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09 AGENT PROVOCATEUR, Senior Sergeant Neville Haggart.

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Perverting the course of justice. #5

“I’m well aware of the capabilities some of those porky bastards have got.” Former cop Frank Miessen

A few days prior to 10/10/92 the wife Sandra and I both made long statements to Senior Sergeant Neville Haggart about how Donald Britton was terrorizing our family; we wanted the Police to put a stop to his criminal campaign and revoke his firearms licence . So what does this Haggart genius do about it?



10/10/92  Senior Sergeant Neville Haggart, wearing a balaclava, with Britton about a 100 meters from our house. And he did that when he knew my wife and kids were at home, but he didn’t care if anyone was frightened by his criminal behaviour.



Here he is again compounding matters with a tough guy stance. Britton is playing for time, “checking” his radiator water, in the hope that, given time, I would react to Haggart’s provocations.

Then on 14/10/92 I went to see Haggart at his request  (he wanted “a few lines” off me) to make a statement about what happened on 10/10/92. For over an hour he tried to catch me out in a lie, asking me leading questions about what went on that day. Remember, I didn’t know it was him in the balaclava at that stage. During the interview this was said. (All on tape.)

Jack…Have you identified the joker? (The fool wearing the balaclava, I’d shown him the photos.)

Haggart….No.  (Straight away a lie.)

Jack….Isn’t it a crime to wear a mask?


(To frighten or provoke people it is!)




Haggart….Could he be a farmer or anything like that?


Haggart….If I call Britton in and we ascertain who this guy was, I don’t know how truthful Britton is likely to be?

Haggart is wondering how truthful Britton is likely to be! At the end of the interview I asked Haggart if he thought I was “bullshitter”. He said, “No”.

When I later (21/12/92) found out just how big a dirty liar (bullshitter) Haggart really was I complained to his bosses in Wellington and this is what I got back.



Note 5. how Mansell dodged the core of my complaint.

In the end Haggart made a statement about his criminal antics of 10/10/92 and this is how the last page went.

(End of page 5) As having investigated this file in respect of Van Der Lubbe’s allegation that ;



So here we have Haggart, the filthy liar, making a false statement (written) to Police and in it he has the gall to accuse me of being untrustworthy twice and that after he admitted to me that he didn’t think I was a bullshitter. He was right about being taped. He admitted to Sandra that our statements to him were “accurate, very accurate”. This duplicitous bastard’s evidence is used by prosecutors to put people in prison. Now there’s a scary thought.

Only liars fear the tape recorder.

Haggart has stated elsewhere that the reason he did what he did on 10/10/92 was, “To test my reaction.” A clear case of provocation.

That little episode taught me to never, ever trust another cop.


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  1. Sarah said, on 01/10/2019 at 4:12 am

    After going through been a witness for a trial, I will never trust the police again. Exposed are police that have to stooped to their lowest because of lack of edvience to get a guilty verdict. I certainly won’t stop until people are held accountable for there unprofessional behaviour.

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