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41 DUE DILIGENCE MY ARSE! Sergeant Colin Wright of the Whanganui Police.


Area Commander

Central Police Station

Bell Street,


Dear Sir,

On 3/11/2019 at about 11.30am I was riding my ebike along the Somme Parade bike/foot path just past the Sydney place intersection when two cyclists approached me from the opposite direction. The leading male rode at me in an aggressive manner, passed by me on the wrong side of the path and waved his left fist in my face as he passed close by me. The male cyclist who I believe was Douglas Simpson of 264 Victoria Avenue, Whanganui was followed by a female cyclist, who goes by the name of Catherine Kennedy, and she rode directly at me and I had to take evasive action by riding off the path and onto the road to avoid a collision. She called out an insult as she went by. I believe that Kennedy lives with Simpson at 264 Victoria Avenue.

  Then on 09/11/2019 at about 10.15am the same pair of cyclists again approached me from the opposite direction as I rode my ebike along the Anzac Parade cycle/foot path near the Young Street intersection and Douglas Simpson once again approached me in an aggressive manner on my side of the path and swerved away at the last moment passing me very closely and causing me to again take evasive action. . Kennedy followed but this time she did nothing but laugh at me being forced off the path.

  I believe that Simpson and Kennedy are “behaving in a disorderly manner likely to lead to violence” in an attempt to intimidate me from going about my lawful business or provoke me into responding in an unlawful manner.

Yours faithfully,

J van der Lubbe

22a Paterson Street,

Whanganui. PS: If Simpson and or Kennedy show any physical aggression against me again I’ll know the Police have ignored this complaint and have thereby become complicit in any future attacks on me by the above named violence inciters.



That settles that then, not only are they violence inciters, but they are proven liars as well. See where it says, “Denied cycling agro”?


“PS: If Simpson and or Kennedy show any physical aggression against me again I’ll know the Police have ignored this complaint and have thereby become complicit in any future attacks on me by the above named violence inciters.”

That seems to have done the trick, the violence inciters have stopped stalking me as I ride around the bridges.

The cops, as usual, have binned my complaint. Looks like I’ll have to make a private prosecution again. Let me think, “Disorderly behavior likely to lead to violence”. (Inciting violence.) That will look good on their criminal records. 

17 12 2019

Sergeant Colin Wright

Central Police Station

Bell Street,


Dear Sergeant Wright,

Please supply to me at the below address copies of all the documents that have been generated in relation to the attached complaint.

This request is made pursuant to the Official Information Act 1982.

Yours faithfully

J van der Lubbe

22a Paterson Street, Whanganui.

25th March2020
Jack Van Der Lubbe
22a Paterson Street
Dear Mr Van Der Lubbe
Thank you for your letter dated 12th February 2020. My apologies for the delayed
response. I have read the Ietter and perused the photographs you enclosed.
I don’t believe the photographs prove any offences have been committed. They
Show that the photographer was on the cycleway at the same time as Douglas
Simpson and, your sister, Catherine Kennedy.
One of the photographs shows a male with his face in shadow and an arm
Raised. There is no evidence that this is threatening gesture.
The other photographs show cyclists in different Iocations cycling.
I have scanned copies of the letter and photographs into the investigation file number
As a result of reviewing these photographs and my investigation of your complaint I
am satisfied there is no evidence of any offenees.
If you have questions in relation to this please email me at
or call on 021 191 5436.
Sergeant W457

Colin Wright waits for the six months statues of limitations to kick in then he replies with that obvious bullshit.




5 May 2020

Area Commander

Whanganui Police,

Bell Street,


Dear Sir,

This is a complaint against Sergeant Colin Wright W457 of the Whanganui Police.

Crimes Act 1961

116 Conspiring to defeat justice

Every one is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 7 years who conspires to obstruct, prevent, pervert, or defeat the course of justice in New Zealand or the course of justice in an overseas jurisdiction.

The first time I spoke to Sergeant Colin Wright was as a result of my (10/10/08)  111 call to Police that someone was firing High Power rifle shots near my home.

A fully armed Sergeant Wright attended and after a time spoke with the shooter, a Matthew Krs. After sighting the offender’s firearms licence Sergeant Wright decided then and there that it was reasonable for Krs (that’s his actual surname) to have fired several High Powered rifle shots close to residential housing. I asked Wright what he would do if I found a freshly shot goat on my nearby property and he replied, “You might have carried it over from Poynter’s”.

So here you have a senior police officer who I had never met before suggesting that I am a probable justice perverter. And why did he do that? He did it because of the decades-old, unlawful and unwarranted, and still in force Mansell Memo of course.

