later I asked him what the blacked out portions were about. He gave me the gist of them (he’d already forgotten his earlier lie that they weren’t about me) and then said to me, ‘If you let me do a search of your property for a rifle I’ll give you uncensored copies.’ I replied ok and he said he’d come out to my place directly. TWO HOURS later he arrived, without the promised documents, and did his search. This perfunctory “search” was just another example of shoddy, dishonest police work. He only did it so he could clear Poynter’s “rifle sighting” complaint off his books and “reassure” Poynter (who we all knew had made the whole thing up anyway) that I didn’t have a firearm at my home. I say that McDonald didn’t believe Poynter’s rifle accusations because if he had believed Poynter and Robertson’s fabrications he would not have asked for my permission to do a search, he would have obtained a search warrant and executed it. Have you ever heard of anything as ludicrous as a cop giving a TWO hour warning to a suspect that he was about to search his address for something illegal?
Form Of Attestation As A Member Of The Police Of New Zealand (Section 37 of the Police Act 1958) Oath,
I Inspector Duncan MacLeod do swear that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady the Queen in the Police, without favour or affection, malice or ill-will until I am legally discharged: that I will see and cause, Her Majesty’s peace to be kept and preserved: that I will prevent to the best of my power all offences against the peace; and that while I will continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law. So help me God. (Another one who had his fingers crossed behind his back when he took the Police oath.)
As days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months it became glaringly obvious to me that Sergeant McDonald wasn’t going to do anything about my intimidation/unlawful discharge of a firearm complaint against Poynter, (notice how he acted on Poynter’s false accusation though) so I gave him a copy of the latter portion of the above tape transcript. I thought that ought to do the trick but still nothing happened so I went to see Chester Borrows, National MP for Wanganui. He wasn’t at his office so I told his secretary all about how the cops were behaving (brushing my complaint under the carpet) and she said Chester would look into it. Well, as it turned out, asking ex-cop Chester Borrows for help was a waste of time except for the fact that I did find out from his secretary that Area Commander Inspector Duncan MacLeod had no intention of doing his duty in this matter. MacLeod told Chester’s secretary, (I’ve got copies of her notes)
1.. the tape transcript wasn’t full enough,
2.. that I would need photographic evidence,
3.. that there was not enough evidence to take the matter to Court,
and to cap it all off,
4.. the Court would make a fool out of me. (All this from Wanganui’s top cop.)
So I went to see Jill Pettis, Labour list MP for Wanganui who wrote to Duncan MacLeod on 5 June 2007 and asked him how the investigation into my complaint was coming along.
She also asked, (I’ve got copies of these letters)
‘3. “Is Mr Poynter in breach of the firearms code by discharging a high calibre firearm in close proximity to a residential area?”
MacLeod’s reply was, ”Yes. This matter has been clarified by a legal opinion.”
Mrs Pettis also asked,
‘4. “Has Mr Poynter been advised by Police, on any occasion, not to discharge a firearm? In particular, has he been warned about not discharging a firearm in or around the land at the bottom of Roberts Avenue hill/Paterson Street?”
MacLeod replied, ”Yes. Mr Poynter has received a previous Police warning concerning this matter on 14 July 2006.” (Remember Poynter’s first lie to me above.)
Jill Pettis’s letter to MacLeod certainly did the trick, before you could say ‘bent cops’ Poynter was charged with intimidation and unlawful discharge of a firearm. One of his bail conditions was that he was not to discharge a firearm within 300 meters of my home.
As I said above, Sergeant Andrew McDonald also gave me a copy of a statement by Poynter’s one time casual labourer Tristan Robertson. Robertson said in this 28/5/2007 statement that he had overheard the 2/2/07 altercation between Poynter and myself and that he ‘didn’t hear’ Poynter threaten me in any way.  He also corroborated Poynter’s false accusation that he had seen me ‘walking a rifle’. This is what Robertson said,
“I remember a month or two before this incident seeing Jack carrying a firearm. It looked like a .22 calibre rifle.
It was about 3 feet in length. It had a brown wooden stock + a shoulder strap. It was open sighted + did not have a scope. ( Over-emphasized details are a sure sign of a fabrication.)
When I saw Jack I saw him crossing his paddock heading towards the bush on the back of his property. I assumed that he was heading off to shoot some goats as well.
There was no one else with him.
I could see Jack quite clearly, it was a fine day + I could see the gun clearly. He was carrying it on the diagonal on his back.
I saw Jack with a gun probably a few months before that as well. I didn’t pay too much attention to it because it is not unusual for the land owners to shoot the pigs goats on their land.”
And three paragraphs further on he said this,
“The two times I have seen Jack with a gun occurred within the last 12 months.”
At the bottom of his statement he wrote in his own hand, “I have read this statement and it is true and correct.”
Well the fact of the matter is, Robertson, with the help of the ‘criminal mastermind’ Stephen Poynter, made the whole rifle story up to get the heat off Poynter and onto me and they thereby committed, among other offences, an offence against Section 115 (b) of the Crimes Act 1961, ‘Conspiring to bring a false accusation.’ (Seven years max, regarded as a very serious matter by the Courts.) I know that Robertson lied about seeing me with a rifle so I don’t believe for a second that he overheard the altercation between Poynter and me. (As though I’d show myself carrying an illegal rifle to any of those mongrels AFTER I’d accosted of Poynter for his 13 March 2006 goat bomb-up. Utter madness!
A few months into the time it took for the unlawful discharge/intimidation charges to be heard the Police Prosecutor, a Sergeant David Grey, decided that he would “resolve” the Poynter matter out of Court by getting the parties to sign a “good behaviour bond”. “The charges would be too hard to prove” he told me. I asked him if this good behaviour bond would include a clause preventing Poynter firing off his ‘cannon’ near my home. His reply was “no.” I wasn’t having a bar of that insanity so I made an appointment to see Grey at the cop shop and arrived at the appointed time armed with a list of questions. As soon as he saw my list and that I meant business he called in another cop as a witness and asked me if I was recording the meeting. I told him I was. Anyway, after listening to Grey drone on about how large Poynter’s block of land was (about 30 acres) and how loud I sounded on the altercation tape I came to the conclusion that his reasons for dropping the charges were crap.
I then wrote a letter to Sergeant Grey’s boss Inspector Duncan MacLeod pointing out a few things such as his own words in his answers to questions 3 and 4 in his letter to Jill Pettis. A few days later I learned that Sergeant Grey had been taken off the case and that the Poynter prosecution was to continue. And so what if Poynter’s block was “large”, he fired his cannon near my home and the built-up area, not on the far side of his land.
In the mean time (19 Oct 2007) I made a written complaint to Inspector MacLeod that Poynter and Robertson had conspired together to pervert/defeat/obstruct the course by making false statements to Police about the 2/2/07 altercation and that they had seen me with an illegal firearm. I told MacLeod that I wanted them prosecuted for it. He passed the complaint on to Sergeant Andrew McDonald and he did nothing about it except pooh-pooh the matter by telling me that Robertson “might have been mistaken” about seeing me with a rifle. But the way Robertson describes the sighting in his statement leaves no doubt that he wanted the Police to believe him when he said that he had seen me with a rifle. He went into some detail about the rifle and also said “I could see ‘Jack’ quite clearly, it was a fine day + I could see the gun clearly.” No ambiguity or wriggle room there. McDonald’s claim that Robertson may have been “mistaken” is unmitigated bullshit.
Poynter even supplied a motive for making his false illegal rifle accusation when he stated, “You’ve got no f****n idea, you wait. You wait, you c**t. I’ll f**ken get ya, you f****n wait.’  and “You say anything about me firing a weapon on my land, in rural land, well within my law and boundary. If you say anything or do anything against me, I will do things against you.”
MacLeod’s reason for doing next to nothing about the serious Crimes Act offences was a vague, “lets see what happens when the outstanding charges are heard”.
You’ll understand why MacLeod said that later on.
After a period of about 16 months the intimidation/firearm matters finally made it to Court. I was called to give evidence, and according to the officer in charge of the case (McDonald) I did it well, but he’s a proven liar so who knows. Then Poynter’s lawyer, PETER BROSNAHAN, cross-examined me. He began his muck raking line of questions by asking me if I was a volatile person. I told him what he already knew, “No”. (Not unless someone fires a big gun in my vicinity that is.) He then proceeded to bring up irrelevant matters that happened AFTER Poynter’s offences of 2/2/07 in an attempt to sully my character, such as, Did you make complaints to the District Council that Poynter was abusing his animals (a very hot week with no water) and wasting water (letting a trough overflow for weeks during the drought of 07?)  His last question was the clincher that proved to me that he was deliberately trying to mislead the Court. He asked, “Have you had your firearms licence revoked?” That totally irrelevant question was asked solely to smear me and lead the judge to wrongly conclude that my motives were dubious. i.e. mislead the Court and pervert the course of justice. (I didn’t know then that the prosecution had sabotaged their own case even before I got my turn in the witness-box)
The new Police Prosecutor, Sergeant S Butler, helped Brosnahan in his smear campaign when he said to Judge Davidson that he objected to one of Brosnahan’s questions because I “might incriminate myself” if I answered it. Incriminate myself? The Prosecutor knew very well that the cops weren’t going to pursue me over the allegedly threatening letters I had already admitted (to Sergeant McDonald) to writing to Poynter and Robertson demanding that they recant their false statements that they had seen me with a rifle. The Prosecutor should have said, ‘I object to the question on the grounds that it is designed solely to mislead the Court.’ And to make matters worse the Prosecutor then added that that matter was still under Police investigation when he knew very well that it wasn’t. 15 months have passed since the prosecutor uttered those false words and nothing more has been done about that alleged “investigation”, ever.  McDonald had already told him that my motive for writing the letters was not criminal. To put it plainly, he lied to the Court. He didn’t object to the rest of Brosnahan’s Court muckraking line of questions so he probably objected to that one alone because he wanted to take the opportunity to throw a bit of muck at me himself. There is no question that the cops weren’t at all keen on getting Poynter convicted of a crime against me and their extreme reluctance to lay charges or even make a proper and timely investigation of my complaints proves that. Then there was Sergeant Grey’s attempt at “resolving” the matter out of Court plus the Prosecutors own case wrecking “He might incriminate himself” crap. Brosnahan’s and the Prosecutor’s behaviour concerned me so much that I told the Judge that if I didn’t explain matters further he “might get the wrong end of the stick.” I was however dismissed from the witness-box without being allowed the opportunity to set the record straight.  (Little did I know then.)
After a short break the Judge came back and said that even though a prima facie case of intimidation had been established against  Poynter he was going to dismiss the charge because I gave as good as I got, “tit-for-tat”, during the altercation. Tit-for-tat my arse! The tape transcript proves that I didn’t make any unlawful threats or saying anything like, ‘You’ve got no f****n idea, you wait. You wait, you c**t. I’ll f****n get ya, you f****n wait’ to Poynter so the Judge was wrong to dismiss that charge.
The Judge dismissed the firearms charge as well because apparently Poynter wasn’t close enough to my home when he fired his gun. (Sucked in by Grey’s “large block of land” crap that Poynter’s lawyer parroted to the Court.)
So much for MacLeod’s flash Wellington ‘legal opinion’ which stated that Poynter had indeed been in breach of the Arms Code by discharging a high calibre firearm in close proximity to a residential area. Obviously the cops deliberately layed the charge they did in the hope that it would be more likely to fail? And no, the “legal opinion” wasn’t produced in Court but, I as discovered much later, Poynter’s litany of lies letter/”statement” to Sergeant Kevin Smith was.
McDonald summoned Tristan Robertson as a prosecution witness thereby denying Poynter the chance to use him again. But McDonald didn’t call Robertson, he didn’t want him to let the cat out of the bag vis-a-vis their conspiracy to pervert/defeat the course of justice.
You have to laugh at judge Davidson’s reasoning though; the cops charged Poynter with annoying me by firing his gun and then he goes and lets Poynter off the intimidation charge because I displayed a certain amount of annoyance. It’s not hard to see why Scott Watson was convicted with Bruce Davidson “acting” as his lawyer.
At about 7am last Sunday the 18th May 08, just 9 days after he got off the shooting charge, Poynter fired off 5 shots in my full view of and about 150 meters from the house I’ve just about finished building. I phoned Mr Plod and reported the matter and was later told by Sergeant Kevin Smith that Poynter was “rubbing salt into the wound.” He said that he had spoken to Poynter and that he had claimed that he was shooting at 5 goats that morning. (5 shots and 5 misses? I think not, all his other shots on other days were fatal hits.) I told the Sergeant that Poynter was lying again as there hadn’t been any goats around here for at least a month. I later rang my other neighbour, cow cocky Bruce Bristol, and asked him where all the goats had disappeared to and he said, “They were eating all my grass so I rounded them up and sent them off to the works a few weeks ago.”
On the evening of 20 June 08 I spotted Poynter sneaking up the gully that separates our farmlets, he was carrying his rifle, which was newly fitted with a sound moderator; it turned out he wanted me to see him. A short while later I saw him come back the way he went and noticed he had a sick triumphal look on his stupid dial as he climbed over the fence to his middle paddock.
Prior to Poynter uttering the words ‘You’ve got no f****n idea, you wait. You wait, you c**t. I’ll f****n get ya, you f****n wait’ to me there were about 15 Fallow deer living at the back of our adjoining farmlets. They spent most of their time on 22a but occasionally they strayed onto Poynter’s back paddock. Not so now, I rarely see a deer during daylight hours and those that are left, possibly 3, are very spotlight shy. I suspected from the outset that Poynter was killing them off.
Yesterday, 24 June 08, I went up the back in search of some missing cattle and as I walked along the Poynter/Van der Lubbe boundary fence I spotted a dead female deer lying on Poynter’s place. I went over to investigate and found that it had been shot through the heart.
It was not in the least hidden from view so the killer, Stephen Poynter,  deliberately left it to rot where it fell and he did it to provoke me just as he did when he shot my cat two and a half years later.
This photo was taken from my side of the boundary fence.
I then swiveled around in that position and took this photo of my newly built home.
It wasn’t enough that Poynter had killed off the deer that he knew I liked to see roaming free, he had to let me know it was him that did it. What sort of deluded ego maniac (“You have no f****n idea who you’re dealing with boy”) would kill off wildlife to spite and or provoke me? The same sort of lowlife who would cook cannabis oil for profit and make malicious accusations to the cops.
