Bent Cops

43 FLOYD. Floyd du Plessis, The Minister of Corrections Hon Kelvin Davis.


The Minister of Corrections Hon Kelvin Davis

Parliament Buildings


Dear Sir,

Corrections Association president Floyd du Plessis

The above pictured halfwit used his own uncommon first name as a nom de plume to register as a member of and once a member he proceeded to make personal insults about me until stopped by Admin at my request. I believe Floyd du Plessis did all that at the behest of his mates in the NZ Police who hate my guts for telling the truth about them on my website

Below is one example of the many wild defamations FLOYD posted about me on NZISSUES.

“bro I am not fake my name is FLOYD and I did get the bash new years day Main St Wanganui and Jacko legged it leaving me bashed up in the gutter”

Yours faithfully,

J van der Lubbe

22a Paterson Street,


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