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06 Gates don’t walk do they? Constable Richard Baker. Again!

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 06 “Gates don’t walk do they?”

A few weeks after Baker gave up on his cherished intimidation madness I hung a couple of gates along Cullum’s Right of Way drive to keep stray stock off our place. That done we went away to the beach for a couple of days in our old converted bus. On our return I noticed that one of the new gates was missing. I wandered over to the Cullum estate and spotted the gate leaning against the back of one of their sheds. The Cullums were not at home so, bearing in mind the trespass notice, I sent my boys down to retrieve the gate. I had an idea why Cullum had taken the gate from our place and put it behind his shed so I played along with his silly little game to see what would happen.

A couple of hours later the Cullums arrived home and about ten minutes after that our phone rang. It was Baker and this was how the conversation went.


Baker…’Mr. Van Der Lubbe?’


B…’Richard Baker, how are you?’

J…’Not bad.’

B…’Um, some gates, I understand the Cullums have changed some gates over and the smaller gate’s gone missing.’

J…’Is that right?’

B…’Gates don’t normally walk do they?’

J…’You’re telling the story.’

B…’Well do they? You own the gates don’t you?’

J….’You tell me.”’ (I was testing to see if the Cullums had claimed that I had stolen one of their gates.)

B…’Do you own the gates Mr. Van Der Lubbe?’

J….’Which gates are you talking about?’

B…’The ones at, er Cullum’s driveway.’

J….’What do they say?’

B…’I’m asking you a question Mr. Van Der Lubbe?’

J….’Do they say that I own them?’


J….’Good, I’ve got them.’

B…’You’ve got the little gate?’


B…’How did you get the little gate?’

(There was a five second pause by me at this point because I could not believe that Baker would be so stupid as to fall for Cullum’s latest little scheme to get me into trouble with the law. Maybe it was Baker’s idea.)

J….’I’m beginning to doubt your sanity Mr. Baker.’

B…’No, because there’s a trespass on….’

I cut him off and said, ‘Yea, I’m honestly beginning to doubt your sanity Mr. Baker.’

B…’It’s not my sanity that’s in doubt Mr. Van Der Lubbe.’

J….’No honestly…You have been backing them to the hilt for so long, they are losers, I cannot understand why you back them.’

B…’I’m not backing anyone.’

J….;You are.’

B…’You have breached the trespass notice.’

J….’You are making a fool of yourself Mr. Baker, again and again you make a fool of yourself, why do you keep doing it?’

B…’I’m paid to do that.’

J….’You’re paid to be a fool are you?’

B…’Yea, I really am,..a fool in the making.’

J… ‘You’re a complete bloody fool that’s all there is to it.’

B…’I really appreciate it Mr. Van Der Lubbe, my wife tells me that every day.’

J….’Yea she’s dead right, you must be a complete fool.’

B…’You went on the property to pick up the little gate did you?’

J….’You tell me Mr. Baker.’

B…’Well they don’t walk Mr. Van Der Lubbe.’

J….’You tell me if I was trespassing. What happened to this intimidation thing?’ (I was referring to his rock huts madness.)

B…’What intimidation thing Mr. Van Der Lubbe?’

J….’Aye, that you were trying to screw me with.’

B…’I’m not trying to screw you with anything.’

J….’Yes you were.’

B…’Put it this way Mr. Van Der Lubbe, you went on their property to pick up the gate, you’re breaching the trespass notice for which we’ll have to prosecute.’ (At this point I should have laid a complaint of theft of a ‘little gate’ against Cullum but I didn’t think of it. I wonder how Baker would have reacted to that.)

J…’Go for you life Mr. Baker, make another big fool of yourself, just like the intimidation thing, you’re a fool and that’s all there is to it.’

B…’I appreciate your comments…’

J….’You’re a bigger fool than the Cullums are….’

B…’I know.’

J….’Yea, they are losers and you’re a loser.’

B…’I’ve known that for years Mr. Van Der Lubbe.’

J….’Yea good man it’s time you learnt your lesson.’

B…’Bye, bye.’

I heard nothing more about the ‘little gate’ matter and eventually Baker lost interest in running to Cullum’s beck and call and trying to screw me. He continued to wave and smile at us, just like the Cullums, when he saw us in Kamo but he stopped that after I laid a complaint against him with the Police Complaints Authority, but he still couldn’t resist one last display of smart bastardry, he sent us a Christmas card.

After that Baker had his off-sider Arundal-Fag deal with the Cullum complaints, yes they kept coming, but this new cop didn’t take sides as Baker had done and he wasn’t an imbecile.

He listened, looked at the evidence without bias and eventually the Cullums gave up their mad campaign when they realised that this new cop wasn’t going to make a fool of himself as Baker had done.

