Bent Cops

18 Assault, Constable Dave Kirby, Sergeant Gary Patterson, Inspector R M Gibson.


Perverting the course of justice #7







On 11/8/93 Sandra asked Sergeant Garry Patterson in his office at the Wanganui East Police Station, “What are you going to do about the assault on Jack last Monday?

Patterson replied, “Ah well it’s still being investigated but I don’t think it will go ahead. As far as we are concerned Jack has no credibility with us at all and without some independent corroborative evidence we won’t be taking any prosecution.”

Sandra asked, “Tell me why Jack is not credible?

Patterson, “Because he’s a convicted liar.”

Patterson said all that before any of the witnesses had been spoken to by the Police.


Gary Patterson

Roy Green was spoken to about the matter on 13/8/93 and a Mr. Aitchison, a passing motorist who could well have seen the assault, was not spoken to until 19/8/93.




I’d like to ram this letter down Patterson’s throat!

Between 13/8/93 and 10/9/93 Roy Green told Constable John Grace, who was also stationed at Wanganui East, that Britton had assaulted me on 2/8/93 and that he had lied to Constable Kirby about it because Britton had told him to. (Britton perverted the course of justice) He also told Grace that he would not lie for Britton in Court. That fits in with Grace saying to me on 10/9/93 “If you lay a charge on Britton (a private prosecution) Green might tell the truth in Court.” Grace knew the truth about the matter but he kept it to himself. So Grace was guilty of gross neglect of his duty. Grace should have charged Green with making a false statement to Kirby and then gone after Britton for perverting the course of justice and assault. Did Grace tell Patterson what Green had told him? I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Patterson was in on the cover-up.




It didn’t matter that Britton was a self confessed liar, he was to be protected come what may.



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  1. Louisa ( Eric ) van der Lubbe. said, on 19/03/2011 at 8:32 pm

    Well, Britton does have some dodgy mates. I remember Roy Green very well from the age of 14. He joined a bird hunting day on the farm of a friend of mine, Kevin Kirkby in Springavle road, Wanganui.

    Roy was most impressed with the .177 pump action air rifle I was using and asked to try it. I agreed and he promptly and deliberately shot me in the back with it from a range of 5 feet. The shock and force knocked me to the ground but he wasn’t content with that, he also kicked me in the back.

    Why?…I’ll never know. A random act of crazed bullying that only went no further due to my friends intervention.

    Seems like he choses like minded nutters to associate with.


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