Bent Cops



” It is clear this Britton character is unhinged and a menace not only to your family Jack, but I would assume anyone else who might happen to upset him. It reeks of delinquency in their duties (at best) that the police haven’t at the very least had cause to get his guy looked at by a psychiatrist. I can only guess they’re mates of his who feel sorry for him (or somebody is directing them to try and assist him in his pursuit of you).
Either way it is clear the police are not being neutral in their dealings but are showing a bias towards the fruitcake.”


Why does Jack loath the NZ Police?

7/1/1992……..Britton threatens to kill entire family at Balance St.
Corroborated by Carole Smith and Greg Bets. Police refuse to act
and call us liars.

7/1/1992 to 16/5/1992…..Intimidatory behaviour similar to what follows.

16/5/1992…….Conspired with Tom Knox and John Massey to intimidate,
watch our place for about an hour.

18/5/1992…….Threatening words.

19/5/1992……..Threatening words and assault against Sandra and kids at
Willis St. Police call us liars and refuse to act. Private prosecution results in
Britton being convicted of threatening words and the cops being proved

19/5/1992……Forced entry to farm, trespass, threat to kill, incitement,
made a false statement to police.

Cops charge him with trespass only then  instruct him how to beat the charge but he is still convicted.

19/5/1992…….Further threat to Sandra at Police Station. “This is just the start.”

20/5/1992 to 18/8/1992…….Britton kept up a constant watch and beset
campaign at Makirikiri with shooting signals whenever he saw us
anywhere. Didn’t keep a record.

18/8/1992…….Watched our home from James’ hill for four hours with binoculars.

22/8/1992……..Followed Jack from Polytech to Fox Rd. He on motorbike,
shouted abuse, spat, rode in a dangerous manner. (Should have bowled the bastard)

25/8/1992……..Waited in vehicle outside our road-gate in dark for some hours.

29/8/1992……..Watched our place from James` hill with binoculars and telecamera.

5/9/1992……….Watched from James` hill with binoculars and telecamera
for entire afternoon.

19/9/1992………Fired over ten shots from a high-powered rifle from James`
hill Some shots landed near our house, we heard the plops as the bullets hit the muddy ground. The other shots were in our direction but were not heard to land. Police refuse to act against Britton saying there was “no corroboration”. In other words, all four members of our family were liars.

4/10/1992……….Stalked us with scoped rifle and balaclava. He first hid
behind a tree when a car went past. He then ran across Speed’s paddock
towards our fence weaving in and out of the rushes. Police refuse to
act. Again Britton’s denials were believed.

10/10/1992……..Watched from James` hill for about one hour with a
“clown” wearing a balaclava. It was later revealed in court by Britton
that the “clown” was in fact Senior Sergeant Neville Haggart of the
Wanganui Police. This happened only three days after my wife and I had
made separate statements to him about how Britton was terrorizing our
family. After I finished my statement Haggart told me that he would
warn Britton off. Another lie!

14/10/1992……..Haggart asked me to make a statement about what I saw on
10/10/1992 and for over an hour he tried and failed to catch me out in
a lie with leading questions. He did however prove himself a liar
several times. See 09 Agent Provocateur.

30/12/1992………Britton stole our flagpole from our front lawn on stormy
night. Police refuse to investigate even though Britton’s motorbike
tire marks were fresh in roadside mud.

8/2/1993…………Walked past our place and up Speed’s gully with what
looked like a rifle in a large blue plastic bag. He carried it as you
would a rifle. Police refuse to act. Later discovered the item was an
axe. Why then the bag and mode of carriage?

17/2/1992………..Watched with one other from James` hill for several hours.

3/3/1993………….Watched with one other from Speeds for some time.

14/3/1992…………Followed my father in town right on his bumper.

23/3/1993…………Approached my brother Bert at Alma Rd petrol station and stood
right by him saying nothing while Bert filled his car up.

23/3/1993…………Watched our house from road gate for a while.

30/3/1993………..Assault on Jack at Court, seen by Brosnahan.

2/4/1993…………Turned at gate with much revving of motor.

9/4/1993…………Watched with one other from James` hill for two hours.

11/4/1993………Watched from James` for some hours.

18/4/1993………Watched from road for about one hour.

25/4/1993………Watched from James` hill several hours until dark.

9/5/1993………Watched from James` hill with one other for several hours.

17/5/1993……..Stated that he had poisoned our water supply. He sat down
in front of me in Court, I forget the occasion, then he took off his
jersey to reveal his yellow tee shirt. He had scribbled in red ink the

“How are your waterworks cunt?”

“Have you had your kidneys tested lately?”

“See you in the next life.”

Confirmed by Carole Smith on tape. Police refuse to take a complaint.