Shortly after I noticed that the deer were disappearing (and just after I started erecting my new deer fence) I paid a visit to the local home-kill guy Anthony Hanna in the Aramoho shopping centre. I asked him if anyone was bringing in Fallow deer for processing. He told me that he gets them in quite regularly. I told him what was happening with the deer at my place and he said he’d keep his eyes and ears open. He then asked me where I lived and when I told him his body language change and I immediately suspected that he knew more than he was letting on. I already knew that it was his outfit that home killed Stephen Poynter’s domestic pigs, that was the reason I went there before I went to any of the other meat processors in Wanganui. Well it would appear that Mr Home Kill Anthony Hanna reported our conversation back to Stephen Poynter because when I went back to his premises yesterday (25/7) he was decidedly hostile from the get go. I asked him if he remembered who I was and had Stephen Poynter brought in any Fallow deer for processing. He said that Poynter hadn’t (brought any in) and that I “had an attitude” the last time we spoke. I asked him if he processed pigs for Poynter and he conceded that he did but because of my “attitude” last time he wouldn’t even tell me if he [Poynter] was bringing in Fallow deer, forgetting that he already said that Poynter hadn’t brought any in. Well the fact of the matter is, I didn’t have an ‘attitude last time’, we spoke amicably and ended our little meeting on perfectly reasonable terms. Because he lied about the temperament of our last meeting I decided that he was probably lying about Poynter not bringing in any deer as well. Why else would he lie about our first meeting? I departed with, “Why do I get the feeling that you’re lying?”
And why do people lie for Poynter? Look at Robertson, he made a false statement to the cops and put himself at risk of very serious charges, and then you have this home kill guy lying to me by falsely accusing me of having an attitude the first time we spoke. Poynter and his silly wife Suzie regularly parade up and down our boundary fence as though butter wouldn’t melt. I put it down to them having delusions of grandeur. That Poynter shot the deer is evidenced by the fact that he didn’t accuse me of shooting it or even report it (an incident of illegal hunting) to the Police. But the main reason for the continuing lawlessness is that the cops have told Poynter and his coconspiritors that they are immune to do anything short of murder.
It’s been a month since I rang Inspector Duncan MacLeod to see how my complaint, that Stephen Poynter and Tristan Robertson had conspired together to make a false accusation to the Police that they had seen me with a firearm at 22a, was coming along. MacLeod told me that he had written to PNHQ Legal Section for a “ legal opinion” on the matter and that he would let me know the result in due course. Why is it that MacLeod and Co don’t seem to be able to move against Poynter without a PNHQ go ahead. Are they that loath to bring charges against people who offend against me and hope that PNHQ will give them a reason to drop the matter? MacLeod did it with the firearms/intimidation charges and when PNHQ told them it was ok to go ahead his underling, Grey, tried to sabotage the case with his ‘bond to keep the peace’ cobblers and when that didn’t work MacLeod’s new prosecutor and the officer in charge of the case, Andrew McDonald saw to it that they lost the case, and now it looks like they’re trying it on again with my ‘Conspiracy to bring a false accusation’ complaint.
Sergeant Andrew McDonald came round today, 28 July 08, and I showed him the dead deer, yes, it’s still laying where it was killed, and he said Poynter might have left it there to rot because his freezer may have been full. (Why shoot it then?) That is the sort of pathetic shite that has been trotted out to me in defense of Poynter and Robertson by this particular cop since day one.
McDonald also told me that the Police didn’t present Poynter’s letter to Sergeant Kevin Smith to the Court. I told him, “It’s in the Court file, I saw it there, so Poynter’s lawyer must be responsible for it being there. Done to mislead the judge no doubt. (More of that later)
I asked McDonald how the latest “legal opinion” was coming along and he said it’s in the low priority heap down at PNHQ (how would he know that?) but that it should be in his hands before October 5 and that I shouldn’t concern myself at the delay because there is no statute of limitations on that particular crime. (Conspiracy to make a false accusation.)
One thing I forgot to ask him was, why wasn’t the “legal opinion” which stated that Poynter had committed an offence against the Arms Act by discharging his rifle in a built up area presented to the Court?
I had a bit of a listen to the tape of that day (28/7) and McDonald said on it that the only evidence ”we” [the Police] sent to Wellington to obtain the second Legal Opinion was my complaint that Poynter and Robertson had conspired to bring a false accusation against me and Poynter’s letter “statement” (known by McDonald to be a pack of lies) to Sergeant Kevin Smith. So it’s blatantly obvious that the Police wanted a negative legal opinion from PNHQ.
Sergeant McDonald served me with 5 trespass notices this morning, (3/9/08) all of them for properties that Poynter owes heaps of money on. I asked McDonald, “What’s brought this on?” but he reckoned he didn’t know. I guess Poynter tried to lay a trespass complaint against me for having taken the dead deer photo. Still no sign of the long-awaited Legal Opinion by the way. You know these cops that are covering-up for Poynter are no better than that evil bastard John Dewar who perverted/defeated the course of justice for his pack rapist cop mates Schollum and Shipton.
Well October 5 has come and gone and there’s still no sign of the promised ‘opinion’ or any charges.
Five more shots close to my home today. 10/10/08. Sergeant Colin Wright responded to my 111 call and I told him what I knew and he did a QVR on a car that was parked in Poynter’s gateway. When he was finished I asked him who the car belonged to and he said it was a company car but he refused (avoided) to tell me what company. I told him that I thought the driver of the car was Mathew K r s (Poynter’s nephew) and he replied how do you say that name. I said to the cop that we should go and find the shooter and see what he was up to and he said he’d tool up first as the other fellow was armed. He took a Glock out of a locked steel box in the back of his station wagon. I noticed there was a black Bushmaster in the box too. He strapped the Glock on and I then suggested he should park his wagon behind the car in Poynter’s gateway to block it in. He did that. Then I spotted the shooter walking towards us about 150 meters away. He was carrying what turned out to be Poynter’s 243. The cop went over to the shooter and they then walked back to the cars. I went over and asked the cop who the shooter was and he refused to tell me because “He hasn’t committed an offence”.  I asked him how he knew that and he replied, ‘He has the owner’s permission to shoot on his land.’ I asked the shooter if he was Mathew Krs and he said, ‘No.’ He also stated that he had shot three goats on Poynter’s land. I then walked back to my home and asked the wife, who had been listening to my scanner, if she had heard the shooter’s name mentioned and she said, “Matthew something.” I then went back to the cop and shooter and I told the cop that the shooter had lied about his name not being Matthew Krs and the cop replied, ‘Not to me he hasn’t’. I then asked the cop to come with me to see if the shooter had shot anything on my place; he looked at his watch and said, ‘No, it’s too late in the day.’ I then said, ‘What if I find a dead goat on my place, and he replied, ‘You might have carried it over from Poynter’s.’ So this bastard cop was judging me by his own corrupt standards by suggesting that I might be a justice perverter like Poynter. At that point I gave up on that cop and told him he was just like all the rest, f*****n bent. I then went up the back and came across a live gut-shot nanny goat well up in the bush outside Poynter’s boundary. I also observed a dead goat on Poynter’s land.
The crooked Sergeant Colin Wright and gut-shooting liar Matthew Krs.
I asked Sergeant Wright via the Official Information Act for copies of all the police documents relating to this shooting incident but he said that there were none because no offences were disclosed. I wonder what he was writing in his notebook (see above) while he was talking to Mathew Krs and is his notebook a police document? Of course it is. Wright is a corrupt liar.
Tough hunter Mathew Krs shot these two kids and then gut shot their mother and left her to die a lingering death. Another despicable arsehole!
Dead billy-goat, killed by retard Mathew Krs and, just like Poynter did with the above deer, he left it to rot where I was certain to see it.
Sergeant Andrew McDonald came round to drop off some documents today (15/10)  and he said, they (Poynter and Matthew Krs) are trying to provoke “bait” me into retaliating. I asked him if people who behave in that manner are fit and proper persons? He said, “We’ll see about that when their firearms licences come up for renewal.” (Why wait till then?) And a decade later they both still had their FAL.
A bit more drama this evening (10/12/08). Someone using a moderated 243 fired ONE shot near my home. I rang 111 and was told that someone else had phoned about the shot as well as me. A little while later four cop cars arrived and a dog handler and the corrupt Sergeant Colin Wright went up the back of Poynter’s place to look for the shooter. Poynter’s 4×4 was parked in his driveway entrance and his unlocked road gate was slightly open. A while later Mr and Mrs Poynter and a lady cop walked up Poynter’s driveway to find and speak to the other two cops. As she walked past near where I was standing, (THE VERY FRIGHTEN OF ME) Mrs Poynter called out, “Hello Jack”. Another one who doesn’t know when to keep her silly mouth shut. I went inside and later rang Colin Wright and asked him if he had got a result. He said, “No, no result, there was nobody seen, nobody heard, we spoke to lots of neighbours and no one could actually definitely say where it [the shot] came from. Everyone was reporting it in all sorts of different directions so unfortunately we don’t even know where it came from, [ignore what I say] whether it was on Mr Poynter’s land, there were even people pointing in the direction of your land and pointing down the other end of Paterson, people pointing all over the place.”  Turns out a lot of what he told me then was lies too. The dirty bastard didn’t let on that (two) people other than me had phoned 111 to report the shot. Turns out that it was Poynter both times.
He also reckoned that police had taken Poynter to a safe area earlier, i.e. it couldn’t have been him that fired the shot. I told Wright that I knew the sound of Poynter’s gun and that Poynter was making a monkey out of him.
I can see it now, Poynter parks his 4×4 in his gateway at 26a and walks to number 44 that he owns  just up the street a bit where he goes out the back and fires one moderated shot. To make sure that the cops show up he dials 111 from number 44 and then goes back to his car and waits for the cops to arrive. Someone at number 38 Patterson which is right next door to number 44 also rang 111. No one other than Julie Edwards, the former owner of 26a, and myself have ever reported Poynter’s gunshots to the Police and Julie only reported hearing shots one time when Poynter’s rifle was still unmoderated, ie: as loud as hell.  Anyway, when Poynter saw the cops coming he got out of his 4×4 and proceeded to open the gate. The cops arrive and take him to a “safe area”. As usual the cops don’t concern themselves with my safety. Then Sergeant Colin Wright and a dog handler walked up Poynter’s gully track and surprise, surprise the police dog fails to pick up a trail.
Now why did Poynter go through that elaborate charade? What did he hope to gain from it?
It’s obvious he wanted the cops to come (that’s why he fired the shot and phoned 111) and he also wanted the cops to think that it wasn’t him that fired the shot, that’s why he pretended to be none the wiser to them and that he’d just arrived at 26a when they showed up. He also wanted me to think it was him that fired the shot, that’s why he left his 4×4 parked in his entrance while he was back at number 44 firing the shot.
Did he want me to tell the cops that I’d seen him walk up the gully that separates our farmlets carrying his 243 and thereby “prove” me a liar? 
Question, from me at a later Court hearing about another matter. ” Did you ring 111 police from number 44?”
. Answer from Poynter,  ”I don’t recall, police will have those records.
Question, “You own the house?”
Answer  Correct.
Question  “But you don’t know who made the phone call?”
Answer  “No.”
Question  “It wasn’t you?”
Answer  “I didn’t say that.”  (There he is, avoiding the NO word.)
Question  “Did you?”
Answer  “I don’t know.”
Question  “You can’t remember?”
Answer  “No I can’t remember.”
When he says he can’t or doesn’t remember he’s avoiding saying no in case I have evidence that will prove him a perjurer.
. .
. .
. .
“No need to make stuff up, the truth is sufficient.”
16                                                                                                        17
goose 13 goose 14
Four plus cops, one police dog, four police cars and four plus man hours expended and this is all there is to show for it. No Job sheets or Report forms, nothing about having spoken to Mrs Poynter on there I notice and nothing about Stephen Poynter being concerned that someone was firing a high-powered firearm on his property without his permission and nothing about the three 111 call records. This is what I mean about cops telling lies even when it’s patently stupid to do so.
One minute they’re telling the cops outrageous lies about me and the next all is forgiven with heartfelt glad tidings, now isn’t that nice?
Unstamped envelope left in mail box.
Would a person who is genuinely concerned for their safety  (“We are extremely frightened that he may do harm to us.” and “We are extremely worried and frightened of this man.”) deliver a smart-arse Xmas card to the object of their alleged fear?
I copied this off the Wanganui Rotary site, they obviously don’t know the real Stephen Poynter. New Member – Stephen Charles Poynter
Welcome back to the Club, Stephen. Classification: Rest Home Provision Committee: International Stephen was born in Wanganui in 1966 to illustrious parents Chas and Joy Poynter. He was educated at St Georges and Collegiate Schools. Stephen is a 4th Generation Rotarian member of the Poynter Family, his Grandfather and Father were both past-presidents and his Great Grandfather was an early member. On leaving school he worked in the family bookshop in Victoria Avenue before moving to Wellington to take up the position of Territory Manager for Hitachi Power Tools. There he meet his wife Suzanne, married in 2000, and returned to Wanganui and founded the Lady Joy Rest home in Aramoho. Stephen and Suzanne now have a family of three, sons Jordan (5 ½) Roanan (3) and daughter Coral (4 months). Stephen is an ex-member of the Club and rejoins with great enthusiasm to play his part in Club activities and Community involvements. Congratulations Stephen. * Ethical Environment Rotarians practice The 4-Way Test that measures words and actions by their truthfulness, fairness, goodwill and benefit to all. Encouraging high ethical standards in one’s profession and respect for all worthy vocations has been a hallmark of Rotary from its earliest days. lol
Sergeant Andrew McDonald gets a mention and his pic on the Rotary site too. ‘The Bulletin’ 18 Feb 2008.
And why did young Stephen ‘move to Wellington’ anyway? Could it have been the goings on in the family bookshop and his garage at home? Why did he become an ‘ex-member of the club’? And why is he a rejoined member, he has no worthy ethical standards and he’s not in it to do good deeds for his fellow man? Why did the fools at the Rotary Club let the mongrel back in? Don’t they know a leopard never changes its spots?
The psychiatric report made it plain that Poynter looks for foolish, stupid and destructive releases when he’s subjected to abnormal stresses. i.e. he resorts to provocation, harassment and intimidation when he doesn’t get his selfish way or someone builds a house in his view.
He had co-operated fully with police (that’s what you do when you’re caught red-handed) and had at all times been open-handed, forthright and honest. Yeah right!