The second occasion I had contact with Sergeant Wright was when I again complained to police that I had heard a high powered rifle shot close to my home. By that time, (10/12/08) the police were no longer responding to my complaints of outrageously loud gunfire near my home but they did respond in this instance because they received a second call about the shot by an “anonymous” caller. No gunman was found even though a police tracker dog and several armed police were employed in the search. Stephen Poynter and his wife turned up at the scene of the crime as the “search” was underway and were quickly ushered to safety by concerned police. I, on the other hand, was not warned to take cover even though I was fully exposed at all times. Sergeant Wright soon abandoned the “search” for the gunman and closed the resulting (meager) police file even though, had he bothered to make inquiries, he would have quickly discovered that it was the property owner himself, Stephen Poynter, that had made the “anonymous” 111 call, although, knowing Wright’s history, he probably did discover the truth of the matter and buried it as it was damaging to the success of the long term Police plan. First Poynter fired the shit-stirring shot, then, knowing that a second call to police from someone other than me or a family member, was the only way the police would respond, he called 111 from another house he owns nearby, and also from near where he fired the shot. He had good reason to be confident about not being exposed as the shooter as he had already been told by police that it was me the police were after, no one else. Why do psychopaths do weird things you may ask. He did it to try and further damage my credibility.

The third occasion I made contact with Sergeant Wright was after my cat was shot and wounded. (27 09 2010) Even though it was obvious my cat had been shot (metal fragments in the shoulder wound and an obvious graze from an ear wound to the shoulder wound) Sergeant Wright categorically stated  “there was no evidence that the injury had been caused by a firearm.” “there were traces of metal in it [the shoulder wound] but this was not from a firearm.” He also ignored the fact that Stephen Poynter, the obvious offender, gave a false alibi for where he was at the time the cat was shot.

The fourth occasion I made contact with Sergeant Wright was on or about 23/4/2010 when Stephen Poynter decided he’d use where I was sitting as a backdrop for some target practice.

Poynter, when spoken to about the matter, admitted to Sergeant Wright that it wasn’t a normal or prudent action when he used the bush that he did not own (and right where I happened to be sitting at the time) as the backdrop to a bit of target practice. The circumstances were that Poynter admitted to Wright that he knowingly and willingly used the bush at the back of my wife’s property as the backdrop to his target shooting without permission of the legal landowner and without establishing that the firing zone was clear of people or stock.

But once again Sergeant Wright proved his criminal bias and decided that in his opinion Poynter carried out the sighting in of his firearm in a safe manner given all the circumstances.  (Poynter still holds a firearms licence.)

The fifth occasion I made contact with Sergeant Wright was when he phoned me at home and asked if he could drop by to talk to me about my cat. (10/4/11)  I said ok and Sergeant Wright soon arrived at my upper drive gate. Instead of starting to talk about my cat he immediately launched into a completely unrelated matter. I pulled him up and reminded him that he was here to talk about the cat shooting matter. He said, “its all the same” and attempted to continue with his unrelated subject. I stopped him again and told him that he had gained entry to my property under false pretenses and that he had lied to me. He denied that he had lied.  I told him again that he had gained entry under false pretenses and that he was now trespassing. He then claimed several times that he was “entitled to be here”. So I told him, citing the Trespass Act, to vacate the property immediately. He refused to obey my lawful order so I turned and walked back to my house. He remained at the gate shouting at my receding back about his unrelated subject.

And finally, for the sixth time I made contact with Sergeant Wright he again ignored his Police oath and the law and perverted the course of or obstructed justice by disregarding the compelling evidence contained in my complaint to the Police (11/11/19) by shamelessly declaring that “no offences have been committed.” Another police officer (MCC702) that looked at my complaint prior to Sergeant Wright getting his corrupt hands on it, suggested that a warning would likely be sufficient, i.e. a minor offence had been disclosed, but again Sergeant Wright went into cover-up mode (full Mansell) and declared that “there is no evidence of any offences,” (see Wright’s letter dated 25 3 2020 and Police document MS1777) but not posted until late April, (After the statutes of limitations had run out.)  The decades-old, unlawful and supposedly rescinded Mansell Memo to all officers that any and all complaints by myself or my family were to be ignored, or if ignoring them was impossible, were to be resulted in favour of the offender/s is still slavishly adhered to by the ignorant nasties in the NZ Police.

The last one may seem trivial but it is convincing, compelling evidence that Sergeant Colin Wright’s pattern of corruption, that he started all the way back in 10/10/08, continues to this day.

Yours faithfully

Jacobus van der Lubbe

22a Paterson Street,



Attention Mr Jacobus Van Der Lubbe – Your Complaint To IPCA – Ref: 20-3257

Independent Police Conduct Authority via nz.smxemail.comThu, May 7, 11:11 AM (0 minutes ago)  
to me

Dear Mr Van Der Lubbe,

As required by law, your complaint to Police of 4 May 2020, was notified by Police to the Authority.

Your complaint will be assigned to a member of staff within the Authority’s Case Resolution Team who will assess your complaint and contact you in due course. This process may take between two to four months.

If you have any other information relevant to your complaint that you would like the Authority to consider, please forward this to the Authority at or to P O Box 25221, Wellington 6140.

Please refer to the Authority’s website for further information about the Authority or the complaints process.

Yours sincerely,

Case Resolution Team

J vdl <>6:27 AM (0 minutes ago)  
to Independent

Dear Case Resolution Team,

This matter is between me and the cops and if they don’t charge Sergeant Colin Wright with perverting/defeating the course of justice I’ll do it myself.

Yours truly

Jacobus van der Lubbe.


And as sure as day follows night



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