The Cullums took me to the Disputes Tribunal over the boundary fence, water pump and other imaginations but they came unstuck when I proved that Cullum’s de-facto Jill Hayward committed perjury 21 seconds after she swore on the Bible that she would tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It was all down hill for them after that.

She even got the sack from her job at the local movie theatre after her boss got into deep doodoo by threatening me with violence over the telephone. She had sucked him in with her malicious lies too. He accused me of all sorts of vile things so I told him that at least I didn’t fuck little boys and hung up. It wasn’t long before he phoned back bowing and scraping saying he was very sorry for what he had said and pleaded with me not to take the matter of his threats any further. I later discovered that this middle aged dope lived at home with his mother. Maybe I hit the nail on the head with my random kidfucker insult.

The cops later told me that a lie told while under oath in Court is only perjury if it affects the outcome of the trial/case, which was total bollocks of course. Be a different story if it was me that had been caught out committing perjury.

As I said earlier, I laid a complaint against Baker with the PCA and this was Baker’s answer to it.



Spot the lies?



I need to comment on the paragraph marked 1. Black’s lawyer repeated to the Court a lot of the slanders contained in the telephone transcripts (plus a few new ones) and the Whangarei Judge (Beattie) lapped it up. He thought up a technicality and declared Black a good bloke. Criminals get off every day the cops tell us.

Then paragraph marked 2 reveals why Baker acted the way he did towards us. The Police files compiled by Irvine and Co. must state that I am an unstable person who could resort to violence if provoked. So what does Baker do? He allows and encourages Cullum, Black and the rest of the half-wit rednecks to do their utmost to provoke me into violence and thereby prove the Police files correct and gain him a scalp.

I proved by my actions that I don’t resort to violence even when sorely provoked and an unstable person would not have put up with the shit I put up with for so long. I proved by my actions that Irvine’s files about me are counterfeit.

Paragraphs marked 3 and 4 are concerning a letter Baker wrote for Cullum to mislead the Disputes Tribunal. It repeated a lot of the defamations I heard over the radio. I didn’t think to ask for a copy of it then, I was, as usual, a bit slow in the wits department. I later asked Cullum for it but he said no so I asked Baker to rewrite it from memory but he refused. Notice the “concoct” slant he put on it in his fraud of a statement. Baker commits the crime and then shifts the blame onto me.

Then comes a letter in Baker’s defence from his boss.




You will have noticed that the overseer of Baker’s madness gave him a totally positive report and he couldn’t resist giving the knife that Baker stuck into me a twist by saying that it would be dangerous to speak to me further. This is the sort of malicious crap that the Police dish up to and is so keenly believed by their lapdog the Police Complaints Authority. Of course he found in Baker’s favour and my Police file now contained a heap more demonstrably false assertions, which set the scene for, what was shortly to come.

I’ve never heard a positive word about the PCA. When the establishment of a PCA was first mooted the then Police Association boss Harding said, ‘A PCA would not be conducive to good policing.’ Now the Police sing its praises and are quick and very keen to refer any complainant against the police to it. After a few years of PCA operation a lot of people were complaining of its bias in favour of the Police so in reply the then Commissioner of Police John Jamison said, The people wanted a PCA now they have to live with it. What does that tell you? Jamison was happy with the state of affairs and the ‘people’ would have to lump it. The PCA is a sop to a gullible public and it should be abolished.



Complaints procedures have zero credibility

The matter at issue in this case had previously been the subject of investigations by the Police Complaints Authority and the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security. Both incorrectly found nothing improper in the Police search of my house.

Only one of the eight police officers who gave evidence in the hearing of this case confirmed that he had been interviewed during the PCA investigation. And this was the officer (Detective Boyd) whose evidence in the hearing led the judge to conclude, in effect, that the search was unjustifiable political harassment.

The PCA concluded that it was not unreasonable for the police to suspect me of involvement in the hoax bomb because in an interview with Inspector Rob Pope I “confirmed a loose association with (Gatt Watchdog), empathised with its principles and engaged in some activities including speaking to meetings and taking part in a demonstration conducted on the week of the APEC summit”.

In coming to the conclusion it did, the PCA itself seems to approve of the kind of political harassment that Justice Young considered the worst aspect of this case.

The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security was asked only about the actions of the SIS and not the Police, but he nevertheless volunteered the view that “it was not unreasonable for the Police to include Dr Small in the application for search warrant”.

Both these “investigations” were based on questionable assumptions and flawed processes and, not surprisingly, therefore, reached wrong conclusions.

As a result of my experience, I have no confidence at all in either of these complaints procedures.

“It was only through taking a private prosecution that I was able to discover that most of the police involved in my case had not even been spoken to in the course of the PCA investigation.” – Dr. David Small.


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