Man sold drugs to police officer

Court Reporter |                         Friday, November 11, 2011 8:43

Wanganui District CourtWanganui District Court
A man has been jailed for three years after being caught selling cannabis oil to an undercover police officer as well as being found with almost 3kg of cannabis leaf. Paul Coleman, 36, appeared in Wanganui District Court and pleaded guilty to three counts of selling cannabis oil, three counts of offering to supply a class B drug, one count of offering to sell a class C drug, one count of offering to sell a class A drug, one count of manufacturing cannabis oil, one count of possession of cannabis oil for supply and possession of substances used in production. The charges relate to events spanning April 2010 to September 2010. Text messages sent and received by Coleman in April revealed he was offering to supply cannabis oil capsules and cannabis head. Texts in June showed Coleman offering to supply methamphetamine and asking an associate for small re-sealable plastic bags so he could break down a gram of methamphetamine into quarter-gram packets to sell. In September, police searched Coleman’s house and found a cardboard “capping box”, used to hold empty capsules for cannabis oil to be inserted into. The box contained two capsules of cannabis oil, and a knife and razor blades with cannabis oil on them were nearby. In a bedroom, police found a 15-litre bucket with two bags of dried cannabis leaf totalling 1.8kg inside. In the kitchen, five two-litre containers of isopropyl alcohol, used in the manufacture of cannabis oil, were found, with only one litre remaining. A further plastic bag containing more than 900g of cannabis leaf soaked in the alcohol was also found. In September, Whanganui police ran an undercover operation targeting people involved in the sale and supply of cannabis oil. An undercover officer purchased cannabis oil, sold in capsules of about 2ml for $40, from Coleman on a number of occasions. On two occasions, the officer watched Coleman make capsules up. A bit of déjà vu there Stephen. Greed and stupidity, what a combination! *
Is a shamelessly promoted malicious fiction likely to become fact?
Acting Sergeant V Hei hei delivered an interesting document today (4/12/08). It was a letter to Andrew McDonald dated 2/1/2008 and is signed by both Stephen Poynter and his silly wife Suzanne. As well as their usual, he’s been “intimidating and frightening us”, and “as you know Mr Van Der Lubbe has been using scare tactics to people for decades” and “we are extremely frightened that he may do harm to us”  they wrote, “We can not find in the documentation given to my Lawyer by Police but verbally told to Police middle of last year my wife Suzanne Poynter has also seen Mr Van Der Lubbe walking our boundary fence in Jan 2007 with a rifle held across his arms.” So it is now clear that Suzanne Poynter is also a stranger to the truth and a maker of false and malicious accusations. Prior to reading the above statement I thought that Mrs Poynter was just a brainless cow sticking up for her Neanderthal husband in harmless ways, but I was wrong, she knowingly and willingly put her signature on a document she knew was false, a fabrication, and gave it to the Police fully expecting them to act upon it. She thereby became the third member of the ‘conspiracy to bring a false accusation’ against me. It went from Robertson’s mild, “I assumed he was heading off to shoot some goats as well” to Mrs Poynter stating she had seen me “walking our boundary fence in Jan 2007 with a rifle held across his arms.” (Making out I was marching up and down the boundary fence with the intent of intimidation?)
“Intimidating and frightening us” my arse; would a frightened and intimidated couple with little kids purchase the house right next door to the alleged scary person after he’s allegedly scared them?
Remember what Poynter said to me on 2/2/07,
“If you’re f****n threatening me go on then. I will, I will retaliate to you. Don’t ever f**k about with me. You don’t know who you’re toying with. You have no f****n idea who you’re dealing with boy. You’ve got no f****n idea, you wait. You wait, you c**t. I’ll f****n get ya, you f****n wait. You say anything about me firing a weapon on my land, in rural land, well within my law and boundary. If you say anything or do anything against me, I will do things against you. You’ve got no f****n idea.” Does that little lot tally with this? “we are extremely frightened that he may do harm to us.” ‘On the balance of probabilities’, these appalling people stand convicted and condemned by their own words and actions.
Independent Police Conduct Authority PO Box 5025 Wellington
Dear Madam/Sir
On or about 19 October 2007 I made a complaint to the Wanganui Police that Stephen Poynter together with Tristan Robertson, both of Wanganui had conspired to bring a false accusation against me. 115 of the Crimes Act 1961 Conspiring to bring a false accusation. Yesterday, 12 months after making my complaint, and without making any proper inquiries into my allegation, I was told by the Police that there is insufficient evidence to proceed with a prosecution. The Police at Wanganui did nothing about my bona fide complaint except deceive the Police Legal Team (Wellington) into supplying them with the means to dismiss my complaint. The Police in Wanganui, namely Sergeant Andrew McDonald and his supervisor Inspector Duncan MacLeod have by their actions Conspired to defeat justice. 116 of the Crimes Act 1961.
Yours faithfully
Jack Van Der Lubbe 22a Paterson Street, Wanganui.
(I didn’t know that Mrs Poynter was in on the conspiracy at the time I wrote that letter)
17 December 2008
Sergeant Andrew McDonald Police Station, Wanganui.
Dear Sir
Re: Constable V Heihei’s letter dated 12 December 2008
I asked you, via the Official Information Act 1982, for ALL of the documents relating to your ‘investigation’ into my complaint that Stephen Poynter and Tristan Robertson had conspired together to bring a false accusation against me but to date I have received NOTHING from you or any other Police relating to your investigation into my complaint except a refusal to release to me the communications you had with PNHQ Legal Team over this matter. I must conclude from that failure to provide any documents that there are no documents relating to an ‘investigation’ and that you did not do an investigation into what you knew was a bona fide complaint. I must also conclude that you contacted PNHQ Legal Team and asked them to provide you with an ‘opinion’ on the matter based solely on NOTHING but irrelevant historical crap and you did it to get Stephen Poynter off the hook, to defeat the course of justice and deny me justice. Let me remind you that Legal Privilege is a voluntary thing, IE: you could quite happily supply me with all the correspondence I asked for if it was ok with PNHQ Legal Team. BUT in any case, the letter you wrote TO PNHQ Legal Team is NOT privileged so there is no basis for refusal to provide that particular document. Anyway, the point of no return has well and truly passed, Mrs Poynter’s false accusation of 2 Jan 08 that she too had seen me with a rifle has seen to that, so either you come to the party and hand over the correspondence voluntarily or I ask a Judge to compel you to under the Evidence Act.
Yours faithfully
J Van Der Lubbe 22a Paterson Street Wanganui.
If the Police
(Sergeant McDonald) had done a ‘proper’ and timely investigation into my conspiracy complaint and then forwarded on the evidence gathered in that investigation to the Police Legal Team (Wellington) for an opinion I would have had to accept a negative outcome as bona-fide. But that didn’t happen did it? Oh no! No “proper” investigation was made into my complaint, not a single statement was asked for or taken from anyone who might have been able to help Police with their enquiries after I made my complaint. Poynter has never been asked to make a proper statement about anything. On 3/9/08 I asked McDonald, “Have you reinterviewed Poynter and Robertson in relation to my latest complaint?” He replied, “No.” I then asked, “Why not?” And he replied, “Because I already know what they would say.” How’s that for a corrupt cop-out? So I went on and asked, “Have you spoken to the people who signed those documents I gave you?” McDonald replied, “No” (More of them later) They (McDonald and MacLeod) did nothing except look for a way to avoid prosecuting Poynter and Robertson. They asked Wellington for an ‘opinion’ based on nothing but my uninvestigated complaint and Poynter’s wildly defamatory letter to Sergeant Smith. Well they got the ‘opinion’ they desired and in doing so joined in a conspiracy to defeat/obstruct/pervert the course of Justice for a second time. 
Also from the above letter,
“Under the provisions of the Official Information Act 1982, I am not required to provide a copy of any communication between Police and our legal team as this communication is considered privileged.”
There you have it folks, a clear admission that the cops have a lot to hide in this matter. If they had nothing to hide they’d be open and honest. The Police do know that it isn’t an offence under the Crimes act to be open and honest don’t they? They could provide me with the communication documents and prove to me that they have acted with good faith if they wanted to. And then McDonald finishes off his fraud of a letter with, “I know this is not the outcome you were after but still hope you and Mr Poynter can overcome your differences and work together to resolve all issues between you.” What McDonald is deliberately forgetting is that it was Poynter that fired all those shots, (before and after the Court hearing), that it was Poynter who made the threats while armed with a rifle, that it was Poynter who wrote the ‘litany of lies’ letters to Sergeant Smith, that it was Poynter who conspired with Robertson to Bring a False Accusation against me, that it was Poynter who killed off most of the deer in an attempt to provoke me into retaliation, and that it was Poynter and his nephew Mathew Krs who left dead and dying goats and deer all over the show etc, etc. If McDonald thinks that anything can be salvaged out of that little lot then he his an even bigger idiot than MacLeod.
* 23
Me complaining to the IPCA is a triumph of optimism over experience. Always good for a laugh though.
Once again the IPCA shows that it is not “Independent” of the Police it’s supposed to be keeping in line. It constantly tells a gullible populace that it is “independent” of the Police but almost every time you alert them to police misconduct it accepts, without question, the Police version of events. Without asking for clarification from me the IPCA, just like its predecessor the PCA, accepted a “preliminary” police report on the matter as gospel.
“Inspector MacLeod had earlier written to you on Oct 2007 explaining that a pending Court hearing would provide the best venue to assess matters of credibility in regard to issues between you and your neighbour.” “credibility”? MacLeod had in his possession a tape recording of Poynter committing the offence of intimidation and a “legal opinion” from PNHQ confirming that Poynter had offended against the Arms Act.  “credibility” my arse, the Mansell Memo in action again more like.
I was right about the Police sabotaging Poynter’s trial in an attempt to destroy my credibility so they’d have an excuse to dismiss my complaint that Poynter and Robertson had conspired to make the false accusation that they had seen me with a firearm. These shameless criminals MacLeod and McDonald deliberately sabotaged the Poynter intimidation/firearms case, used that loss to mislead the PNHQ Legal Team into giving them a bogus “legal opinion” and then they compounded their earlier deceptions by using that same load of defamations and justice perversions to mislead the IPCA. Marvellous isn’t it? Wanganui’s top cop Duncan MacLeod is totally corrupt.
“It is not a reviewable decision unless it can be shown that the officer failed to give any consideration to the matter. In the present case the Police considered the information provided by you and obtained legal advise before deciding not to prosecute the complaints you made.”
And then disingenuous people, such as those who make up the IPCA and the NZ Police, people who don’t really give a damn about justice, wonder “why” some of the poor bastards they have pooh-poohed or oppressed simply give up on trying to obtain a fair conclusion and resort to direct action.

“I remember well my first experience with the then called PCA, (Police Complaints Authority) in 1998 when I was a cop. It was an absolute joke. Do you people realize that most of these complaints are actually investigated by fellow police officers that simply send a report to the Authority; the Authority has absolutely no idea of the credibility of the investigation. Anyway I witnessed this Sergeant assault a mentally slow young Maori boy in the police station. I then witnesses years of corrupt cover-ups, firstly by the PCA investigator, a Detective Sergeant (they were great mates) that worked in the same station, then by the now Assistant Commissioner Burgess, and finally by Police Professional Standards at Police National Headquarters. I also made a separate official complaint of assault against this police officer to the Detective that few years latter was the O/C of the Mark Lundy murder case, work that out. This police officer that assaulted this young Maori boy is now the Wanganui/Ruapehu Area Controller. In my experience adding the word “INDEPENDENT” to the title is nothing more than a sick joke played on the people of New Zealand.”

omand (1 )              9:07 pm, Sat 9 Nov #31
I’ll bet, in fact I know that, the PNHQ Legal Team or the IPCA didn’t see either of these documents.
MacLeod and McDonald had them in their possession at all the relevant times but I guess they thought it wouldn’t help to show them to people who might see through their diabolical scheme to mislead the authorities and deny me justice.
There are a few more of these but you get the idea. Funny how the only people who claimed to have seen me with a firearm were the ones who stood to gain something from making a false accusation. When I gave copies of all of them to McDonald he said that they only showed that I am “of good character, character references is all they are.” I said that they are a lot more than that. They also corroborate my claim that I have never been in possession of a firearm at 22a and that the Poynter crew, all three of them, are criminal liars. This “only a character reference” bullshit is another instance of McDonald corruptly denying the obvious, like when he said that Robertson may have been “mistaken” about seeing me with a rifle when his statement left absolutely no room for a “mistake” having been made and that Poynter may have left the shot deer to rot because “his freezer may have been full.” The only thing that’ll save Poynter’s bacon now is a full confession. McDonald admitted to me at Poynter’s farce of a trial that he didn’t believe the seeing me with a firearm accusations were true.
I got some extra evidence that the cops deliberately sabotaged the Poynter trial today. (30/1/09) See just below ID DEF where it states “The defendant handed me a typed statement to me, which I secured as an exhibit.” And further down it states, “I seek leave of the Court to produce this statement as an exhibit. (Produce and read exhibit)
It would appear, from the Court documents, that it was the Officer in Charge of the case, Sergeant Andrew McDonald, that produced and read to the Court the bogus 28 Feb 2007 letter that Poynter wrote to Sergeant Kevin Smith. As I said before, McDonald later denied to me that it was him that did it but these documents prove that he lied to me. He lied at our first meeting and never stopped lying since. The coppers call it tactics but I call it dishonesty. Duplicity is so ingrained in the buggers that they continue to lie even when telling the truth would be a better course of action. I had previously told Sergeant McDonald that Poynter’s letter to Sergeant Smith was a litany of provable lies and highly prejudicial to me but he, and without telling me what he was going to do, produced and read it to the Court while I was waiting in the witness room for my turn. There can be only one reason why he did that, he wanted to demolish the case for the prosecution. Now I know why McDonald didn’t take a proper statement off Poynter like he did from me and Robertson. His intention, from day one, was to use Poynter’s letter to Sergeant Smith to destroy any future prosecution against Poynter. MacLeod’s vague “lets see what happens when the outstanding charges are heard” in relation to my ‘conspiracy to bring a false accusation’ complaint becomes crystal clear now. You wouldn’t bloody read about it. You tell me if this is the sort of statement an officer in charge of the case would read to the Court if he wanted to WIN the case?
There are no less that 20 provable lies or distortions of the truth in that letter, no wonder Judge Davidson got the “wrong end of the stick.” Sergeant Andrew James Bruce McDonald, the bent bastard, had in his possession Charlie Anderson QSM’s declaration that he found me to be a good neighbour and that he’d never, in all the time we were neighbours, seen me in possession of a firearm, but he still chose to deliberately mislead the Court by reading Poynter’s fraudulent letter to Sergeant Smith to it. The Police used their deliberately lost prosecution to justify their failure to properly investigate and prosecute Poynter and Robertson for conspiring to bring a false accusation against me.
At the close of the Poynter hearing Sergeant McDonald, the dirty bastard, suggested to me that I should lay a complaint with the Law Society against Poynter’s lawyer Peter Brosnahan for his Court misleading line of questions but I said that complaining to the Law society would be a waste of time and that I’d be better off sending him a bomb in the post. Poor old Peter would have been blown to bits because he had based his line of muck raking questions on a letter that McDonald himself had read out to the Court. Na, Brosnahan was in on the conspiracy all along, he talked the first prosecutor, Sergent Grey, into his “good behaviour bond” rubbish, and he along with all the other guilty fuckers deserves to be blown to bits.
It’s been about nine months since Andrew McDonald had a ‘word’ with Poynter about his missing boundary fence. A Constable Spooner had another word with him about the missing fence today. (23/6/09) Spooner and another couple of cops came round to retrieve two of Poynter’s vealers that had “strayed” onto 22a. I wonder if Poynter will ignore Spooner’s advice like he did McDonald’s. It took the criminal mastermind two weeks to notice that he was short two beasts.
Even though his own inquiries at the Whanganui District Council proved without any doubt that Sandra Van Der Lubbe is the designated owner of 22A he, Sergeant Drew Allison still lied to a Justice of the Peace that Jack Van Der Lubbe was the designated owner. That’s another NZ Police officer I have proven to be corrupt.
That’s right Sergeant Drew Allison you’re a BENT COP.
I heard a single, UNMODERATED high-powered shot today at about 12.30 pm, only one report to cops. (me)
At about 20 past 10 am today I was stopped in my tracks by an unmoderated shot from the rear of Poynters house at 44 Paterson Street. I nearly shit myself. I rang 111 and was told by the call taker that it was a home kill. They just had to use a big cannon didn’t they? Anyone else, who didn’t want to scare the neighbours, would have used a .22.
So Poynter or Anthony Hanna, the lying home kill guy from above, must have informed the police that they were going to fire the shot. Of course the police nor Hanna bothered to warn me. Bastards!
I also spoke to a Constable Simmonds at the Wanganui watch house and he told me that no one else had reported hearing the booming shot right in their midst. 25 meters from the house at number 30,  50 meters from the house at number 38, 48 meters from the house at number 32 and 122 meters from me. See photo below.
The above is further evidence that the TWO calls to 111 police (other than mine) about the …..ONE, MODERATED……shot of 10/12/08 were engineered by Poynter himself.
Simmonds also said that the shooter was acting within the law, even though the shot was fired among residential houses, because there were adjoining paddocks. I told him he was a moron. There’s at least one moron on every shift so it seems. The fact that it was an unlawful act has already been established by PNHQ Legal Team. This from letters between Duncan MacLeod and Jill Pettis MP,   3. “Is Mr Poynter in breach of the firearms code by discharging a high calibre firearm in close proximity to a residential area?”   MacLeod’s reply was, “Yes. This matter has been clarified by a legal opinion.” (22 June 2007) The below photo proves Simmonds is a dishonest moron.
The cops knew that a shot was going to be fired but as usual they didn’t deem it necessary to warn me of the impending shock. 
The high-powered shot was fired by Poynter or the old coot that works for Hanna at or next to the marked spot above.