18/5/1993……..I was driving home from Wanganui past Benefield’s Orchard
and he passed me in his Mitsubishi then slammed on his brakes to slow
us both down. I passed him and he repeated his action so I held back
and went straight past the Makirikiri Valley entrance and waited at
Upuk for him to bugger off out of it.

18/5/1993……..Later that day he walked by our gate and up Speed’s gully
carrying a petrol tin in one hand and an army ammunition box where he
kept his explosives in the other. (I’m gonna blow you up and burn you
down) Corroborated by Lindsay Howard. Police do nothing.

29/5/1993……..Pretended to drink from glass as he rode by our place on his horse.

4/7/93…………Damaged boundary fence and taunted me with a severed deer’s
head indicating with hand signals that he had shot four deer on our
farm. Police do nothing.

25/7/1993………Pretended to shoot me with a rifle as I drove along Mosston Rd.

29/7/1993………Rode past our place on his horse and dropped a deer hock
outside our gate.

31/7/1993………Waited in dark by James` bridge for several hours making
ape noises. (Very apt considering he looks and acts like an ape)

1/8/1993………..Cut a track with loppers through gorse from Speeds over
to our place to let our deer escape over to speeds. Police refuse to
take statement.

2/8/1993……….I saw Roy Green and Britton by James` bridge and stopped
my car to serve Green a trespass notice. As I was talking to Green
Britton walked up to my car and punched me in the head through the
open window. When interviewed Green follows Britton’s instructions and
says the assault never happened. Green later tells police (Constable
John Grace) “off the record” that the assault did happen as I
described but still the police do nothing except continue call me and now Green liars.

5/8/1993………Waited in his truck on James` bridge till dark,

6/8/1993……….Shouted from James` hill to Sandra, “I’m going to take you out.”

8/8/1993………Watched from Speeds boundary with one other.

9/8/1993……….Waited in dark on James` bridge in dark until police
arrived. I called them to let them know what he was doing and that
there was ammunition and a rifle bolt in his truck The police
(reluctantly) find the ammo but not the bolt (right next to the ammo).
Police believe Britton’s tale of how he had forgotten the bullets were
in the truck since before he had had his gun licence revoked. A quick
check by police would have showed that he acquired that truck after
his gun licence was revoked. He got off with a warning.
The reason given by police for revoking Britton’s firearms was because
I might take the law into my own hands if they didn’t. That was
another lie. The real reason was suppressed because it proved police

29/8/1993……..Threat to water supply again. He yelled from road, “Your
kidneys should be packing up any day now.”

All the following were done after the Mansell Memo of 15 September 1993.

10/10/1993…….One year after the Haggart affair. Made a shooting signal
at my son Daniel.

7/11/1993………Watched from Roadside.

13/11/1993……..Watched from James` hill with five others for several hours.

21/11/1993………Damaged boundary fence.

11/12/1993………Watched from James` hill with binoculars.

25/12/1993………Backed his horse onto road in front of my father who was
driving home. If the old boy had been driving a truck Britton would
have died that day.

Duncan McLeod arrives in Wanganui.

1/1/1994…………Did the shooting signal at our front gate.

11/2/1994………..Threatened our boys biking home from school. Then
pretended to carry a concealed rifle up speeds gully again. (brown bag
this time) Got over onto our side of the boundary fence, aimed the
bag/rifle at our house. Police reckon we were all liars again and do nothing to stop Britton. Bought a video camera next day.

27/2/1994……….Drove his truck directly at Sandra and kids and swerved away at
last moment.

6/3/1994…………He made as if he was taking photos from our front gate.

13/3/1994………..Abusive words from road.

2/4/1994………….Rode by on his horse wearing a sheet. (KKK)

9/4/1994………….Watched from James`.

16/4/1994…………Watched in dark on horse at front gate.

21/4/1994………….Pretended to throw a rock at Sandra and boys as they
passed by James` bridge in car.

24/4/1994…………Watching in dark by deer jump on Speeds boundary.

11/6/1994…………Went past on horse with sheet on again.  (KKK)

2/7/1994…..………Britton and Angus Mars were cutting a log for firewood
on roadside by James` bridge Mars threw bark at us as we past in our

30/7/1994…………Britton threatened Daniel. “One shot between the eyes,
just like that.”

10/8/1994………….Watched from roadside for one hour.

15/8/1994………….Watched from same spot at roadside again for 3 hours and
10 min. Told police they were broken down. Cops believe him and drive

21/8/1994………….Rode past with sheet on again.

4/9/1994……………Watched with one other from James` hill.

