Bent Cops

21 Watching and Besetting, Constable Pollero.


” It is clear this Britton character is unhinged and a menace not only to your family Jack, but I would assume anyone else who might happen to upset him. It reeks of delinquency in their duties (at best) that the police haven’t at the very least had cause to get his guy looked at by a psychiatrist. I can only guess they’re mates of his who feel sorry for him (or somebody is directing them to try and assist him in his pursuit of you).
Either way it is clear the police are not being neutral in their dealings but are showing a bias towards the fruitcake.”




2 The first time they “broke down.”

And then 5 days later they “broke down” in the same place again.


They told the cops that they were broken down but drove away some time after the cops visit without lifting the bonnet.

‘OBVIOUSLY THERE TO WIND UP VANDERLUBBE* Watching and besetting is a crime! And still the cops did nothing.

Just one of the numerous times that Britton and his moronic cronies kept a watch on our family. These days they call it “Stalking.” And below, one of Britton’s “Stalker” morons.


Man caught attempting to steal from Mitre 10 MEGA Wanganui

13 Jan, 2019 5:00am

2 minutes to read

A Mitre 10 MEGA employee apprehended Angus Mars, who was concealing hex keys and a drill bit in his pants in an effort to steal them. Photo / Stuart Munro

Whanganui Chronicle

A man was apprehended by a staff member when trying to steal from Mitre 10 MEGA in Whanganui.

Angus Alistaire Graeme Mars made his way to the hardware section on November 18, grabbing a packet of stainless steel hex screws and a drill bit.

Mars stuffed the items down his pants to conceal them, then walked past the checkouts and through the doors, exiting the building on Taupo Quay.

“Challenged by a staff member, he removed the stolen items from his pants and handed them back,” police prosecutor Drew Morrison said in Whanganui District Court.

“In explanation he stated he took the items because he needed them and had no money.”

Mars pleaded guilty to shoplifting before Judge Philip Crayton, who upon observing his history of offending, asked how his issues with drugs were going.

“I see you were here on April last year for possession of methamphetamine. Have you managed to stay clear of drugs?”

“Yes,” Mars replied. “I’m not on drugs.”

The Judge convicted Mars and ordered him to come up to the court if called upon for 12 months.

“Mr Mars, I hope that this was motivated purely and simply by what you said.

“If it wasn’t, if drugs are starting to feature once again in your life, you need to get help. It’s available through Te Oranganui and community health services.”

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