Homekill shooting victim ‘on brink of death’

16/03/2012 The teen critically ill after a bullet ricocheted off a cow’s head in a freak homekill accident yesterday was standing 30 metres away when he was struck. Paramedics say it was a miracle the slaughterman’s assistant made it to hospital alive – he was minutes from death when he was rushed into emergency surgery at Auckland City Hospital. The 18-year-old today remains in a critical condition after the accident during the homekill of two cows at a Helensville lifestyle block on Peak Rd at 11.15am. Westpac rescue helicopter advanced paramedic Marcel Driessen said the rescue was “incredibly miraculous”. “I’ve done some missions in my time over the years but boy oh boy, this has got to be one of the most incredible, on the brink of death to remaining alive. It was awesome actually. “Someone was looking down on him and everything was in his favour – it was one of those truly miraculous incredible efforts.” Driessen said the bullet lodged in the victim’s chest after ricocheting off the cow’s head – 30 metres away from where he was standing. “The guy was sort of standing with his hands on his knees, leaning over slightly, the bullet’s come into his left chest just below the shoulder and then gone through and totally obliterated one of his arteries and some veins in there and ended up in the back of his lung. “It never came out so he’s got a big hunk of lead in the back, or he did. Presumably they’ve taken it out now.” Driessen said paramedics arrived to find St John ambulance staff, police and fire crews tending to the victim in a paddock near several buildings. “The guy was just lying on the grass. I think it was a policeman or someone holding his legs up to try and feed what remaining blood he had left in his body back to his core.” Ambulance officers had already inserted intravenous drips and given him medication for the pain when emergency department doctor James Le Ferve decided there was little they could do aside from staunch the flow of blood and the best option was to “load and go”. Anything they could have done would probably have worsened the patient’s condition as he had limited circulation and had lost so much blood meaning he needed transfusions urgently, Driessen said. “We kept the helicopter running… and just picked him up bodily and put him on our stretcher, wrapped him up, placed him in the helicopter and flew him straight to Auckland.” They covered the victim’s wound with a new dressing and put a defibrillation pad over it to help stem the bleeding, while crewman Dean Harvey leaned heavily on the bullet hole to keep the pressure on. But the patient’s condition deteriorated during the eight-minute flight to hospital. “He got worse and worse and he was virtually, by the time we got him to the emergency department, non-breathing and almost pulseless and his level of consciousness had fallen to only responding to deep pain.” The teen was in the emergency department for only 10 minutes before being raced to an operating room by a waiting medical team. “Miraculously they go in there, opened him up, found the busted arteries and fixed him up, stopped the flow, filled him up with more blood and he’s so far surviving,” Driessen said. “Another five to 10 minutes max and that would’ve been it for him.” The fact the bullet had ricocheted off the cow’s head would have slowed it down and likely saved the teen’s life, Driessen said. “Had it been going directly, it probably would’ve just gone right through and smashed everything out and he probably would’ve bled to death right then and there.” He did not see the man who fired the shot but said it was accidental and they were committed to the victim only. “He’d be quite devastated too I’d imagine, just one of those incredibly freak rarities.” He said they hoped to be able to meet their patient. – © Fairfax NZ News 
This is from the PNHQ “ Legal Opinion” in relation to my complaint that Poynter and Robertson had conspired to bring a false accusation against me.
“I note that Poynter and Van Der Lubbe have a history of confrontation and verbal aggression towards each other and both seem to make veiled threats against each other, and further, whilst it is conceivable that the Poynters` may have deliberately made false statements and may have encouraged Robertson to do so as well, and I note the discrepancies between their stories as to how the rifle was carried, there is no evidence that proves that that could be the case.”
That won’t do at all.
I’ll start with the comment about the way they each said I carried the rifle. Seeing as how that each of the Poynter crew said they saw me with a rifle at different times separately, it is conceivable that I could have been carrying the rifle differently each time. The Legal Team’s rationale on this point is stoopid. What about the fact that none of my other neighbours, past and present, had EVER seen me with a firearm at my address. Didn’t the Legal Team see the signed documents that said just that? Of course they didn’t. And why on earth would I show myself with an illegal firearm to the, by then, “enemy” on at least four separate occasions over a period of 2 or so months, when I did not show myself in possession of a firearm to friendly neighbours (who had no reason to nark) over a period of four years? Also, didn’t the Legal Team see the pre-announced intention and motive for the conspiracy crime in Poynter’s 2/2/07 intimidation outburst? “If you say anything or do anything against me, (report the shot or bring a private prosecution) I will do things against you.”  (deflect police attention from myself by falsely denouncing you) Of course they didn’t, MacLeod and McDonald saw to it that they were ignorant of all that as well.
And what’s this about me making veiled threats to Poynter? What does the Legal Team base that statement on? Unlike Poynter, I haven’t made any unlawful threats to anyone, ever! Where is the evidence that I said anything that comes anywhere near “You’ve got no f*****n idea, you wait, you wait you c**t, I’ll f****n get ya, you f****n wait.”? There’s none!
And then there is the final sentence of that paragraph, “there is no evidence that proves that that could be the case.” There is no “evidence”, other than what I have supplied to the Police, because they, McDonald and MacLeod, deliberately avoided looking for any, and that is proved by the fact that McDonald never got or even asked for a proper statement from Stephen Poynter, he never asked for or got a proper statement from Suzanne Poynter, who had also stated to police, in writing, that she had seen me with a rifle, and that he didn’t bother to re-interview Robertson or Poynter in relation to my conspiracy complaint. Not to mention their deliberate suppression of the documents that my other neighbours had signed from the Legal Team. And then there is the clincher that proves that MacLeod had ordered that no investigation be done into my conspiracy complaint. I asked him on the phone how my conspiracy complaint inquiry was progressing and he replied, “Lets see what happens when the outstanding charges are heard” That comment makes it crystal clear that no inquiry was being done into my conspiracy complaint and that MacLeod was expecting that the pending charges would fail, hopefully, because of a lack of credibility on my part. The charges were dismissed as MacLeod had wanted but not because I lacked credibility, the intimidation charge was proved by my evidence, as the judge admitted. The prosecutions failed because the Court was misled by both the prosecution and defense “adversaries” about my character and motives. Poynter escaped justice because of Police and defense lawyer (all officers of the Court) corruption.
I had a bit of a listen to the tape of that day and Sergeant McDonald said on it that the only evidence that the Police sent to Wellington to obtain the Legal Opinion was my complaint that Poynter and Robertson had conspired to bring a false accusation against me and Poynter’s letter “statement” that was known by McDonald to be false. So it’s blatantly obvious that the Police wanted a negative legal opinion from PNHQ.
Why didn’t the cops charge me with unlawful possession of a firearm when they had THREE ‘prima facie creditable’ witnesses, Stephen and Suzanne Poynter and Tristan Robertson, who all stated IN WRITING that they had seen me in possession of a rifle on several occasions?  When I asked Andrew McDonald that question, instead of answering it, he tried and did intimidate me by saying,  “Do you want to be charged?”


The only matter of real importance to the NZ/Wanganui Police is the maintenance of their deliberate fallacy that my credibility is suspect. It’s been their prime objective ever since Detective Colin Irvine told his first loathsome, arse-covering lies about me to the Ombudsman back in 1987 when he said that he had received information from various sources, over the period of one year, indicating that I was involved in “the large scale cultivation and distribution of cannabis.” Irvine then wrote that, and a lot of other malicious fabrications, into my Police file and from that day forward the cops have been absolutely unshakable in their resolve to paint me as the bad guy in any law and order situation I’ve had the misfortune to become involved in. The fact that I’ve proved Irvine and his contemptible colleagues to be repulsive liars untold times does not concern them or impede them from continuing to point their filthy fingers at me. The fact that they’ve failed time and time again to impugn my credibility in Court, or anywhere else for that matter.   Us being the victim of crimes distresses them not one iota. It’s like they’re all mental or something; they barge on with their bullshit, parroting and embellishing the outrageous lies that Irvine and other despicable types have placed on my Police file over the years to all and sundry. They ignore all the obvious truths and knowingly and willingly pervert the course of justice almost every time some good-for-nothing scum, such as Donald Britton (see below) or this Stephen Poynter criminal threesome, offend against me or mine. No, I know it’s not because they’re all mental, it’s because they are shamelessly arrogant, thoroughly perverse, and supremely confident that they will, as usual, get away with their lies and crimes.

 ”Deny everything unless they are compelled by evidence in the public domain to change their story and admit something, and then they admit that little thing and then they carry on lying about everything else.”
2..“ that I would need photographic evidence,” Duncan MacLeod’s words to Chester Borrows’s secretary and his nonsensical defense of the Mansell Memo (see below) are PROOF enough for me that the thoroughly discredited Mansell Memo lives, was never withdrawn and now applies to anyone who offends against me or mine.  Why else would MacLeod say such  stupid things? Is there a word or words to describe a person/family who has forever lost the protection of the law? Legally independent entity? Up shit creek? 
Check out the last two paragraphs of this story.

Two quick questions, why didn’t you (the Wanganui Police) charge me with unlawful possession of a firearm when you had THREE written statements from three ‘creditable’ witnesses, S & S Poynter and T Robertson, all swearing that they had seen me with a rifle at my address on several occasions? And, why did you describe the thoroughly discredited Mansell memo as “legitimate” in your letter to me dated 14 July 2008? Yours faithfully J Van Der Lubbe

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No reply as yet.  I know already why the dirty cops didn’t prosecute me, it’s because they’re shit scared the truth will come and their all crimes will be exposed.
Gregory Hudson, Professional Standards Manager, Central District has been round here a couple of times to do his bit (whatever that is?) and this is the upshot of his “efforts”.

Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 9:39 AM
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Hi Jack24Issue of firearms licence (1)Subject to subsection (2) of this section, a firearms licence shall be issued if the member of the Police to whom the application is made is satisfied that the applicant—(a)Is of or over the age of 16 years; and(b)Is a fit and proper person to be in possession of a firearm or airgun.(2)A firearms licence shall not be issued to a person if, in the opinion of a commissioned officer of Police, access to any firearm or airgun in the possession of that person is reasonably likely to be obtained by any person—(a)Whose application for a firearms licence or for a permit under section 7 of the Arms Act 1958, or for a certificate of registration under section 9 of the Arms Act 1958 has been refused on the ground that he is not a fit and proper person to be in possession of a firearm or airgun; or(b)Whose certificate of registration as the owner of a firearm has been revoked under section 10 of the Arms Act 1958 on the ground that he is not a fit and proper person to be in possession of a firearm; or(c)Whose firearms licence has been revoked on the ground that he is not a fit and proper person to be in possession of a firearm or airgun; or(d)Who, in the opinion of a commissioned officer of Police, is not a fit and proper person to be in possession of a firearm or airgun.The issue of fit and proper is based on convictions and or actions determined to question actions of normal prudent person – in this case Mr. Poynter advised that I did not believe the calibre of firearm used was actions of prudent firearms licence holder taking into account the immediate environs. At least he is now on notice in regards to the view of Police in respect of his use of a high calibre firearm in that area. The allegations relating to conspiring to bring false accusations were investigated however there was insufficient evidence to prove that allegation – it is not saying that Police did not believe you but there was insufficient evidence to support your assertion especially as the evidence had been addressed/assessed in the District court and the charges dismissed relating to the discharging of the firearm near your dwelling which was the original complaint. Greg HudsonProfessional Standards Manager | Central District 06 3512545 | Extn: 65545 |6 06 3503865 | Cell: 027 2150854 |
“At least he is now on notice in regards to the view of Police in respect of his use of a high caliber firearm in that area.”
After untold .243 shots, threats, provocations, false statements, justice perversions and fabricated accusations it’s finally come down to little more than a repetition of the “warning” Constable Jeremy Geurtjens gave Poynter after his very first bomb-up.   (“Poynter warned of offence + his actions, warning was accepted.”)    BLOODY MARVELOUS!!!
“The allegations relating to conspiring to bring false accusations were investigated”
“there was insufficient evidence to support your assertion especially as the evidence had been addressed/assessed in the District court”
Someone who’s also had a visit from Greg Hudson emailed me this.
“That prick ( top cop from their “ethics” department ) is a lying sweet-talking arsehole, ive delt with him, and he cant help him self, but to sit/stand there in your home/property and talk bullshit straight to your face,i see why they choose him for the job and he try’s to make you feel better, but completely avoiding the main issue, but always involves the Police Nation Headquarters Legal Section to provide the Wanganui Police with a “Legal Opinion”. He goes on what his “legal section” say even if two lawyers say that there ( Police Nation Headquarters Legal Section is wrong He’s a frontman to cover up all the fuck ups that our incompetent coppers do in this town, and he’s pissed me off completely this time. Good ol’ Professional Standards Manager-Central District  is going to hear my name/from me again in the future. Maybe time me and you met…………..”
A lone rooster strategically positioned about 20 meters from the bedroom end of our home. He starts up round 5.30am. How long do you reckon Mr Cock-a-doodle-do would have lasted if I actually did have a rifle?
This is from Suzanne Poynter’s latest Police statement (30 12 10),   “We have had enough of this behaviour with our neighbour. I don’t feel safe and I don’t know what the man is capable of. I am on edge and am scared.” “I worry about our animals and what he is capable of doing.” And then she signed the statement as true and that she could be prosecuted for perjury if it was false or intended to mislead.
And then they carry on lying as this photo proves; she is not and never has been the slightest bit scared of me and that she lied her dumb head off in her statement. (again)
Another one of bonehead’s cattle beasts “wondered” over onto 22A and here he is camera in hand getting “proof” that I’d stolen it.
Next day a District Council Animal Control bloke rang up and told me all about the laws concerning impounded straying stock. I informed him that bonehead’s steer was not impounded and was free to go home whenever it wished. He then asked if he and some other Council persons could come round to drive the steer back to Poynter’s place. I told him no and that I’d be requiring payment for the grass the steer had eaten. He said fair enough. Anyway today I got $40 cash for the grazing and Bonehead’s steer is home again.
The retard thought some new cop would be silly enough to make a criminal arse of himself like Sergeant Drew Allison did back in June of 08 when he lied to an officer of the court and obtained a  bogus search warrant for 22A  by parroting and expanding upon Poynter’s lie that I’d “lured” two of his cattle across the boundary.
Another “cunning plan” to get me in the cart fails brilliantly. Needless to say no more of Poynter’s cattle have “wandered” over on to 22A since.

“The issue of fit and proper is based on convictions and or actions determined to question actions of normal prudent person”. Inspector Greg Hudson.

Bonehead admitted to the cops (Sergeant Colin Wright) that it wasn’t a normal or prudent action when he used another neighbour’s bush on the back of 22A (Kevin Carr) and right where I happened to be sitting @ top center just above the target) as a backdrop to a bit of target practice.
Sergeant Colin Wright showing the photographer (Poynter) how big his lies usually are.
Me and Sergeant Colin Wright on the evening of the above.
Me……………..”Can you see the point that you should have warned me?” [That Poynter had warned the Police that he was about to discharge firearms near us]
Wright………..”I hear what you’re saying, the problem is if he’s shooting on his land there’s no need to warn anybody else.”
Me……………..”And ricochets don’t matter? [Or shocking gunfire either?]
Wright………..”Well we don’t know that you’re on the back of your land do we.”
Me……………..”That’s the whole point, ring me, warn me, if he rings you to say he’s going to fire a shot, warn me so I’m not up the back and get accidentally shot.”
Wright………..”OK I hear what you’re saying and I’ll take that on board.
Me……………. “Nothing’ll happen though aye, It’ll happen again, I won’t be warned, I’ll never be warned.”
Wright………..”Just a moment, if you’re at the back of your land how will we be able to warn you, have you got a cell phone?”
Me………………”I want to be warned.”
Wright…………”If he’s shooting on his land and he phones us to say he’s doing that…………….
Me……………….”Prior, I want to be warned.”
Wright…………”You want a phone call to say that he’s doing that?”
Me………………”Before, so I don’t go up there.”
Wright…………”So what you’re saying is that you deserve a warning as well?”
Me………………”I deserve a warning because I am the person effected most.”
Wright………….What you’re saying is if he is going to do some shooting you want to be told about it as well.”
Me……………….Yeah prior, so I’ve got time to not go there or be warned so I don’t shit my pants when he fires it off. That’s fair enough isn’t it?”
Wright…………”I understand what you are saying and it is a fair point.”
Me………………”Yeah good.”
Wright…………”Any other issues.”
It’s like I was talking to a half-wit.
And did their ’DO NOT  WARN  the Van Der Lubbes’ if Poynter rings to warn police that he is about to shoot policy change? Of course not, they want us to be shocked or better still shot.. Do you now see why I hate the cops?
And the circumstances were that Poynter admitted to Wright that he knowingly and willingly used the bush at the back of 22a as the backdrop to his target shooting without permission of the landowner and without establishing that the the firing zone was clear of people or stock.

