Bent Cops

39 “They won’t let you win dad!” Judge Philip P Crayton, Susan Hughes QC, Constable aJs, Deputy Registrar Carol Brookie,

I laid a charge of perverting the course of justice against the cop that deliberately mishandled the investigation of Anthony Hanna’s knife attack on the wife’s car.

First, someone at the Court house tried to sweep the matter under the carpet by calling the charge without informing me when it was on. “It was called yesterday, they were here yesterday.” boasted Deputy Registrar Carol Brookie on a discrete  digital recorder. A letter of complaint to the Honorable Amy Adams saw the now heavily twinked Charging Document re-filed and Carol Brookie ordered to never speak to me again.

The cops then hired Susan Hughes QC to defend the indefensible and she tried to have the matter suppressed again by alleging that my charging document was a “nullity”. His Honour disagreed and suggest to Hughes that she file a 147 application and she replied pompously that it would be done by the end of the day. A couple of weeks later she filed her Section 147 alleging that Constable aJs (not his real name) did a fine job of work and that I am full of crap, well words to that effect anyway.

When Hughes’s Section 147 Application got to Court Judge Philip P Crayton proved his partiality by making me go first (it wasn’t my Application and Hughes didn’t speak at all) and then side stepped my Section 147 defense submissions and instead relied upon an earlier, superseded version of the case against Constable aJs.

When I tried to point out that the matter was supposed to be about Hughes’s Section 147 Crayton said, “No, no no, what you’ve given me as evidence for the prosecution against Constable aJs, as I understand it is the evidence you file against him.”

I again made reference to my 147 submissions and his reply was that they were to a large degree a rehash of much of the material in the earlier evidence against Constable aJs.

So Crayton admitted that he’d received and read my Section 147 defense submissions but was determined to use an earlier compilation of the evidence as his guide in the alleged Section 147 hearing. The Court reporter Laurel (Laurel) Stowell actually believed that it was Constable aJs’s corruption trial, that’s how irregular, confusing and farcical the hearing had become.

Crayton then proceeded to try to demolish the superseded version of the case against Constable aJs by concentrating on things that aJs may have done correctly and sweeping under the carpet anything that caste doubt upon his integrity. He even tried to suggest that I am delusional and that someone else may have attacked my wife’s car when ALL of the evidence, especially his duplicitous police statement, pointed to Anthony Hanna being the offender.

Crayton avoided viewing the crucial dash cam videos that proved Hanna is a liar and he also avoided listening to the equally crucial voice recordings, dismissing them as “unplayable” on his computer. He was not interested in anything that was not helpful to his intended corrupt course of action. The very damning video and voice recordings play perfectly well on lap tops The Warehouse and Harvey Norman have on show so Crayton’s claim that the recordings “weren’t playable” on several Court computers was probably a deliberate and corrupt lie.

Crayton’s bias was so obvious that only a bent cop or a bent cop enabler would deny that he came to the hearing with the sole intent of clearing Constable aJs  of the charge, no matter what.

Even Susan Hughes QC was surprised at Judge Crayton’s glaring partiality, so much so that she forgot to ask for costs. Or perhaps she thought, I’d better let this corrupt dog lie.


Judge Philip P Crayton


Yesterday the 13th of December 2016 I was going through the self checkout at PacknSave and suddenly a voice said, “Cotton buds (I had bought some) are good for cleaning your ears out.” I looked up and there standing right next to me was old tire slasher himself Anthony Hanna. I laughed and said, “I see you got your name in the paper.” He replied with something about it going nowhere as he walked away. He, he, that must have pissed him off, being named in the news paper as a tire slashing coward. Yep, low IQ bullies are all cowards!

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