Bent Cops

05 Intimidation, Constable Richard Baker

Posted in Bent Cops by Jack on 27/10/2007


Prior to the Cullums’ moving into the area my boys built themselves a couple of huts using the volcanic rocks that litter the ground at Three Mile Bush. Then they played games with their walkie-talkies and binoculars. They continued to do that after the Cullums arrived on the scene. Any person who is without malice and or not nutty would take it for what it was, kids playing. Not the Cullums though, they were seen taking photos of the kids at their huts and then they called Richard (Half-baked) Baker who once again charged into the fray. Read on and see how that maniac spends your tax dollars. He informed me that a complaint of intimidation had been made against me.

Wanganui Computer printout:

computer printout

2letter from baker


my letter to baker


 report form

What a total plonker!



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