Then the gutless coward seals his fate by attempting to murder my cat!

Means, motive, opportunity, previous threats to do harm, a false alibi and an active police cover-up. What more do you need to prove a crime?

27 09 2010 “ You have no fucking idea who you’re dealing with boy, you’ve got no fucking idea, you wait, you wait, you cunt, i’ll fucking get ya, you fucking wait.”  The brave words of a pet cat shooter. SPCA chief executive Bob Kerridge said, “It is not unusual for people to use animals and threaten their partners or enemies and do things to animals as a way of getting back.” He said it was a cowardly act because the animals were defenseless. “When you add the vindictiveness to it, it is not only cowardly, it’s rather sickly.”

From the FABRICATED JOBSHEET dated 05-10-10 by Sergeant Colin Wright. “there was no evidence that the injury had been caused by a firearm.” “there were traces of metal in it [the shoulder wound] but this was not from a firearm.” So what plowed the straight furrow through the fur and left the metallic fragments in the shoulder wound if it wasn’t a fucking bullet? “A metal fence or similar”according to scumbag Colin Wright. Maybe poor puss was hit by a meteorite. Typical of the dirty cops to try and deflect the blame from one of their criminal abettors by proposing insane scenarios. . . Trapper’s Guide by S Newhouse. SHOOTING. “This method of killing fur bearing animals, is still quite prevalent in some countries. It is said to be the principle method in Russia, and is not altogether disused in this country. But it is a very wasteful method. Fur-dealers and manufacturers consider skins that have been shot, especially by the fowling-piece, as hardly worth working. The holes that are made in the skin, whether by shot or bullets, are but a small part of the damage done to it.

The shot that enter the body of the animal directly, are almost harmless compared with those that strike it obliquely, or graze across it. Everyone of these grazing shot, however small, cuts a furrow in the fur, sometimes several inches in length, shaving every hair in its course as with a razor.”

Pages 14 and 15 @%0     %A//″> .

THE COPS ARE SO ADAMANT THERE IS “NO EVIDENCE” THE CAT WAS SHOT BECAUSE  THEY HAVE ALL THEY OTHERWISE NEED TO PROVE  POYNTER DID IT  AND THEIR “NO EVIDENCE” STANCE IS THE ONLY WAY LEFT TO COVER IT UP. 23 May 2011 Duncan MacLeod Inspector Police Station Wanganui Dear Sir, I put the attached question in person to Mr Barton this morning and he said that he did not say to Sergeant Wright “that there was no evidence that the cat had been shot” and he also said to me, “I didn’t say that it [the injury] was not from a firearm.” According to what Mr Barton said to me this morning your Sergeant Colin Wright has falsified the attached Jobsheet with the intent of obstructing justice. It is clear from OIA document 00017 that Constable R Smith’s decision to abandon all lines of enquiry in relation to my complaint regarding the shooting of my cat was directly influenced by Sergeant Wright’s falsified Jobsheet. One more thing, Stephen Poynter said in his 30/12/10 statement that he returned home from Wellington at 8.30pm on Sunday 26th September 2010, I.E. three and a half hours before my cat came home seriously shot, so how your Constable Wakefield could possibly state in OIA document 00045  “but I am certain it was not shot by Poynter” is beyond me. Poynter, by his own admission, had ample time and opportunity to shoot my cat. His threat to “do things against me” is proven fact and his pattern of provocation and reckless/unlawful use of firearms is clear to anyone (Judge Clapham) who makes an unbiased examination of the evidence. I trust that you will make your own inquiries as to the veracity of Sergeant Wright’s attached Jobsheet. Yours faithfully, J Van Der Lubbe 22A Paterson Street, Wanganui. And guess who MacLeod got to do that “investigation”? None other than Inspector (the fixer) Greg Hudson, the spy/liar who darkened my doorway twice with false offers of help and then lied his head off about me to the IPCA. Notice how Hudson has dropped the word “metallic” or “metal”  from his notes, now it’s “only grit found in wound.” Hudson refused my Official Information Act request for a copy of the above notes and the Ombudsman backed him in his obstruction but in the end the Privacy Commissioner had a word with Police National Headquarters legal section and they overruled Hudson’s corrupt bullshit.

“Only real way to determine would be x ray to find whether or not any shrapnel left in wound.”  G Hudson.

“Metal fragments identified in R scapula area.”

I think that just about wraps it up don’t you?


Constable Raewyn Smith rang at about 1pm today and wanted to know if I would like to come in to the Police Station for an interview about an allegation that Poynter had made against me. I asked her what the allegation was but she refused to tell me. I then asked her if she was related to Sergeant Kevin Smith but she declined to comment. I then asked her if she had discovered who had shot my cat and she replied, “Allegedly shot.”

 So the NZ Police stance on this matter is that there is “no evidence” that Puss was even shot. So much for the bullet furrow linking the two wounds and the “metal fragments” that vet Genevieve (Poppy) Clement said she’d cut out of the shoulder wound. Why do you reckon the cops are in denial again? Why is it so important to the cops that puss was not shot? Smith also said that Poynter had provided “proof” that he was out-of-town at the time Puss sustained his “alleged” injuries so it can’t have been Poynter that did the dastardly deed if a dastardly deed was indeed done.

I then asked her again what Poynter’s latest allegation against me was and she reluctantly told me that he had claimed that I had “approached a fence” and “made a threatening gesture at him”. He “alleged” that I had “run my fingers across my throat” Tana Umunga style.

Taking a leaf out of Sergeant Kevin Smith’s book I told this latest Smith police person that I wasn’t going to “confirm or deny” the allegation. If she asks me again I’ll try another Smithism and say I “can’t remember” if I had or hadn’t indicated to Poynter that I intended to cut his throat for shooting my cat.

Sergeant Colin Wright rang at about 4.30pm today and asked if he could come round to speak to me about the “prehistoric” (6 months old) shooting of my cat. I said ok and he arrived at the deer gate about 15 minutes later. I went out and he immediately said that he didn’t want to talk about the cat business after all and launched into the matter of me allegedly threatening to cut Poynter’s throat. I replied, “It’s not about the cat then, you told a lie to me,” He denied lying to me and said, “No, no, it’s all to do with that.” And also, “Nothing’s going to be done about the cat being shot.” I then said, “I’ll leave you to it then because you’ve come here under false pretenses.” “I’ll just go and get a trespass notice for you, I won’t be a minute.” I’d typed it up as soon as I got the documents concerning the life endangering target shooting incident way back in June of 2010, I didn’t want that corrupt liar dealing with any of my complaints in future. He then shouted after me that he was giving me a warning for threatening the Poynters’, so I walked back to the gate and said to him, “You don’t warn me, that bastard shot my cat and you’re not going to warn me about anything.” (Again they’re too gutless to charge me, they know only too well what’s in store for them and the Poynters if they do, and where do they get off “warning” me for an unproven allegation?)
He then said that he had spoken to the vet and that there was no proof that the cat had been shot. That did it for me and I told him to get off the property under the Trespass Act. (This is the same low cop that accused me of being a potential justice perverter the very first time we met on 10/10/08) He refused to leave saying that he was entitled to come to my door. I told him he wasn’t and that our [driveway] wasn’t a public road. He then said, “Up to this point, (The deer gate that’s 130 meters inside the legal boundary), I’m entitled to be here.” I said, “No, this isn’t a public road.” He continued refusing to leave and kept up his entitlement crap some more so I asked him if he was a halfwit, but he continued to rave on like someone who simply won’t be told so I left him to it and walked back inside. A liar and a halfwit, well done Inspector Duncan MacLeod you certainly know how to pick the cops to send to my door. I’ve since issued Wright with a written trespass notice. (12/4/2011) Valid for 2 years. And why is it so crucial to the cops that my cat was not shot when they say they have proof that Poynter was out-of-town at the relevant times? If they had any brains at all they’d concede the obvious and admit that the cat had indeed been shot but that Poynter couldn’t have been the shooter because he had an alibi. Which leads to the conclusion that Poynter’s alibi is bogus and that their continued pig-headed stance that the cat was not shot is the only way the cops can protect Poynter from justice, but again they’re forgetting that there’s more than one way to skin a cat shooter. This latest denial of the bleeding obvious by this fool cop is further evidence that the supposedly withdrawn Mansell Memo is still being obeyed and that all that has gone on before has been corrupt practice.
After watching “The Siege” and the later police “true” version of the Napier events the other night I realised why Molenaar shot those three cops. Instead of getting the hell out of it when ordered to do so by Molenaar they puffed out their chests and half-wittedly proclaimed, “We’re entitled to be here.” The dumb sods were just asking to be shot.
Well it turns out that Poynter’s alibi is worthless because he told police (R Smith) that he was at home between “1830hrs” and midnight on Sunday 26/09/2010. So he had three dark hours to shoot my cat. No wonder the cops are so adamant that there is “no evidence that the injury had been caused by a firearm.”   (Colin Wright.)
Remember what Poynter said to me on 2/2/2007?  “You’ve got no f****n idea, you wait. You wait,you c**t. I’ll f****n get ya, you f****n wait. You say anything about me firing a weapon on my land, in rural land, well within my law and boundary. If you say anything or do anything against me, I will do things against you. You have no f****n idea who you’re dealing with boy. You don’t know who you’re toying with. You’ve got no f****n idea. You’ve got no f****n idea.”
Well he’s tried untold times to “do things against” me but he’s a loser, everything he’s tried to provoke me into sticking a pickaxe into his spinal column has been a dismal failure, he couldn’t even shoot my cat properly. . 26/6/11


His last minute denial that he knew of the cat’s existence, just like the belated addition of porky’s name to the alleged firearms sighting.

Means, 22 and 243.

Motive, to pay me back for proving him a liar on day one and putting him through the Court process. I saw him coming out of Brosnahan’s office wearing the look of a very beaten and depressed short-arse who’s just been told he’s right up shit creek. The exact opposite of the look he was wearing when I saw him coming  back from shooting the spotted deer. Only dopey Donald Britton is more obvious in his body language.

Opportunity, the several hours of darkness prior to the wounded cat coming home.

Mentality, psychopath.

Threats to do harm to me, on tape and irrefutable.

And an absolute confidence that the cops would cover-up for him should his crime be discovered. From Duncan MacLeod, Andrew McDonald, Colin Wright, Lance Kennedy, Drew Allison,  to Sean Jones et al they broke their police oaths and perverted the course of justice to protect Poynter from justice.


Anger over cat’s shooting


Like every other night, Latte the cat crawled into bed with his owners. It was not until the morning that Emma Crookes noticed the blood.

“Latte was covered in blood and there was blood on the bed and he wasn’t moving.”

She described the scene on October 15 as horrendous.

Her first thought was that Latte, 7, had been hit by a car or attacked by a dog.

Feilding residents Crookes and her husband, Damian Crookes, said they were shocked when they learnt Latte had been shot, twice. Latte spent several days at the vets, where he was cleaned, X-rayed and monitored.

Damian Crookes said that after the initial panic, he was angry. “Once I knew he was going to be all right, I was just so angry that someone had put a bullet in my cat.”

Emma Crookes said the vets were worried about internal damage, and fluid and air in Latte’s lungs. She said they were worried they might lose him.

Damian Crookes said that as the couple did not have children, their three cats were like their babies.

The two slugs, which are hunting BB pellets, cannot be removed as that would cause more damage.

Police had investigated but the couple had been told there was not enough evidence for a prosecution.

The couple had contacted animal rights organisation Paw Justice. “They were just as disgusted as us,” Emma Crookes said.

The organisation had put up a $500 reward for information leading to a conviction.

Damian Crookes said the person needed to be caught. “There can’t be an idiot running around Feilding shooting harmless animals. What if this happens to someone else’s pet or a pellet ends up going through a child’s eye?”

Since the incident, he said, there was an obvious difference in Latte. He was more skittish and followed him around. He was also having restless sleep.

The couple said they had been overwhelmed with support from the community and they hoped somebody would come forward with information.

For the first time since March 06 Bonehead has decided to act normal.

This was left in our letterbox after about 4.30pm today.

Note that he didn’t sign it and that he’s still calling his killing area at the rear of suburban number 44 ”rural”. This note proves that he is well aware of  what is reasonable so when the shit finally hits the fan he won’t be able to plead otherwise. He drove along to his freshly dug burial pit with cattle beast offal in the bucket of his digger at 4.15pm. (27/6) No shot heard. The cops didn’t bother to warn me of the impending shot again but it looks like Poynter has learned his lesson at long last.


3/8/11 Well it’s all on again; Bonehead just couldn’t leave it alone, I guess that being a civilized member of society just isn’t his thing. After 9 months of peace and quiet the wife and I were woken by a moderated 243 shot, the first of four 243 shots that we heard round 10pm.  You don’t shoot possums or rabbits with a 243 when you own a 22. He had seen a number  (9) of straying VDL  deer in their middle and back paddocks that afternoon. Four shots were fired and there are five straying deer left so it looks like he was shooting my domestic animals again. He’s had TWO  final written warnings not to fire his 243 round here so there is no valid excuse for not revoking his firearms licence immediately. I phoned 111 and “Tom” the call taker, who admitted that he had heard at least two of the shots over the phone, said that Poynter had rung the Police earlier to warn them he was going to be doing some shooting . I told “Tom” that there was another shot pending, a disabling one. Can’t say I haven’t warned them!  I bet Poynter won’t allow/induce any of his livestock “stray” onto number 22A ever again. 23/08/11 ”The 1991  psychiatric report made it plain that Poynter looks for foolish, stupid and destructive releases when he’s subjected to abnormal stresses. i.e. he resorts to provocation, harassment, intimidation and animal killing when he doesn’t get his selfish way. In other words he’s a sociopath well on his way to becoming a psychopath. At around half past two Poynter or one of the home kill buffoons fired off an unsuppressed high-powered shot right by the rubbish dump. (A warned of and suppressed shot behind number 44 is no good to him now, he’s right back to where he left off just after he escaped justice back in 07) I rang 111 and was told that Poynter had phoned the Wanganui cops to warn them of the impending shot but as usual the stupid/criminal cops failed to warn us.

Bonehead proves once again that he is a justice perverter

18 8 2011 This morning Bonehead rode his quad up to his rubbish dump to where their pony was grazing, he roped the pony and walked it about 100 meters to as close as he could get to my anti rooster/gunshots/drunken antics noise device and then he took the rope off and tried to shoo the pony away to get video “proof” that my recorded gun noises were frightening the horses but the pony was having none of it; he reluctantly walked off a bit and began to graze. Bonehead then gave up trying to scare the pony, roped it, and tied it up near his house. He was going to show the cops his video “proof”

that his pony was being frightened by my defensive mechanism.

Curses! Another cunning plan foiled. Who now believes him when he said that I “lured” his cattle over onto number 22A or that the carry on of 10/12/08 wasn’t an  ”orchestrated scenario” ? .

When evil is “legal,” become a criminal.

