Bent Cops


Evil, evil bastards.

My closest brother died about week ago and the same day I learned of his passing a cop rang me and asked me when I had seen him last. I told him Tuesday at about 4pm.” (I had bought him some groceries and smokes.)

The cop then said, “So you are the last person to see him alive.”  (A moot point.)

He then told me that my brother’s doctor had refused to sign a death certificate and that a PM would have to be done. He then he told me the lie that one of my brothers in law had objected to a PM so I should do likewise.

What my brother in law had actually said to the the cop was, ‘A PM wouldn’t be necessary as the deceased was obviously on his last legs.’

I then asked the cop if he had contacted any of the other family members about getting their opinions on a PM and he replied “no”, “I won’t be doing that”. He then practically begged me to object to a PM. I told him I would go along with what the rest of the family decided, “The majority would decide”.

The dirty cunt was preparing (manipulating) the groundwork against me in case something untoward was found at the PM.  “I was the last person to see the deceased alive and only I objected to a PM.”

And with our shit “legal system” and halfwit juries I’d be well up Paremoremo creek.


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