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14 The Stalker, Sergeant Gary Patterson.

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Sergeant Gary Patterson refused to tell me what was in the blue plastic bag other than “It wasn’t a firearm”. I later found out that it was an axe. Why the secrecy? Britton came out of the gully without the axe. I’ve hidden a gun up there somewhere and I’ll be back some dark night? (Note how he’s carrying the axe.) He did a similar thing on 18/5/93 he walked up the same gully again and that time he was carrying a petrol can and the metal box he kept his explosives and detonators in. He was going to blow us up and then burn us down or maybe the other way round? That proved what his motives were. Photo taken from our house.



Harrassment Act 1997- FYI
Meaning of “harassment”
(1)For the purposes of this Act, a person harasses another person if he or she engages in a pattern of behaviour that is directed against that other person, being a pattern of behaviour that includes doing any specified act to the other person on at least 2 separate occasions within a period of 12 months.
(2)To avoid any doubt,—
(a)The specified acts required for the purposes of subsection (1) may be the same type of specified act on each separate occasion, or different types of specified acts:
(b)The specified acts need not be done to the same person on each separate occasion, as long as the pattern of behaviour is directed against the same person.

Shot ‘gunman’ was carrying wood
The incident has been referred to the Police Complaints Authority
A suspected gunman shot dead by police in London was carrying a piece of wood in a plastic bag, the Police Complaints Authority has said.
The BBC’s Tim Donovan reports: “The man was shot twice”
Armed officers were called to Hackney, east London, on Wednesday night after a man was reported carrying a gun in a blue bag.
Officers, believing they were under “immediate threat” from a man fitting the description, opened fire and killed him.
However no weapon was found following a search.
The PCA confirmed more than one officer had opened fire after police were called to Victoria Park Road at 1944 BST.
They had been told by a member of the public that the man had left the Alexandra pub in the road with what was thought to be a gun in his bag.
‘Wooden object’
PCA deputy chair Molly Meacher, who was at the scene on Wednesday night, said: “After the incident it became apparent that the man had not been carrying a firearm.
“The plastic bag contained a wooden object.
“The investigation will examine exactly what was reported to the police and why, what the officers saw the man carrying, what actions were taken by the man and whether his actions justified the officers opening fire.”
The man, who has been identified by the BBC as Henry Stanley, who lived locally, was fatally injured in the shooting and pronounced dead at the scene.
It was the first time officers from the Met have opened fire this year.
A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “A man seen fitting the description was challenged by officers searching the area.
“It appears the officers believed they were under immediate threat from the man, and a number of shots were fired by police.
“It is not known how many at this stage. The man, who is white, was pronounced dead at the scene.”
As a matter of routine, the “principal officers” involved in the shooting will be removed from the firearms unit.
They will remain off the unit, but continue as serving officers, pending the conclusion of an investigation by Surrey police on behalf of the PCA, who were called in by the Met.
Ms Meacher agreed to the appointment of Surrey’s Assistant Chief Constable Peter Fahy to be the senior investigating officer.
An investigation into the circumstances of the shooting is also being carried out by the Complaints Investigation Bureau of the Metropolitan Police.

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  1. Jack said, on 19/08/2009 at 12:47 am

    Further charges have been laid against a man accused of engineering a confrontation with police.

    Actor Robert Mokoraka was shot by an officer in the Auckland suburb of Point Chevalier last month.

    The police say they recieved three 111 from Mr Mokoraka enticing them to an address with false reports of a domestic incident.

    When they arrived, Mr Mokoraka advanced on them with what officers say looked like a firearm wrapped in a towel.

    He was initially charged at a bedside hearing in hospital with assault with a weapon and possessing an offensive weapon.

    He has since had two further charges laid against him – threatening to kill and using a firearm to resist arrest.

    He was excused from an appearance in Auckland District Court on Wednesday because he remains in hospital.

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