“Of course, on a practical level, openly resisting the gang called ”government” is usually very hazardous to one’s health. But there is a big difference between obeying for the sake of self-preservation, which is often necessary and rational, and feeling a moral obligation to go along with whatever the ruling class wants to do to you, which is pathetic and insane. Most of the incomprehensible atrocities that have occurred throughout history were due in large part to the fact that most people answer “never” to the question of “When should you shoot a cop?” The correct answer is: When evil is “legal,” become a criminal. When oppression is enacted as “law,” become a “law-breaker.” When those violently victimizing the innocent have badges, become a cop-killer.” The next time you hear of a police officer being killed “in the line of duty,” take a moment to consider the very real possibility that maybe in that case, the “law enforcer” was the bad guy and the “cop killer” was the good guy. As it happens, that has been the case more often than not throughout human history. .

Ecclesiastes 8:11, “Because sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily,  therefore the heart of the sons of men is fully set in them to do evil.”


Bonehead wants his backyard back.


I received  this letter from SS Lance Kennedy and thought, (initially) at last, someone who might help rather that hinder.

19 September 2011 LB Kennedy Senior Sergeant Wanganui Police

Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter of 14 September 2011. Almost everything that has occurred between Stephen Poynter, myself and the Police since 13/3/2006 stems from Poynter’s fantasy (he’s not the full quid or fit and proper) that he can do as he pleases with firearms no matter who he endangers, upsets, annoys or impoverishes. I said “Almost” because there was another party involved in this disgraceful business and it was he that deliberately allowed this dangerous situation to continue for so long. Thank goodness he’s retired. If you genuinely want to resolve this matter Mr Kennedy all you have to do is forbid Poynter and his agents from discharging firearms within 200 meters of the adjoining Poynter/Van Der Lubbe boundary line. If Poynter wants Tony Hanna and his home kill crew to slaughter his pigs and cattle they can do it on the “rural” farmland that Poynter owns directly behind his Lady Joy Rest Home. Anyway, Poynter’s firearms licence should have been revoked the moment Sergeant Andrew McDonald, Sergeant Kevin Smith and Inspector Greg Hudson all admitted to me that they believed that Poynter sometimes discharged his unsuppressed 243 rifle to “annoy” or “bait” me. If Poynter’s guns had been seized back then my wife and I would have been spared untold stress, my life would not have been endangered by Poynter using right where I was sitting in our bush as his backdrop to a bit of target practice (24/4/10), my cat would not have suffered a serious bullet wound (26/9/10) and I’d still have my weed goats and all nine, instead of only five, of my recently escaped deer. (3/8/2011.) Yours faithfully Jack Van Der Lubbe 22A Paterson Street, Wanganui. I got no reply so I resent it on 27/10/11.

30 November 2011 LB KENNEDY SENIOR SERGEANT PATROL&RESPONSE WANGANUI. Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter of 8 November 2011. What was Mr Poynter’s response when you put my proposal of a 200-meter no firearm-discharging zone to him? Was it, ‘No, I don’t want to shock the shit out of the old folks at the Lady Joy Rest Home with unannounced high-powered home kill rifle shots.’? Yours faithfully, J Van Der Lubbe 22A Paterson Street, Wanganui.

So there you have it,  just like in the Mansell Memo, Kennedy is gleefully telling us that we are on our own and have to sort the matter ourselves. The cops got sick of Bonehead ringing them up all the time complaining about how I was serenading them whenever he or his equally stupid wife went near their pond so the deceitful Kennedy swung into action. He and Poynter got their heads together and hatched a plan that Poynter would promise not to fire any more shots near us but omitting to say that that undertaking would not apply to any of his agents like Hanna and Krs. It’s not hard to see why I call him Bonehead. That claim that Poynter refused to speak to Kennedy was a clumsy attempt to cover their tracks.


And 17 years ago he was a Constable who falsified an official police document; who says crime doesn’t pay?   See page 19 Falsified Document.

Serious Breaches of the Police Code of Conduct:

  • Knowingly falsifying a document or Police record(s) or knowingly making a false declaration or statement, including an incorrect record of attendeance or false explanation of an absence.


This is a tape recorder transcript of Kennedy or Sloss talking to Wanganui Comms after they drove past our place on their way back to town.

Male voice…10.3…(cop speak for free for another job)..Ahh…We’ll give you the result when we get a bit closer to town. Female voice…Roger. A little later…Female voice…Go ahead…(For some reason I didn’t hear the call in.) Male voice…Ahh…K3…(Code for no offence disclosed.) No harm…Ahhmm…One of them’s the farm manager like you said (O’Keefe) and the other ones a doctor at the hospital. (House surgeon Rob Shaw.) Forward the 101 (above) to me, I’ll fill it out and complete it. (By that he meant, leave the falsifying to me.) Female voice…Roger. You will notice on the above document (the 101) the words “ULTIMATE RESULT” and below them the words “No persons located”. Kennedy was a liar and perverter of justice then and in all probability he still is. .


On the 23rd of February 2012 I laid a private “perjury” Information against cover-up merchant Sergeant Colin Wright and what do you know, 6 days later two cops arrive at my door with a couple of summonses for me. They charge that on the 3rd day of August 2011 I “threatened to do grievous bodily harm to Stephen Charles Poynter”, and that on the 23rd day of August 2011 I “threatened to kill Stephen Charles Poynter” and they were signed off by none other than Lance” falsified document” Kennedy.

I asked the document server and OIC, a Sergeant Shawn Jones, when did you/the cops decide to lay the charges and he said, “December” (Just after Kennedy’s last letter wishing us a “quiet” and safe holiday no doubt).  I asked Jones why it took till now (64 weeks after I first told Duncan MacLeod that I intended to take the law into my own hands if he continued to sit on his.) to lay them and he said that he was “away”. I told him that they were laid in retaliation to my charge against Colin Wright and he replied that he didn’t know anything about the Sergeant Wright business. Yeah right! The charge against Wright was thrown out by the way because I got one word wrong on the Information, which, according to the learned judge, made the Information a “nullity”. Funny, when a cop made the very same “mistake” in the charges against me it wasn’t a “nullity”. Go figure. The outcome (temporary) of that matter suited me because I can only handle one matter at a time. Too much thinking ain’t good for my poor little brain.


These are two of the documents that Hudson refused to supply to me saying they were private to Poynter.

“with the location so close to other residential properties.”  But everywhere else Poynter’s property is described as “rural”. MacLeod’s own words betray his duplicity. If he’s talking to the IPCA or his bosses in Wellington or Palmerston North the Poynter place is a  27 acre rural property, but when he’s trying to justify his instructions to Hanna the location is “so close to other residential properties”.

26 April 2012 S A Schwalger Detective Inspector Area Commander: Wanganui Dear Inspector Schwalger Thank you for sending me a copy of the previously withheld D A MacLeod 04 June 2010 warning letter to Stephen Poynter. It is absolutely clear from that letter that Mr Poynter has been instructed by a senior police officer to give me a written warning if he or his agents intend to use a high-powered firearm on his property at 26A Paterson Street. I have to tell you now that since Mr Poynter received that letter he has twice [that I know of] failed to warn me in writing or verbally of his intentions to discharge high-powered firearms on his property at 26A Paterson Street. The first occasion was at about 9.41pm on the 3rd of August 2011 when he used his suppressed 243 to shoot four of my deer, [two ear tagged does and two untagged spikers], that had escaped from their enclosure and had then strayed onto his land earlier that day. Two of the four high-powered rifle shots can be clearly heard on the recording of my 111 call that evening and were also confirmed as having been heard by the call taker. The second time Mr Poynter ignored Mr MacLeod’s explicit instructions to give me a written warning was at about 2.38pm [‏‎2:35:52 p.m. to be precise] on the 23rd of August 2011 when he or one of his home kill agents used an unsuppressed high-powered rifle to kill a domestic pig. [A Ms Loraine Beg also phoned the police to report hearing that shot.] Not only has Mr Poynter twice ignored Mr MacLeod’s explicit instructions to give me a written warning that he intended to discharge a high-powered firearm on his property he has also disregarded Mr MacLeod’s clearly stated advise in relation to his need to be safety conscious and to be aware of what is around and beyond his firing zone. I am alluding to Mr Poynter’s admission to police that he, without first asking for permission, used the rear of my wife’s land as a backdrop to his target shooting of the 23rd of April 2010. If Mr Poynter had bothered to check his firing zone by calling out he would have discovered that I was sitting directly in his line of fire. Some of the shots of that incident can be heard on the recording of the 111 call I made while I was laying on the ground trying hard not to be hit by one or more of the 20 plus bullets he admitted firing. I dared not make my presence known to him after the shooting started for fear of being deliberately targeted by a person who had previously threatened to do me harm. Proof of the justifiable concern I had for my physical safety can be heard on the 111 call record. I’m not going to mention the shooting of my cat by Mr Poynter, [I’ve now got x-ray proof he was shot] as I didn’t actually see him do it. I trust you will revoke Mr Poynter’s firearms licence without further argument as he has proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he thinks he is above the law, that he twice deliberately failed to warn me in writing that he intended to use a high-powered rifle, that he has fired his high-powered rifle solely to annoy me [Inspector Greg Hudson’s memorandum of 11 March 2010], that he does not need to obey explicit police instructions to uses firearms safely or be mindful of the mental and physical welfare of his close neighbours while he is using firearms. Mr Stephen Charles Poynter is a not a fit and proper person to own or possess firearms and should have his firearms licence revoked without any further delay. Yours faithfully J Van Der Lubbe 22A Paterson Street, Wanganui. PS Had I been in possession of the withheld 4/6/2010 warning letter to Mr Poynter on or before 3/8/11 or had the Police not acted as though the warning letter had not been sent or behaved as though they had no intention of enforcing the warnings contained in it I would not have deemed it necessary to utter the contentious words of 3/8/11 and 23/8/11. I would have limited my comments to telling the call takers that Mr Poynter was again ignoring Inspector MacLeod’s explicit instructions by firing unannounced high-powered rifle shots in my family’s vicinity.

THE CROWN PROSECUTOR HARRY MALLALIEU ASKS POYNTER A FEW LEADING QUESTIONS. Q   Now if I could take you back to August of 2011, the first being the 3rd of August? . A   Hmm. . Q   Do you recall particular use of your firearm on that day? . A   No I don’t no, I’ve, you know, it doesn’t, that day to any other day is just a- . A   So you wouldn’t be able to tell us exactly what you were doing- . A   On that day? . Q   -shooting on that day? . A   No.    (FEIGNED MEMORY LOSS/BRAIN FADE AGAIN EVEN THOUGH HE READ HIS ABOVE STATEMENT WHILE HE WAS WAITING TO BE CALLED.) . Q   And what about the 23rd of August? . A   Ah, I think it says there that I was, that I would have rung the police and said what was happening so if I was – if there was being a home kill done with a pig then that’s what I would have been doing, yeah.   . Q   But you don’t specifically remember that date because-  (AND THERE YOU HAVE THE CROWN PROSECUTOR, A CORRUPT OFFICER OF THE COURT, CONTRADICTING POYNTER’S LAST ANSWER WHERE HE GAVE A FULL ACCOUNT OF WHAT OCCURRED THAT DAY AS HE READ IT FROM HIS ABOVE STATEMENT.) . A   Well, no. . Q   – a long time ago I suppose? (THE DIRTY CORRUPT BASTARD.) . A   A long time ago and they weren’t they were just a, just another occurrence. Another event.


DID YOU BURN RUBBER OR PLASTIC? ANSWER NO! TWO NEW FABRICATIONS He alleged that I had cut the head off his statue and pointed a video camera at his house. Note the head is on backwards and the camera is pointing away from his house and he won’t be able to produce a photo proving otherwise. DSCF0137DSCF0140

He also said that I had dobbed him in to CYPS and for once he wasn’t lying. Would you stay quiet if you saw him abusing/endangering his kids? money-shot3

He denied burning rubber and plastic but here is the proof that he was lying. fire


“The truth is like a lion, you don’t have to defend it.  Let it loose, it will defend itself.”


Profile of the psychopath

LET’S TICK THE BOXES In a bid to unmask those with psychopathic tendencies and prevent crime, Canadian criminal psychologist and FBI adviser Robert D Hare created the Psychopathy Checklist in the early 1990s that remains the gold standard for reference.Its defined set of traits include impulsiveness,                      Psychiatrist’s diagnosis.superficial charm,                “Slimy blowhard”  Kevin Smith. grandiosity,                         “Do you know who you’re dealing with boy?” Himself.callousness,                          “Terrorized neighbours by shooting cat, deer,  goats                                                  and other animals without warnings.”manipulative,                        Sucked in Robertson, Hanna, Steele et al to lie for him.lack of remorse or guilt,       Still thinking of less obvious ways to provoke. Dump/etc.propensity to blame others,   Committed perjury to that effect. poor behavioural control,     Psychiatrist’s diagnosisEgocentric.                             His threats of retaliation if he didn’t get his way. That’s 9 TICKS out of a possible 9    DIAGNOSIS = A TOTAL BASTARD.       PROGNOSIS = DOG TUCKER! .



308 shot
This ignoramus fired a 308 high-powered rifle shot right next to our boundary fence within 100 meters of our house and he did it without warning at the behest of  shitstirring bonehead Poynter. “I don’t give a rats arse about your disagreements with Poynter”.
this one

What’s next, dead animals laying all over the place, “stolen” cattle on our place, false statements to Police? Talk about flogging a dead horse!


17 06

Two dumbarses this time, Anthony Hanna thought he’d give his 308 firing mate a bit of backup. More guns and ammo than a fella really needs to get the job done.




Fucking half-wits relying on me not losing the plot. Britton did it at Makirikiri and now we have Poynter and these two numskulls pushing their luck.


Unsuppressed 308 carbine.


The face of a infantile fuckwit! He just had to be in on it; a month ago, for the first time ever, (my wife asked him to) Hana rang me to warn me that the other dumbarse was going to do a home kill next day but when I asked him what calibre rifle was going to be used and he said a 308, I reminded him about the letter he had received from Duncan MacLeod that stipulated a supressed 243. He then said, “Look, I don’t give a rat’s arse about your argument with Poynter”, and he hung up. So that’s Mr Anthony Hanna for you, he doesn’t give a rat’s arse about his worker’s safety and judging by today’s performance, his own for that matter, and what for, some sort of misplaced loyalty to the slimy blowhard psychopath Stephen Charles Poynter or maybe it’s just a lack of a sense of self preservation (brains). Either way the childish drongo needs his head read.

If these wankers were anywhere near to being normal they wouldn’t go out of their way to try and antagonize the old Dutch bastard next door with their outrageous gunfire, no they’d be getting their heads together and figuring out a way to reduce the very real danger to all concerned. Something like, ‘Let’s buy a captive bolt gun, they don’t make much noise, do a humane job and don’t pose a danger to human life and limb, and a bonus would be that “old whiskers” will no longer be able to get his hands on our rifles.’  But no that would be too much to expect from these dull-witted lowlifes.


26/05/2014 …..but  posted on 14 6 14.

S/S Lance Kennedy

Wanganui Police

Bell Street,


Dear Sir,

At 2.30 pm on 21 05 2014 an unsuppressed high-powered rifle [probably a 308] was discharged in or by the steel cattle yards on my neighbour Stephen Poynter’s property. The yards are less than 70 meters from my home. The shot gave me a fright even though I was half expecting it. Home Kill boss Anthony Hanna, for the first time ever, had done the decent thing and phoned me the previous day to warn me that a home kill was going to take place on the Poynter property sometime during the next day. Compare that to the reprehensibly confrontational  “WE NEVER TELL INFMT” policy the NZ Police has in place. How could you possibly justify that (perverse) instruction?

Immediately after I heard the shot I drove down my drive and observed Anthony Hannas’ home kill truck parked out of view of my home behind Poynter’s house. It was obvious to me that the truck was parked there and not by the killing yards  because Poynter and the home kill guy (not Hanna himself) didn’t want to alert me to the imminent unsuppressed high-powered gunfire by driving the home kill truck along the boundary to the yards where I might see or hear it.