8/9/1994……………Angus Mars with Britton in his car rammed our front gate,
turned around and drove off towards town Went past again an hour later
and parked on the hill up the road a bit and watched our place for an
hour until police arrived. Police (Constable Fincham) told them to
move on and as they go past our front gate Britton, in the passenger
seat, does a growl and makes as if to throw a beer bottle at Sandra
and Daniel who are standing at the front gate waiting for the cops to
come. When spoken to later by Fincham Mars denied ramming our gate
saying he was not in the Valley at that time. He changed his tune when
Fincham showed him the still photo I had developed from the videotape
of him just after he rammed the gate. Britton on the other hand
denied pretending to throw the beer bottle even after seeing the
videotape of him doing just that. He later told the judge who
convicted him of assault anyway that he was liberating a sleepy Queen
wasp (detail makes it more believable he’d heard somewhere) that was
snoozing on the beer bottle and it was only a coincidence that it all
happened outside our gate where he knew people were waiting. Mars was
convicted of wilful damage.

18/9/1994……….Yelled something to Sandra from James` hill.

27/11/1994………Watched from Speeds with two others.

17/1/1995…………Threatening behaviour at Disputes Tribunal. We had a
claim against Mars for the damage to our gate. Mars had to pay.

17/1/1995…………Britton stabs our car tire with a screwdriver while we
are waiting for Mars to arrive at Tribunal.

The then Senior Sergeant Duncan MacLeod signed the above complaint off on 20 January 1995

The bloke who fixed the tire “alleged” that the tire had been stabbed with a screwdriver.

25/1/1995…………Britton erects our stolen flagpole at his Mosston Rd
address. Tells police he found it in the creek two miles up past our
place. Police tell me it’s a civil matter.

29/1/1995…………Did wheelie in our new drive surface.

10/2/1995…………Read out loud in courthouse waiting area Police documents
relating to our dealings with police.

10/2/1995………….Accosted Sandra in supermarket and called her a “fucken
cow”. Approached me in car outside in a very hostile manner and made a
shooting signal. Would have been more stabbed tires had the car been empty.

He later rode past our place later on motorbike and did a few

13.6/1995………….Mars threatens to kill me outside courthouse. “You’re
going to be dead, fucken dead”.

19/8/1995………….Britton shouts across Victoria Ave (Wanganui’s main
street) “I’m going to take you down brother”.

7/10/1995………….Attacked me in toilets of Barristers nightclub. Punched
me down, sat on my chest and choked me till dragged off by bouncer.
Fucken cops refuse to prosecute.

16/11/1995………..Followed me in car at Springvale.

We left Wanganui shortly after.




At last a decent fine.

Need I say more?



Stalker leaves family in fear

Saturday February 17, 2007
By Rebecca Devine

For four months, a Turangi family lived with the fear of knowing their son was being watched.

Eric Tai Te Karu had developed an infatuation with the 15-year-old – going to the boy’s house to watch him undress.

Te Karu broke into their home on four occasions, going through their property and stealing surveillance cameras used to try to catch him.

Yesterday that family, who may not be named, watched as Te Karu was sentenced to eight months in prison, with leave to apply for home detention.

The 27-year-old former radio announcer was sentenced in the Taupo District Court on four charges of burglary and ordered to pay $165 in reparation. On more than 20 other charges, including 19 of peeping and peering and two of unlawfully being on a property, he was convicted and discharged.

The family said they would not wish what they went through on anyone.

The boy’s mother says they are still living with the fear – the nightly ordeal of getting up every few hours to check windows, locks and curtains, even though Te Karu is in jail.

The family found out about three of the four burglary charges only when Te Karu admitted them to the police. They also feel their privacy has been violated and believe they may have to move house for a fresh start.

The boy’s mother said the first time her son woke her saying someone was tapping on his window, she thought he must have been dreaming.

It wasn’t until she saw the man running away more than a month later that she realised something was wrong.

The mother started keeping records of when the man turned up but became more concerned when she found a note with “distinct sexual overtones” outside her son’s room.

Between September, when the offending began, and December, when Te Karu was caught, the family kept nightly vigils to catch the stalker.

“To me, he was becoming dangerous. It was going up in stages and getting more dangerous. First it was the hoodie, then the hoodie and bandana, then the note, and then he carried a pole. I thought – what comes next for my son? Does he have to get hurt?”

She said the family became suspicious of everyone and, in a small town like Turangi, where most people knew one another, that took its toll.

“I felt like it affected me more than my son, though I wasn’t the target. I made sure I checked the windows were locked four or five times a night. I was scared to look through the window or turn off the lights. ”

Judge Phillip Cooper said he believed the circumstances showed Te Karu was on his way to committing a more serious offence. Te Karu would have counselling for alcohol and personal issues.

Defence lawyer Katherine Ewen said Te Karu was making arrangements with his church to move to Rotorua on his release. He was remorseful and ashamed of his actions.


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