I then drove on to my letterbox and uplifted the attached note. The note was not there when I checked the box at my usual time of about midday. The notes presence in my letterbox and the wording on it leads me to believe that the conditions for suppressed firearms use imposed on Poynter and his agents by Inspector Duncan MacLeod, that you so arrogantly trashed, have been reinstated. That is all well and good except for the fact that Stephen Poynter is once again laughing at the deliberately obtuse police by only pretending to adhere to some of the Inspector’s “formal instructions”.

I’ll tell you what I’ll do Mr Kennedy, because the note says that Poynter informs the police of the impending gunfire, I will give you one last chance to do your duty to prevent crime and keep the peace, by instructing all police that any future firearms use warnings given to the police by Stephen Poynter must be passed on to me immediately, (my home phone number is 3437510 and cell phone numbers are 0278725905 or 02108132186) and also that you make sure that Stephen Poynter obeys all police instructions as stipulated in Inspector Duncan MacLeod’s letter to him dated 04 June 2010. Sergeant Shawn Jones passed on an imminent gunfire warning to me on the 19th of September 2013 so it can be done and there is no valid or sensible reason for not doing it.

If you do not take the above simple and rational measures and Stephen Poynter or one of his agents shocks or endangers my health with unannounced and unsuppressed gunfire again I will instruct a lawyer to charge you with criminal nuisance.

Yours faithfully,

Jacobus van der Lubbe

22a Paterson Street,



Oct 9 2014

to brigitte.windl., peter.marshall, mark.lillico, louise.beard
to Nicola
Dear Nicola Cranstoun.
I refrained from opening your email since I spotted it in my inbox a day or so ago as I wanted one of my sons to open it and tell me the news. But today at about 3.30pm my psychopathic neighbour Stephen (cat shooter) Poynter let off a  celebratory volley of quick succession semiautomatic gunfire and I then knew that the Court had dismissed my appeal.
Since September 1 ( Ashburton Massacre day) it has been blissful round here, no gunfire, no roaring motorbikes, no screaming kids, no shitstirring of any kind. Russell John Tully’s beastly behaviour gave my nutty neighbour’s wife  pause for thought (not him though, he’s mad) but unfortunately the thought has been quickly forgotten.
But now I fear that the mayhem is about to recommenced again. If it continues and escalates it will be as a direct result of the COA wrong decision to dismiss my appeal. I have no hesitation it adding the three COA judges to the ever increasing list of culprits that have empowered Stephen Poynter to continue with his death defying behaviour.
As I wrote this email Poynter fired off another 30 or so shots.
Who do I apply to for leave to appeal to the Supreme Court?
Yours faithfully,
Jacobus van der Lubbe.
cunty watching
cunty watching 2
And sure as day follows night bonehead comes up with another cunning plan.

12 10 14



NOTE the close supervision of his underage son!

YOUNG CUNTkgvklhblyg




The walk of shame, another cunning plan exposed. Another example of child abuse too no doubt.




This note, dated 13.10.2014. was left in my letter box sometime between 11am and 12 midday today and at about 12.30 a cattle beast is shot about 80 meters from my home.

a tiny puff of smoke.

That’s the same rifle Anthony Hanna brought to the 17 6 2014 triple shooting above. It wasn’t fired that day though, far too quiet. They were in full annoyance/nuisance mode that day so they fired the unsuppressed 308 all three times.





A small calibre, possibly a 222, and well suppressed rifle so there was bugger all noise and long may that situation last.

It also proves proves that the last killings, using the large calibre, unsuppressed rifle was unnecessary and a deliberate annoyance/nuisance/provocation.

Whoops spoke too soon, they just fired another shot, (2.30pm) this time without a suppressor. That was probably  Stephen (pisshead) Poynter and his .243, another deliberate tort. How many torts is that now and which one will be representative of them all?

Even though Poynter phoned in a warning to them earlier this morning the cops are sticking to their idiotic POLICY of not passing the warning on to us.

A warning from the cops 5 minutes prior to the gunfire and the continued use of the rifle in the latest photographs is all we ask.

Poynter using his unsuppressed 22 and 243 for pet cat, domestic deer,  wild goat, nuisance, celebration and provocation shooting  is another matter all together and will be, together with a number of other torts, the subject of soon to be filed civil proceedings.



Three calls to Wanganui Noise Control permanently stopped Poynter’s ridiculously loud stereo provocations.

More than three calls to the Police about Poynter’s thunderous high-powered firearms misuse provocations made absolutely no difference. Does that mean that the NZ Police is knowingly and willingly aiding and abetting Poynter’s criminal provocations?


a tiny puff of smoke.



I noticed some blue smoke in our valley at about 9am this morning, it had made its way along the hill to the left (South) and collected in the dead end valley shown.


And low and behold at about 10am two firemen walked up our drive.

I went out and spoke to them and they told me that Poynter had rung them, reported smoke and was adamant it was coming from 22A Paterson St. But the wind was from the South and the smoke was on his place as well so it must have come from over his way. Fire Comms confirmed it was Poynter that rang 111.

Bone-head  knows that shooing cattle over our way will cost him money


and because of the thriving hedge between us, we can no longer see any of his other demented shenanigans so he thought he’d make another false 111 call to the fire brigade.

112 Misuse of telephone device

  • (2)Every person commits an offence who—

    • (b)in using a telecommunications device, knowingly gives any fictitious order, instruction, or message.

    (3)Every person who commits an offence against subsection (1) or subsection (2) is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 3 months or a fine not exceeding $2,000.

But to cover himself (he thought) in case this latest false allegation scheme was discovered for what it was he first got a fire permit.

Cunty does it again

Fire at the rear of the Lady Joy Rest Home.

Smoke coming in our direction.


Fresh cut branches on doused ashes.

And the NZ Police have aided and abetted this psychopathic fool since 2006.



First it was the role model of the family driving while disqualified,


Click to enlarge.

and now it’s the apprentice criminal.

The law does not apply to thje Poynter clan

Apprentice Crim 3

Apprentice Crim 4

Apprentice Crim 5

How old is he, 12?



“I don’t give a rats arse about your argument with Stephen Poynter.”

So why is the drongo trying a bit more intimidation, ANTHONY HANNA outside his place of work.




What a tough guy, makes me shiver.




Same brainless jerk!

Rest home warned over homekill beef


By Melissa Wishart

Jun 30, 2015

Lady Joy Rest Home in Aramoho has received an official warning for illegally serving homekilled meat to its residents.

Director Stephen Poynter told investigators he did not realise it was illegal, and his family had eaten the same meat.

Ministry of Primary Industries investigators visited the rest home on March 24 and found 78kg of bagged and frozen beef in a freezer, meat from a cattle beast that had been born and raised on the director’s property, then slaughtered and processed by a registered homekill operator.

The visit was sparked after an anonymous member of the public sent out a letter to the Whanganui District Health Board and the Wanganui Chronicle claiming the directors of the rest home were routinely serving homekill beef and pork products to their residents.

The letter writer pointed to parts of the Animal Products Act 1999 saying homekill product could not be provided as food to customers or paying guests.

Mr Poynter said the processing of the animals had now changed.

“The prime Hereford was owned by the residents at birth, born and raised at the rest home’s surrounding 30 acres and formed part of the recreational programme,” Mr Poynter told the Chronicle.

“The residents are able to continue to enjoy their own prime Hereford, processing is simply changed from the professional licensed homekilling company to Affco.”

A statement from the ministry said home-kill meat was not allowed to be served to residents as it was not inspected by a vet for disease, and consumers had no guarantee it had been processed hygienically.

“Although providing homekill meat to the rest home residents was illegal, the meat was processed correctly as homekill and then frozen prior to cooking, which considerably lessened the risk to those eating it,” the statement said.

“MPI issued an official warning to the rest home and the director involved and is undertaking a programme of unannounced food safety inspections …” “

Wanganui Chronicle




Stephen and Suzanne Poynter of 26A Paterson Street, Wanganui are routinely serving homekill beef and pork to residents of their jointly owned Lady Joy Rest Home at 64 Patterson Street, Wanganui.
Animal Products Act 1999
Homekill product is for the use or consumption of the animal owner including their family or household and must not be traded.
The inclusion of ‘family’ and ‘household’ is to provide for normal family social occasions. The Animal Products Act does not define these.
However, a family is not intended to include extended family living elsewhere, and a household is intended to cover the occupants of a house or similar residential unit, but not include an institution or tourist accommodation.
Generally, no. Those who supply a meal as part of a tourist package including farm-stays, hunting lodges, or tourist barbecues, cannot use homekill product as part of the food provided to their customers.
 Paying guests also include those who pay board, fees or other forms of payment as part of an accommodation package.
Institutions such as boarding schools, universities, hospitals and prisons cannot serve homekill and must provide inspected meat from a regulated source.
 The records show that,
 17/06/14    Two fully grown cattle beasts owned by the Poynters` were killed and processed by homekill operator Anthony Hanna.
 14/10/14    Two fully grown cattle beasts owned by the Poynters` were killed and processed by homekill operator Anthony Hanna.
 17/02/15    Two fully grown cattle beasts owned by the Poynters` were killed and processed by homekill operator Anthony Hanna.
Mature pigs owned by the Poynters` are killed and processed by homekill operator Anthony Hanna at short period regular intervals.


 “Director Stephen Poynter told investigators he did not realise it was illegal,”   Yeah Right!

“The prime Hereford was owned by the residents at birth, born and raised at the rest home’s surrounding 30 acres and formed part of the recreational programme,” Mr Poynter told the Chronicle.”

“Although providing homekill meat to the rest home residents was illegal, the meat was processed correctly as homekill “




this one

“consumers had no guarantee it had been processed hygienically”

“recreational programme” on 20 acres of perpendicular gorse and slips and 5 acres of shady flood plain.



Some of his “prime Herefords” tucking into some lush pasture.




Yeah goodbye, ya banjo pickin inbreed!


And who do the cops call when they need to dispose of a body? Their co-conspirator of course.






First he tips his truck over dumping rubbish and then he forgets the flood sump and down goes the digger. Dumbarse!



The pet killing phycho is gone, no more quad and dirt bikes ripping up and down, no more pet killings, no more stereos, roosters etc. He’s taken the kids and moved out. She’s still there but there’s not been a squeak out of her since he and the kids left.


On 24/10/2020 Poynter roped in Masonic moron  Martin Arrell to fire off his 222 on number 44 Paterson to incite me into breaking the law. First it was Poynter and his unmoderated 243 way back in 06 and many other times since, then it was the home kill guy with his 308. Then it was Matthew Krs with Poynter’s 243 and now it’s this drongo doing Poynter’s dirty work. There were others, I’m not home all of the time.



Worshipful Wanker.


The AR-15 rifle usually comes chambered for either the military cartridge 5.56×45mm or the .223 Remington. Because of the pressures associated with the 5.56x45mm, it is not advisable to fire 5.56x45mm rounds in an AR-15 marked as .223 Rem, since this can result in damage to the rifle or injury to the shooter[citation needed]. The AR-15 can be converted to other calibers; it is then often referred to as an AR-15 style rifle.



Oops, spoke too soon. Idiot face was next door again, this time with his daughter Coral, a digger and quad bike. They had come in through the back of number 44 Paterson st.

Making lots of unnecessary noise, so much so that one time wife and co conspirator and offender, Suzie Poynter, loudly demanded to know why he was “back here” and “I told you not to come back here.” and to finish it off she shouted even louder for him to “Fuck off.” She appears to hate him nearly as much as I do. Hearing all that made my day, my week even. Well worth a celebration, aye Martin?



Worshipful Wanker Martin Arrell toasting Poynter’s departure from 26a Patterson Street.




During our discussions at my home SS Wainhouse  admitted knowing and working with Colin Irvine in Wanganui but he pretended not to know the balaclava idiot Nevil Haggart even though they had been stationed together in Wanganui. That was the first inkling that I was talking to another cover-up fixer liar.

I made a complaint to Whanganui police boss that Poynter had used some halfwit to attract my attention and provoke me by firing a high powered rifle in my vicinity.

2 11 2020


On Saturday, ‎24 ‎October ‎2020, ‏‎at about 3.45 p.m. I was initially shocked and frightened and then very annoyed by two high-powered rifle shots that were fired near my dwellinghouse from the direction of 26a Paterson Street, Whanganui. I have every reason to believe that the shots were fired by Stephen Charles Poynter and one other in order to annoy, shock, frighten, and provoke me into committing some form of unlawful retaliation.

Arms Legislation Act 2020

75 Section 48 replaced (Discharging firearm, airgun, pistol, or restricted weapon in or near dwellinghouse or public place)

Replace section 48 with:

48 Discharging firearm, airgun, pistol, or restricted weapon in or near dwellinghouse or public place

A person commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months, or to a fine not exceeding $10,000, if the person, without reasonable excuse, discharges a firearm, airgun, pistol, or restricted weapon in or near a dwellinghouse or a public place so as to—


endanger property; or


endanger, annoy, or frighten any person.

one other” Stephen Charles Poynter will know his co-conspirator/offender’s

name, address and occupation.

Jacobus van der Lubbe

22a Paterson Street,


I got no response to my complaint from Nigel Alan so I complained to the IPCA to see if that would stir matters up and surprisingly it did.

This email got the ball rolling.

Firearms complaint 24/10/2020



Wed, Nov 25, 2020, 12:18 PM    
to me

Hello Mr van der Lubbe

I have been assigned to investigate your complaint in respect to the incident that occurred on 24 October 2020.

When is convenient for me to come and speak to you about the matter?


Shayne Wainhouse

O/C Prevention

Senior Sergeant D481  |  Whanganui Police

New Zealand Police  |  Nga Pirihimana O Aotearoa

10 – 14 Bell Street  |  PO Box 443  |  Whanganui 4500

Bus 06 349 0600  |  DDI 06 349 0663  |  Cell 021 191 5487


J vdl

Dec 7, 2020, 3:05 PM


to Shayne
Hello Mr Wainhouse, Thursday at 11am would be ok. Could you please bring with you copies of any documents that have been generated as a result of my complaint that Poynter and his associate were in unlawful possession of firearms on the 24th of October 2020?


Cheers Jack.


SS Wainhouse and some minder cop duly arrived at my home and we got down to business. It was obvious  from the start that Wainhouse was only interested in getting Poynter off the hook. He wanted to know how far Poynter was from my house when he fired the shots, where our boundaries were, where It was in relation to my place that the photographs were taken, and where Poynter and his accomplice were when I first spotted them. I pointed out the spot and he asked me if he could take a photo. I said yea, and he whipped out his cell phone and took a pic.

I asked Wainhouse if he knew who Poynter’s “accomplice” was and he said “Yes we do.” I then asked him to tell me who it was and he said he could email me the name. Of course he never did tell me, well not deliberately anyway. lol

He then said that Poynter had rung the police that day to say that he was going to shoot goats on his property. But as usual the cops didn’t warn us. I then gave Wainhouse a “Summary of facts to read to make sure he understood Poynter’s motives for firing off the unsuppressed high-powered firearm. Wainhouse knew then that it wasn’t a simple case of Poynter firing too close to a dwelling house but a way more serious matter of unlawful possession of a firearm with malicious intent.

Sandra then said that the big booms were very disconcerting and Wainhouse chimed in with, “And another thing, the terrain is like an amphitheater and you wouldn’t be quite sure where it was coming from.”

When I showed Wainhouse my book of still photos of Poynter and his “accomplice” sitting on Poynter’s “top flat” I watched his face as he flicked through them. As soon as he saw the closeup photo of  Poynter’s “accomplice” his face turned first to anger and then to despair. It appeared to me that Wainhouse recognized the face (Martin Arrell) and also that his cover-up job had just become a lot harder. Maybe Wainhouse is a Mason too. No wonder he didn’t want to tell me his name.



A few days later Wainhouse and his minder came round home again saying that he wanted to run through what he’d done in relation to my complaint and hear what I thought. He started by addressing the “Summary of Facts: that I had given him on his first visit. Below.

1 12 2020

Arms Act 1983

45Carrying or possessing firearms, etc, except for lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose


Every person commits an offence and is liable on conviction to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 4 years or to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to both who, except for some lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose,—


carries; or


is in possession of—

any firearm, airgun, pistol, prohibited magazine, restricted weapon, or explosive.


In any prosecution for an offence against subsection (1) in which it is proved that the defendant was carrying or in possession of any firearm, airgun, pistol, prohibited magazine, restricted weapon, or explosive, as the case may require, the burden of proving the existence of some lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose shall lie on the defendant.

Possession of a firearm is unlawful if it is for the purpose of annoying, frightening or incitement and that is exactly what they did.

Poynter and his accomplice possessed, carried and fired Poynter’s rifles solely to annoy, frighten and/or incite me.

“the burden of proving the existence of some lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose shall lie on the defendant.”



On Saturday, ‎24 ‎October ‎2020, ‏‎at about 3.45 p.m. I was initially shocked by and then very annoyed by two high-powered rifle shots that were fired near my dwelling house from the direction of 26a Paterson Street, Whanganui so I cranked up my DJI Mavic camera drone to look for whoever fired the shots. It could have been anyone, illegal hunters, shitstirrers, snipers, inciters, unlawful firearms possessors, who knows? It took me about 5 minutes of looking about, from directly above my home at first, (because the shots were so loud) and then further out before I spotted a couple of characters sitting openly on a ridge. With careful looking at the video and photo 1 below the pair can be seen sitting on the ridge at @ 58 seconds after takeoff. Photo 1.

1 dipsticks on ridge.

(photo 1)

and also @ 1 minute 20 and photo 2.

2 dph

(photo 2)

However, I continued searching because I didn’t spot them at first on my little phone monitor until about 6 or 7 minutes after the shots were fired I finally spotted the two figures sitting on Stephen Poynter’s middle ridge.

3 dph

(photo 3)

I flew a bit closer to try to identify the pair and when one of them invited me in for an even closer look by waving I obliged. 5min 59 on the video.

4 doh

Photo 4

Stephen Poynter is on the left is using binoculars. Note that they are sitting close to a dead goat. Once I had identified the main culprit, (the drone camera has a very good zoom lens) Stephen Charles Poynter of  64 Paterson St Aramoho Whanganui, pig  farmer and soon to be bachelor boy, and had also established what they were up to (incitement, hence unlawful possession.), I flew the short distance home. Both the firearms depicted in photos 5, 6 and 7 belong to Stephen Poynter. The one on the left is a 22 rimfire and the other is a 243 centerfire. The “mystery man” in photo 7 is pictured holding the 22 rimfire. Aiming the rifle at the drone crossed his mind (that’s why he picked it up) but he thought better of it. He was dumb enough to be sucked in by Poynter’s lies to join in on the fool’s errand, but it appears that he’s not a total plonker.

5 gay wanker

Photo 5

6 I didn't know I swear
photo 6

7 should I

photo 7

Stephen Charles Poynter and his accomplice (Wainhouse insisted that Arrell was an associate rather than an accomplice) were in unlawful possession of firearms at the time they were videoed and for the 5 minutes before because they were not where they were to shoot (or as Poynter puts it “retire”) wild goats, but their sole intention for being in possession and discharging the firearm at that time was to “incite” me into some form of unlawful behaviour. IE: commit the heinous crime of flying my camera drone over a minute portion of Poynter’s “rural” property to video the criminals at work.

Poynter brought his firearms to the scene and fired the large calibre one to attract my attention and incite me, and he then pretended that his behaviour was lawful by using the bogus pretext of shooting wild goats on his own property.

That Poynter videoed the proceedings, smiling and waving as he did so and making sure he included a dead goat in his video, (refer photo 8 below)

set up

Photo 8

 Photo 8 shows that the whole thing was a set up and that Stephen Poynter’s motives were, (as usual) highly suspect, and that his actions were dishonest, unfit, improper, and unlawful and in contravention of the Arms Act 1983

45 Carrying or possessing firearms, etc, except for lawful, proper, and sufficient purpose

I was wrong about the high-powered rifle, it was Martin Arrell’s .222 that fired the shots not Poynter’s .243, or was I?

Where was Poynter’s .243 during the fool’s errand you ask?


During our second meeting I asked Wainhouse for Poynter’s current address but he refused to give it. I already knew what the outcome of Wainhouse’s “investigation” was and I told him that I needed Poynter’s address for a charging document but he refused to give me the address even though Poynter knew mine. Sounds like the usual justice obstruction to me.

I asked Wainhouse why a convicted drug dealer and twice convicted drink driver has got a firearms licence (Poynter)

and he replied, “I can’t answer that but he has got a gun licence.”

Wainhouse then said that Poynter had rung the Police on that day to say that he was going hunting and that the Police had failed to pass the warning on to us. “We made no attempt to phone either landline or cell phone and the Police are at fault in that we haven’t followed up how we said we would follow up.”

I then told Wainhouse about the Police “We never tell infmt” that Poynter is about to shoot document and he replied that he’d be really interested to see that document. I promised to send him a copy.

never tell

Comms Printout

On his third visit to my home and after seeing the Comms document above that states that “We never tell infmnt, it’s none of his business and we’ll see what happens”, Wainhouse said that he had fixed the notification problem and we would, in future, get a warning call if Poynter rang the Police to say that he was going shooting. In addition to that he said that if Poynter did ring the Police they would send an officer to listen for shots and check to see if Poynter was acting within Police instructions.

So what happens? On ……………………………. Poynter rings the Police to say that he is going shooting and the first we hear of it is, as usual, unsuppressed gunfire coming from behind number 44. Sandra, the wife, rang 111 to report the shots and I put the drone up to try and see who was firing the shots.

I had no luck with the drone (short arse must have been in hiding) so I drove our ute to the Lady Joy and parked outside to see if the cops would turn up. I waited there for ………….but no marked cop cars showed so I drove into number 44 Paterson (also Poynter’s) and bobs your uncle Poynter’s SUV was parked in there out of site from the street and the air. I backed out of the drive and rang 111. After telling Comms what I had discovered I was told, in no uncertain terms, to go home. I said I would and turned on my police scanner and heard a cop say to a colleague, “I told him to mind his own business”. So Wainhouse’s promise to fix things was, as usual, a load of bollocks.

It didn’t end there though. Instead of going home I decided to park behind a cop car that had arrived outside the Lady Joy. The car was empty and after a while I heard on my scanner a male cop say to Police Comms that he had spoken to Poynter and that everything was “kosher” and to k1 the complaint. As the cop returned to his patrol car this happened.

I heard Poynter and the cop chirping and laughing in the distance and as the cop went to get into his car I approached him. I asked him his name and he replied “David Bull”. I then asked him what caliber rifle Poynter was using and he replied, “What businesses it it of yours?” I told him that I was the complainant is this matter and repeated my what caliber question. He said a suppressed 22 but I could sense that he was holding back. He then said that Poynter had rung the police to say that he was going shooting and that he was using a pump action 22 and a suppressed Ruger 22. No mention of a suppressor on the pump action except for “It doesn’t matter if its got a suppressor or not”, so that would account for the shots we heard from inside our house.

I asked Bull why I could hear suppressed shots from inside my house and he replied “Over sensitive hearing perhaps?” And after a bit more bull from Bull about how Poynter was within his legal rights to shoot on his own land I told him he was a fucking idiot and to get out of the way so I could drive away. Just after I got home  I heard Bull ask Comms if there was some sort of arrangement re Poynter and his shooting and another Police voice (Wainhouse?) broke in and told Bull to come back to the Station and he would tell him about it. It now appears that Wainhouse has quit the Police and none other than Sergeant bullshitter Shaun Jones has been passed the poisoned chalice. And Jones’s method of dealing with my OIA requests is to ignore them completely.

Look at the fucking wanker, Bull shouting and waving his finger at me because I dared to question his integrity and IQ level.









JONNY Like father

The collusion happens “naturally” within the narcissist’s circle of intimates and closest family members, for whom the narcissist’s character defect is invisible despite its nearly constant evidence. This is why the narcissist’s children, for example, will so often defend their parent from any accusations of wrongdoing even as they face evidence of it. The same goes for spouses. It helps that usually both the spouses and children share the narcissistic pathology.


It’s been three months to the day since idiot face and his kids have come onto number 44 with the sole intent of annoying me and my family by discharging firearms, gut shooting animals, leaving dead animals to rot where I can see them. Clearly the actions of a psychopath.

 “If you come round here with your guns to stir up the Lubbys ever again I’ll call the insurance company and tell them how you made a fraudulent insurance claim on the old Bennett house behind the Lady Joy after you and Robertson deliberately burnt it down.   Arson and insurance fraud, plus the drug dealing and drink driving convictions,” that will look good on your CV. I just might add the fact that you conned me and Robertson into make false statements to the police about seeing old Lubby with a rifle, how pissed off  you were that you only wounded Lubbys cat and how pleased you were at having slit Lubby’s pet goat’s throat.

” If you so much as think about coming round here with your guns again I’ll see to it that you go down for all the other shit that you and your gullible co-conspirators have done.”

And to think that I wasted 14 plus years of my life on a “slimy blowhard” wanker like you. Fuck! It creeps me out to think that I was that dumb to go along with your fucked up plans to destroy the Lubbys. What did they do to you anyway? Old Lubby caught you out on tape being a threatening liar and made you sweat it out until that dumb judge Davidson let you off with a warning that you ignored from day one. I’m surprised old Lubby hasn’t carried out his promise to “retire” you yet. Maybe he’s enjoying watching you suffer the ongoing pain of being kicked to the kerb.”



all three

idiot face

Idiot face, wearing a blue t shirt and looking over fence, is busy boasting about how great a neighbour he used to be to the bloke at number 30 Paterson st while his car (top right) is at number 44 Paterson. The dead deer can be seen by the of the pile of posts and timber. 


What a fucking wanker, the cops have revoked his firearms licence, so when he found a dead deer hung up in a fence near the Lady Joy he dragged it over to where I was certain to see it to make me think that he’s still “retiring” harmless pets. 

face 3  face 4


I wonder how long it will take for the penny to drop?



Appointment/Release of Liquidators
Notice of Appointment of Liquidators and
Notice to Creditors to Claim

Pursuant to Section 255(2)(a) and Liquidation Regulation 12 of the Companies Act 1993

Iain Bruce Shephard and Jessica Jane Kellow, Licensed Insolvency Practitioners of BDO Wellington (Registration Numbers: IP71 and IP75), were appointed liquidators of the companies by special resolution of the shareholders on 20 December 2022 at 10.30am.

Notice is hereby given that as liquidators of the companies, we fix 26 January 2023 as the day on or before which the creditors of the companies are to make their claims, and to establish any priority their claims may have under section 312 of the Companies Act 1993 (as amended), or to be excluded from the benefit of any distribution made before the debts are claimed or, as the case may be, from objecting to the distribution.

Creditors and Shareholders May Direct Enquiries During Normal Business Hours to: Matthew Pearn, BDO Wellington, Business Restructuring, Level 1, 50 Customhouse Quay, Wellington 6011. Postal Address: PO Box 10340, Wellington 6143. Telephone: (04) 498 3871. Email:

Dated this 21st day of December 2022.

IAIN SHEPHARD, Liquidator.




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    get a life bud .

  2. Roads Skollar said, on 06/07/2017 at 6:44 pm

    Hello Jack this is the son of the man accused in the above, just because you lost your gun licence to authoritys for death threats and tried to make our view a mess with all the literal trash in your back yard only to have us put a enormous fence infront of it. It doesn’t mean that you have to lie to the public about countless things and over exadurate things that aren’t anywhere as bad as half the stuff you’ve done. Next the question of just how you thought it was ok to trespass on our land, ps. spying on us with a remote controlled childrens quad-copter is against the law. Also thanks for the enormous hedge you grew for us, now we don’t have to look at you and we didint have to pay a cent.

    Also nice shots of me on the lawn mower, tells me exactly what type of a lunatic you are. Waiting in your driveway till I left and then following me to my place of work [just down the street] with your rear view mirror camera. I noticed you took out all the pictures where I was useing hand signals and when I was giving you the whole street to pass me, only useing the parts where I’m in the midle of the road avoiding the manholes. Also so people know and a refresher for you that ride on lawn mower goes a maximum of 10kmh. And just so you know I’m no criminal I am a highly respected wanganui st Georges and now collegiate school senior student who was awarded service colours for acts of service in the community, don’t believe me I’ll send you a picture of the fabric badge. Not that you’ll pug it up or anything.

    • Anonymous said, on 09/01/2021 at 11:19 pm

      The collusion happens “naturally” within the narcissist’s circle of intimates and closest family members, for whom the narcissist’s character defect is invisible despite its nearly constant evidence. This is why the narcissist’s children, for example, will so often defend their parent from any accusations of wrongdoing even as they face evidence of it. The same goes for spouses. It helps that usually both the spouses and children share the narcissistic pathology.

  3. Jack said, on 06/07/2017 at 6:53 pm

    If your alleged father has proof that I have been the aggressor and not the victim throughout this business and that I have been defaming him on this web page then he should sue me.

    • Anonymous said, on 18/05/2021 at 10:43 am

      Hello Jack, I am the daughter of the man accused in the above. Your use of intimidation is appalling and especially the use of it against underage children. You have done some extremely questionable things like flying your drone right up to the front of our house window/doors (Made of glass.)
      The lies that you have come up with I are just wow it’s good to know you still have a vivid imagination. Like how you went to court over a Christmas card that you bought and wrote in.
      And lets not forget how you called the police threatening to severely harm/kill a member of my family.

      The pages and pages of words and picture above that you must have spent many hours tinkering away on just show that you have a lot of extra time on your hands. Maybe you should take up knitting? If so I believe you should knit yourself a nice Fluro vest so that you can be identified if anyone should happen to be hunting legally (On their own property.) while you hide in the bushes videoing them.

      Every member of the family your accusing and writing about is highly respected in their lives by friends, colleges, peers and teachers, etc.
      And I hope you know that I do not enjoy your use of intimidation by drone. Flying over my head while I am operating a Digger, Quad bike, Firearm (For hunting) or simply just being outside.

      And good luck with your knitting.

      • Jack said, on 22/07/2021 at 4:12 am

        Hi Coral, why did you call your mother a “crazy woman”, was it because she had the good sense to kick your “slimy blowhard” psychopath father to the curb? Did you know there’s a rumour going round that h’es fucking you up.

  4. Anonymous said, on 09/01/2021 at 11:18 pm

    The collusion happens “naturally” within the narcissist’s circle of intimates and closest family members, for whom the narcissist’s character defect is invisible despite its nearly constant evidence. This is why the narcissist’s children, for example, will so often defend their parent from any accusations of wrongdoing even as they face evidence of it. The same goes for spouses. It helps that usually both the spouses and children share the narcissistic pathology.

  5. Anonymous said, on 18/05/2021 at 10:14 am

    Wow how much free time do you have? This is ridiculous, your use of the internet is disgraceful. You should be ashamed of taking picture of underage children with out consent.
    Your use of intimidation is also ridiculous. You should not be flying your drone above anyone else’s property and taking picture or videos of underage children. Absolutely ridiculous, get help.

  6. Jack said, on 22/07/2021 at 4:16 am

    “If so I believe you should knit yourself a nice Fluro vest so that you can be identified if anyone should happen to be hunting legally (On their own property.) while you hide in the bushes videoing them.”

    Is that a threat Coral?

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